Read customer testimonials and find out why Wagner Equipment Co., Wagner Rents The Cat Rental Store, and 2ndSteel Used Parts is trusted by customers throughout our territory and beyond.

AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque, NM

Albuquerque (10) SANTA FE COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS DEAN KITCHENS – Dean stated that they are professional, they kept him abreast on what was going on with his equipment and they had great communication. He was very impressed because they gave him safety goggles and took him into shop to show him his equipment that they were working on. He stated that they explained, in detail, what they were doing and showed him exactly what they were doing. He stated that he was very satisfied because when he called they told him when to bring it in and took it in when they said they would. Dean stated that they went over the invoice at the end and it was exactly what he was told it would be.

Albuquerque (10) EXPRESS UU BAR RANCH LLC MICHAEL DECKER – Michael said Wagner Equipment was quick to respond, very informative
and strived to be as professional as possible. He said if they made a mistake they admitted it and fixed the problem. He said they were very

Aurora-horizontalAurora, CO

Aurora – Power Systems (05) ARAPAHOE BASIN SKI AREA KYLE LINDEMUDH – Kyle stated they have very knowledgeable technicians and they do a good job. He stated he particularly deals with one by the name of Stan quite frequently , and he always does a very good job. Kyle stated the lady he speaks with to schedule is always on top of things and they are here when she says they will be.

Aurora – Power Systems (05) PARKER ADVENTIST HOSPITAL DEAN SCHMIDT – Dean stated that they are nice and technicians know what they are doing; they are very put together. Dean stated that Bruce and Rick Grooms are two people he works with closely and they are both great to work with.

Aurora – Power Systems (05) PM SERVICES COMPANY RYAN WILDERMAN – Ryan stated that the technician was very professional and

Aurora (00) TIM WORTHLEY – Tim stated that the sales representative, Colton, is a people friendly person. He stated that Colton works well
with the public and feels that he is a people person.

Aurora (00) ALL AROUND ROUSTABOUT LLC CODY SANDERS – Cody stated that J.R. was his sales guy and he has always done a good job.
He said that is he a good part of the reason that they do business with them. He stated that working with J.R. has been very easy. He said
that he is very honest and good to work with. He stated that J.R. gives them the right people to help explain the contract options.

Aurora (00) SPRAGUE STONE LLC MATTHEW SPRAGUE – Matthew stated that Brad Burris was able to find the equipment that he needed.

Aurora (00) CRAIG SMITH – Craig stated that they Ryan Saxton, the salesman went out of his way to be helpful.

Aurora (00) METRO PAVERS INCORPORATED MIKE SASINA – Mike stated that Eric his salesman, is stellar. He stated that he is always a
good one for them.

Aurora (00) WALSENBURG SND & GRVL CO INC GARY VEZZANI – Gary said he talked with Keon in the shop, and he discussed what was
done, and the service was completed. He said he usually deals with Robert Genova in parts at the Pueblo location, and he is cordial, good,
and he takes care of him.

Bloomfield, NM

Bloomfield (11) RAMAH NAVAJO CHAPTER JOE SANCHEZ – Joe stated that Will and Alex always do a good job.

Bloomfield (11) SUNRAY GAMING OF NEW MEXICO RUSS SHELEY – Russ said that the field service technician was more knowledgeable than most, a rare bird, wonderful, and able to fix the issue without having to take many trips back to the shop.

Bloomfield (11) FT LEWIS COLLEGE ELROY GARCIA – Elroy stated the technician was knowledgeable, communicated well and did a good job.

Bloomfield (11) ENVIROTECH INC DAN KELLY – Dan stated that their contact at Wagner, Gene Reily, is great to work with.

Burlington, CO

Burlington (06) BACA COUNTY DISTRICT 1 WAYLON HOFFNER – Waylon stated Wagner Equipment’s field technician, Rusty, was very knowledgeable. He said Rusty got the job done and got in and out in a timely manner.

Burlington (06) KRAMER FARMS STEVE KRAMER – Steve said they are knowledgeable and they did a good job.

RS-CarbondaleCarbondale, CO

Carbondale – Wagner Rents (0008) GOLDEN TRIANGLE CONST WES BENNETT – Wes stated that Pete knew what he was talking about and not only did he fix the problem, he taught him how to use the machine better so this doesn’t happen again. Wes stated that he really likes Pete.

Carbondale – Wagner Rents (0008) GRANITE RLW JOINT VENTURE DAVID BOBILLOT – David shared the field technician, Ryan was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs (39) AGER EXCAVATING INC IVAN ANTHONY – Ivan stated that Mike, in Parts, is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Colorado Springs (39) METRO FENCE COMPANY INC MATT BARBOSA – Matt said Wagner Rents has good customer service and the
equipment is new and nice. Matt added that he likes to deal with Madelyn.

Colorado Springs (39) DEANGELO BROTHERS LLC JAMES RADZVILOWICZ – Jim stated that Brandon provided excellent service. He was
proactive in communication after he was told what their needs were and he handled everything in a timely manner.

Commerce City, CO

Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) GOODLAND CONSTRUCTION INC RANDY ABEYTA – Randy stated that their customer support is awesome. He said that his technician, did a good job are are good guys.

Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) NOMAD EXCAVATING INC PAUL TURNER – Paul stated that he called them in the morning and they came out promptly. He stated that the guy that did oil change was very sufficient, clean and quick. He was unable to remember his name.

Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) CHATO’S CONCRETE LLC VICTOR VILLALOBOS – Victor stated that Monty Christner goes the extra step in helping him with the fleet of CAT equipment he owns, with printouts of literature for the equipment, knowing a trick or two in preparing the equipment, and in general knowledge of the equipment. Victor stated that he usually goes with Monty and he usually has the parts available, but sometimes the parts
are shipped out to Smith Road or at Will call where Bob also does a really good job. Victor stated that Monty office is flooded right now with
work but he always treats him real good with services, but Victor said that it would be good to give him more credit for his work.

Denver, CO

Denver – Wagner Rents (0004) BORAL BEST BLOCK LLC RON MORELAN – Ron stated that the guy that did the work was a decent guy. Ron
stated that he came back the next day to finish the job and stayed in contact with him all the time. Ron stated that he would use them all
the time if he always received the type of service he received this time. Ron stated that it was good service and he has never received a
quick response like this response. He stated that he is unable to remember his name.

Durango, CO

Durango (01) RAMCO DEVELOPMENTS LLC BURT RAMSEY – Burt said that Jonathan and Tyson that he works with were really good.

El Paso, TX

El Paso (12) ALLEN CONCRETE INC FRANK RIVERA – Frank stated on this last parts order when he worked with Hilda she was top notch and
did everything right. Frank stated she communicated when the parts came in and followed up with him.

El Paso (12) LUMAR STEEL & SUPPLY JESUS HERRERA – Jesus stated that Jose was very helpful.

El Paso (12) INT’L BOUNDRY & WATER COM GUY HERNANDEZ – Guy stated Jose in parts was friendly and personable.

El Paso (12) MORROW ENTERPRISES INC LEONARD MORROW – Leonard stated that they have good people there and mentioned Helen as
one of those.

RS-GJ-ThumbGrand Junction, CO

Grand Junction – Wagner Rents (0011) IDARADO MINING COMPANY Alford Berry – Alfred
said that when he is in a bind that Rob Mock always takes care of him and gets him the
piece of equipment he needs quickly.

Grand Junction – Wagner Rents (0011) HAYNES EXCAVATION INC TODD HAYNES – Todd stated they give them the right care, and work to find them the right products and just work with them as customers. He stated they have really gone to bat for them regarding a warranty issue on this equipment with Wacker.

Grand Junction – Wagner Rents (0011) FALL LINE CONST LLC Johnathan Discoe – Johnathan said Rob Mock, his sales representative, was very helpful. He said he helped with the setup of the rental, and the delivery and pick up while his equipment was being repaired.

Grand Junction (02) MONTEX DRILLING CO MILENDA DAVIS – Milenda stated that what she liked about this experience is that the
technician that came out was knowledgeable and got the job done well.

Gypsum, CO

Gypsum – Wagner Rents (0010) SLOPESIDE CONSTRUCTION INC KEN BLUMENTHAL – Ken said that his parts representative named Scott
Reed is very good at what he does.

Hayden, CO

Hayden (04) B & K DISTRIBUTING KEVIN PEROULIS – Kevin stated Wagner gets the job done right and they are very knowledgeable. He said
the job is completed when Wagner says it will be. He also said Charles, the Wagner technician and the rest of the staff do a great job.

Hobbs, NM

Hobbs (13) HB CONSTRUCTION OF ALB INC JUAN GALINDO – Juan said that the second technician who was dispatched was very
professional, experienced, and was able to get the equipment running in a timely manner.

Hobbs (13) AR FOREMAN CONSTRUCTION LLC MIRANDA LEWIS – Miranda stated that she likes the relationship that she has with Tony, the
sales guy and Mike from the Hobbs Wagner rental location. She stated that the technician Ken, does their repairs and is amazing. Ken is
very helpful and professional. Miranda stated that he did an awesome job and fixed everything they needed. She stated that all of those are
easy to work with and any time they need something they go above and beyond to help.

Hobbs (13) BRAND WEST DAIRY LUIS ESCAMILLA – Luis stated that Joey the technician has been doing a great job for him.

Hobbs (13) OASIS GIN INC RUBEN CHAVES – Reuben stated the technician was professional and informative.


Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces – Wagner Rents (0021) SEPTIC EXPRESS BRYAN CAMNCZYK – Bryan stated that they have a great salesman that really takescare of them.

Pueblo, CO

Pueblo – Wagner Rents (0002) SLV QUALITY CONCRETE INC LEONARD VELASQUEZ – Leonard stated that he worked with Bryan Gasperetti and he provided excellent service. He added that Bryan was able to find the equipment he needed and assisted with a lease to purchase plan as well.

Pueblo – Wagner Rents (0002) CHAD LESSER EXCAVATION CHAD LESSER – Chad stated that the service is great and Mary is very helpful.

Pueblo (03) STRAIGHT LINE CONST SCOTT HAWKNESON – Scott said his sale representative, John always take good care of him.

Pueblo (03) COMPOST TECHNOLOGIES LLC MARK INNESS – Mark stated he cannot think of the guys name in the parts department at the
Pueblo location but he is always spot on and does a great job.

Silver City

Silver City (16) SOUTHERN MINERALS GROUP LLC TIM KLUMKER – Tim said Wagner had the parts, oil and mechanic out quickly. He said
they had the parts in the next day after contacting Ruby. He said Wagner provides extremely good service and got him up and running.

Silver City (16) CITY OF DEMING DJ RITCHLIN – DJ shared that Wagner does an awesome job with fast service and being located so close.

Silverthorne, CO

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) COLORADO SPRINGS UTILITIES MARK HANRATTY – Mark stated that Joe, his rental sales consultant,
made it very easy and seamless.

Steamboat-RS-thumbSteamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat – Wagner Rents (0013) LARRY FRENCH – Larry shared that anything they do-any problem, they take care of it. He added the manager, Jim, as well Andrew and all the mechanics do an excellent job. Larry shared that Wagner has provided top level service for the last fifteen years, well above service he received from John Deere or New Holland.

Technology Products

Tech Products (97) PRO AG SOLUTIONS CHAD MARANVILLE – Chad stated that the technician, Luke, always does a good job.

Tech Products (97) JACK L & FRANK E FRY – Jack stated that Luke was very knowledgeable. Jack stated that Luke was able to find some used parts that saved him some money.

Windsor, CO

Windsor (09) SUPERIOR OILFIELD SERVICES C JULIE HILLYARD – Julie stated Wagner’s technician was wonderful. She said the technician
had a great attitude, he was precise, thorough and explained things well. She said she thought it was one of the most satisfying service
experiences she has had with a technician. Julie stated she has small farm and doesn’t have a lot of interaction with Wagner, but they have
a good reputation with her and her family.

Windsor (09) ROBERTS EXCAVATION CORP CHRIS MONTOWSKI – Chris said that both of the guys who work at the Wagner Equipment
upfront parts counter are extremely professional, and friendly.

Windsor (09) EBCON G C INC MARK EBERL – Mark stated that the service technician
that came out was very thorough in checking everything out, communicated with him if there were other issues and did not leave anything undone.

Windsor (09) DAVID EPPLE – Dave stated that the technician that came out was exceptional, efficient, knowledgeable and just a great guy, he believes his name is Brent.

Windsor (09) DURAN EXCAVATING INC JUSTIN UPMYERR – Justin said that Therron at
the parts department works very hard at getting the job done right.

Windsor (09) RME LEASING LLC MAX GLICK – Max said Wagner has great follow
up,communication is great and they are doing what they said they would do for him. Max said Wagner’s responsiveness is strong, they
contact him when he is close to the hours for the next service, then they schedule him within his accessibility, and they follow up and send
report and oil samples.

Yuma-HorizYuma, CO

Yuma (38) SIMON CONTRACTORS – NE JUSTIN SCHMIDT – Justin stated his Wagner Rents sales representative, Dave, takes good of him. He said Dave does a really good job. He also said he is very pleased with the Wagner Rents locations he deals with.

Yuma (38) YUMA COUNTY DAIRY JOSH LUNGWITZ – Josh stated that Jason, his service representative, is great.