Read customer testimonials and find out why Wagner Equipment Co., Wagner Rents The Cat Rental Store, and 2ndSteel Used Parts is trusted by customers throughout our territory and beyond.

AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque, NM

Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) E2RC LLC KELLY FETTER − Kelly said Justin with Wagner Rents is very responsive and will work to find a solution if he is unable to get the equipment he needs.

Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) RMCI INC MICHAEL PIERCE − Michael stated that the guy that fields the phone calls does a good job of following up with the rental department and the people there all do a good job.

Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) TLC PLUMBING UTILITY ZEKE REZA − Zeke stated that the rep is excellent, David Salazar. Zeke stated that he works with him a lot and David is an awesome guy. Zeke stated that not only do they rent from him, but they also buy a lot of pumps too.

Albuquerque (10) PAULSON FARMS LLC DUSTIN MALONEY − Dustin said he was surprised how much Wagner Equipment Company communicated with him being that they are so large and they took the time to call him about every little thing they did.

Albuquerque (10) JAY REDLIN JAY REDLIN − Jay was pleased with this experience. Jay said that the one thing that was unique and great about the experience is that the individual underwriter involved (name unknown) had his own cell phone number and was very accessible.

Albuquerque (10) CITY OF T OR C MICHELE BEAN − Michelle stated that she is very pleased with this experience. Michelle said Wagner Equipment went above and beyond. In that they really pushed to get this machine done quickly when she called in to have it picked up, assessed and fixed after the machine had a runaway occur and Michelle told the representatives that her company doesn’t have another backhoe loader on hand to use, so this one is needed back as soon as possible.

Michelle stated that the representative she worked with (name unknown) went above and beyond – he came to her company’s premises, looked things over on this machine and got it into the shop. He provided continuous communications throughout every step of the job.”

Albuquerque (10) CASCADE DRILLING LP BRIAN NYDOSKE − Brian said Wagner Equipment has created a culture in the people who work there that is uncommon in today’s market. Brian stated everyone in the company he has dealt with has provided exceptional service and been professional. Brian said the Wagner staff have provided him with correct and accurate information to obtain what he needed in a timely manner.

Aurora-horizontalAurora, CO

Aurora – Power Systems (05) FLUOR DANIEL GTI JEFF CLEM − Jeff stated that the technician, Cliff Sholders, was very helpful. He stated that Cliff answered all of his questions. Jeff stated that he had a junior technician with him and Cliff was able to teach him some things and kept him informed making sure that he knew what was going on.

Aurora – Power Systems (05) KRAFT FAMILY DAIRIES STRATTON KRAFT − Stratton said he ordered his gen sets in early spring and was told it would be 8-10 weeks out but he waited two months past the 8-10 week timeline before he got the first one and he still does not have the second one. Stratton said Mary Russell has been exceptional at communication. Stratton said Mary has dug to find out what is going on with the delivery .

Aurora – Power Systems (05) CONSOLIDATED ELECTRICAL DIST ROBB HAMINA − Robb stated several times how good Mary and Doug were to work with.

Aurora – Power Systems (05) STURGEON ELECT CO INC CAROL MARTIN − Carol said Wagner Power Systems provides impeccable service and has a great product.

Aurora (00) NORLIN CAVENDER NORLIN CAVENDER − Norlin stated Donnie did an excellent job. Norlin stated he does not normally recommend people because, he is not that kind of person. Norlin added he likes for people to be able to find out for themselves. Norlin added he had a great experience with the mechanic but not a good experience with the communication from Wagner. Norlin added it took a while for the lady he spoke with to contact him back and he does not know if she lost his work order or not.

Aurora (00) MIDDLE J REPAIR JORDAN PUGH − Jordan stated that Dave Pennetta works hard to get him what he wants. Jordan stated that Dave goes the extra mile and helped him getting some hoses that he needed. Jordan said that Dave was able to get the hoses to his job when he needed them instead of having to wait to get them.

Aurora (00) BOBS BLADE SERVICE BOB MULDER − Bob stated every time he has dealt with them they have been top notch. Bob added they fix the issues quickly and correctly. Bob added Kevin Avery was his technician.

Aurora (00) PUEBLO WELDING FABRICATION RICK MCNAMARA − Rick said that Mike was very easy to contact.

Aurora (00) FORBES PARK LANDOWNERS ASSOC SANDY COLVIN − Sandy stated that the sales process was made easy with her sales contact person, Kyle Ellis. Sandy did state that in addition to the sales contact John Gode was very helpful and communicative.

Aurora (00) CRT CRUSHING INC ROBERT MALDONADO − Robert said he has purchased several pieces from Wagner through his rep Kendall Terry who is always top notch. Robert said he is impressed at how Kendall worries about Wagner and takes care of the customer at the same time. Robert said Kendall always answers his phone or calls him back in ten minutes or less. Robert said Kendall sends him the quote the same day.

Aurora (00) CAVE BUUG LLC CHRISTIAN BJORNNES − Christan stated if the first outside salesman Bob Heiman would have gotten it right the first time he would have rated Wagner Equipment higher. Christian stated he has been trying since March to get his equipment delivered and it was finally delivered in September. Christian also stated that since he was unhappy with Bob, he went with a second outside salesperson, named Delmond Woody, as well as an inside salesperson, named Cody Sowa and both were fantastic. Christian stated that if he was rating the first outside sales person, Bob Heiman, he would give him a 1. Christian also stated that the second outside sales person, Delmond Woody was a 10. Christian stated that he received zero instruction and he did not know that anyone was suppose to provide an explanation of machine operation. Christian stated the current sales process is antiquated and Bob took forever to get information. Christian stated the Inside salesman, Cody Sowa and 2nd outside salesman, Delmond Woody were very helpful.

Aurora (00) DYECREST DAIRY LLC TERESA POMERLEAU − Teresa said she has known her salesman, J.R. Harsh, for years and years; and she likes the quality of service she has received from him.

Aurora (00) RUDY TORRES EXCAVATING RUDY TORRES − Rudy stated he has not run the machine yet. The first time he took the machine there it was not repaired and though he was not upset he was a bit disappointed. Rudy stated this is the reason for the rating of 9 and not 10. Rudy told the technician the machine had a sticky valve the first time and he feels they went a different route and the machine had to be taken back a second time for the sticky valve. Rudy stated he understands this was difficult to diagnose. He feels the people there were professional and very good. Regarding question number 3: He stated it cost more money to take it back for the 2nd time. Rudy stated he is not prepared to rate this question at this time as he has not run the machine yet since getting the machine back the second time.

Rudy stated Steve and Greg were really good to listen to him the second time and they kept him informed.

Bloomfield-1920x1080Bloomfield, NM

Bloomfield (11) CORONADO WRECKING SALVAGE JOSE VARGAS − Jose stated that Chris Sanders in the service department was really good. Jose added that he was very helpful about getting what he needed.

RS-CarbondaleCarbondale, CO

Carbondale – Wagner Rents (0008) TWISTED TREE LANDSCAPE CONS DENNIS WUETHRICH − Dennis stated his Wagner Rents sales representative, Jason Love, was very knowledgeable and professional — on a level typically not found in this area of service. Dennis also said Jason had the equipment to him on time and it was ready to go. Dennis stated from start to finish, Wagner Rents was top-notch and wishes he’s found them sooner.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs (39) FORRESTER ASSOCIATES LLC TONY SANCHEZ − Tony said the field service technician was knowledgeable, intelligent, and efficient at explaining what was going on during the repair. Tony said they tried to assist him in doing the repair himself, but he wasn’t able to.

Colorado Springs (39) TELLER COUNTY DEPT FLEET SVC JAKE NEW − Jake stated Mike Fields does a good job. Jake mentioned that he frequently requests Mike Fields because he seems to know what is going on.

Colorado Springs (39) KRAEMER NORTH AMERICA LLC MIKE GELATELLI − Mike said Madelyn Torres took his call and had great customer service. Mike said Madelyn got his equipment quickly and it was a fast delivery and pick up. Mike said Madelyn is an exceptional staff member. Mike said he has rented from many places throughout the years and she is one of the most professional and courteous.

Commerce City, CO

Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) STRAIGHT LINE CONST WILL PRINDLE − Will stated Wagner Rents did more than required to find what he needed. Will also said Wagner Rents was prompt with delivery and efficient. Will said he is very happy.

Denver, CO

Denver – Wagner Rents (0004) TERRA TECHNOLOGIES NOAH RIVERA − Noah stated his Wagner Rents service representative, Michelle Divine, is consistent.

Denver – Wagner Rents (0004) ENVIRONMENTAL HAZMAT SVC DOUG LEE − Doug stated that the equipment is good and the representative, Mark Hoover and the counter people were nice to deal with. Doug said that Mark took care of what he needed and got back to him quick. Doug stated that Keely Mower out of the Grand Junction office was great to deal with and is always pleasant to deal with. Doug said that her work ethic is great.

Denver – Wagner Rents (0004) ROCKY MTN EXCAVATING INC CASEY WATKINS − Casey stated that the equipment is the best on the planet and that Bobbie Wamsley at the front dest is professional and friendly.

Durango, CO

Durango (01) SCOTT CRAGOE SCOTT CRAGOE − Scott stated that the parts service person, Patsy Moreland at the Durango office was very friendly and polite.

El Paso, TX

El Paso – Wagner Rents (0017) JUDGE NETTING INC MARA PERRY − Mara stated that the store manager, Les Saylor, provided very personalized service.

El Paso (12) OTERO COUNTY STEVE QUAPPE − Steve said Wagner Equipment Co. was fast, efficient, and knowledgeable of the equipment. The technician traced the transmission problem down quickly and repaired it.

El Paso (12) JOBE MATERIALS LP ORLANDO DIAZ − Orlando said Wagner Equipment’s parts person Jose Reyes is knowledgeable and able to locate and find the parts he needs.

El Paso (12) ABRAMS KIEWIT AJV 102447 PAUL YOUNG − Paul stated that he knows Mario Quiroz the technician well and that he always comes out on and completes the job with no issue.


Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins – Wagner Rents (0005) SIMON CONTRACTORS INC STEVE BASTIAN − Steve stated that they had the parts he needed at a good price and Barry Hunt was very knowledgeable.

Fort Collins – Wagner Rents (0005) BOBCAT OF THE ROCKIES JOE DOMINIC − Joe stated that Barry Hunt was great and easy to work with.

Fort Collins – Wagner Rents (0005) FISCHER ENT BD INC MATT FISCHER − Matt said Nathan Smith is very helpful and great at accommodating his needs.Matt also said he communicated very well and everything always arrives like it should.

Grand Junction, CO

Grand Junction (02) YOUTH WITH A MISSION COLORAD RAY GIFFORD − Ray stated that appreciates that the two parts representatives at this Grand Junction location, Mike Petross and another Kristopher Heikes, don’t mess around – they tell him they can get him what he needs and they do offer aftermarket/reclaimed parts as an option when available as opposed to him having to ask for this option, because it is really helpful to him since these parts are often cost thirty to fifty percent (30%-50%) less.

Grand Junction (02) SCHMUESER ASSOC INC ED BARLEY − Ed said he likes that when he called in and spoke with Mike Petross. Mike was a lot of help and followed back up with him. Ed also said Mike helped work out a few problems.
Grand Junction (02) XCEL/PUBLIC SERVICE CO GLEN MORSE − Glen said the rentals guy, Scott Holman, makes it simple and he takes care of everything. Glen also said it goes smooth and he is in and out.

Grand Junction (02) LETTER FAB LLC TREA SCIORTINO − Trea stated that Paul Nichols and Kevin Boggs do an excellent job. Trea stated that he usually rents 303.5 and 262D and he knows that Wagner has clients that spend millions of dollars, but he couldn’t ask for better service and how well he is taken care of by them.

Gypsum, CO

Gypsum – Wagner Rents (0010) SOUTHWESTERN PAINTING BARBRA HURTADO − Barbara stated that Cheryl Garcia in billing was nice, the billing was great and the price was correct. Barbara stated that many times, at the end of a rental the prices have changed from the initial price. Barbara stated that they stayed the same.


Hobbs, NM

Hobbs (13) FRONTIER FIELD SERVICES LLC RAY MASHAW − Ray said Wagner Equipment technician, Clint Blankenship did a good job and was very knowledgeable.

Hobbs (13) REGENCY FIELD SERVICES LLC RAYMOND MENDEZ − Raymond said Wagner Equipment helps him a lot, even without the right VIN numbers for the parts. Raymond said they were patient with him and helped him to find the right parts to order.

Hobbs (13) TALON DRILLING LP ROBBIE DEROSIER − Robbie stated Wagner is easy to communicate with and the service was great. Robbie says they rent from Wagner often and he knows the staff well. Robbie said Wagner went above and beyond to find him the equipment he needed. Robbie said he is very happy with the service.


Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces – Wagner Rents (0021) EMI TECHNOLOGY INC JAIME ARRELLANO − Jaime stated that the technician, Humberto Fernandez, was knowledgeable and he moved rather quickly. Jaime stated that he gave some good input on what to look out for if the situation happens again.

Pueblo, CO

Pueblo (03) WALTON CONTRACTING LLC BRUCE WALTON − Bruce stated that he really likes their Service Manager, Marvin Nezensky, who worked with him on figuring out what needed to be done and was honest with him.

Pueblo (03) COLORADO DEPT OF TRANSPORT BRIAN HARMON − Brian said he liked that when he called in with a question the parts representative called him back and answered it.


Silverthorne, CO

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) EARTHTECH WEST II LTD TALLEY MEEHAN − Talley was pleased with this experience and this location. Telley stated that the quality of service at the Silverthorne location has been excellent – including that the shop had a solution for this machine within a few minutes of him dropping it off, they were upfront about the cost and timing, and they guarantee the work. Which was great since he had a problem with this machine afterward and they sent a technician out to fix it the very next day.

Talle stated that Wagner Rents did an excellent job – they called and told him exactly what was going on, which parts they wanted to replace and what it would cost, and then the cost was exactly what they said it would be.”

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) OGC MANAGEMENT LLC MIKE HARBERT − Mike stated that the support staff was phenomenal. Mike stated that they were able to pushed through the paper work in time so that he could do the job

Steamboat-RS-thumbSteamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat – Wagner Rents (0013) HAIGHT ENT INC MARK HAIGHT − Mark stated that Kurt Garbin is a great sales rep.

Steamboat – Wagner Rents (0013) NORTH ROUTT EXCAVATING STAN WAGONER − Stan stated that Kurt Garbin at the shop takes very good care of him.

Technology Products

Tech Products (97) LITHKO CONTRACTING INC LEE STULTZ − Lee stated that he is trying to purchase another laser, but not getting anywhere with his manager yet. Lee stated that he is already in contact with Steve Meitler about what he needs.  Lee stated that he is starting to develop a relationship with his sales rep, Steve. Lee stated that Steve is all over it, he caters to all his needs, he has the answers and the knowledge, and he is helpful.

Windsor, CO

Windsor (09) DAN MURPHY DAN MURPHY − Dan said he likes the field service people; especially Brent Lambrecht, the mechanic.  Dan said he came promptly, got the parts the next day, and he only lost one day.