Read customer testimonials and find out why Wagner Equipment Co., Wagner Rents The Cat Rental Store, and 2ndSteel Used Parts is trusted by customers throughout our territory and beyond.

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) DAIRY FARMERS OF AMERICA – SETH GIBSON
Seth said James Pena is the best. Seth said Wagner Equipment Co. is better than other providers only because of James. Seth said James makes the whole experience a 10. Seth said James takes care of him and is a great guy.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) BP AMERICA SOLOMAN ADENIE – Soloman said the response time was good. Soloman said David Herman was responsive and addressed all of the concerns he had.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) RICHARDSON RICHARDSON – MARK CAROLL Mark said that his fi eld representative,Justin Van Natta, went the extra mile to make sure that the fi eld technician had everything he needed to be able to repair his machine.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) LOUIS J PACHECO – Louis stated that the mechanics are smart and professional. He mentioned that he has a good relationship with Kurt Bowers, Wayne Zirpel, and Will Trimble. Louis stated that Wagner Equipment Co has clean and honest mechanics. Louis shared that he has been using Wagner Equipment Co. for a long time and only trusts Wagner Equipment Co. with his equipment.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) L J BENSON IP WELDING – LJ stated Damon Brown shipped the equipment to Yuma for him. LJ stated Damon Brown called to follow up after he received the equipment. LJ stated he cannot thank Damon Brown enough. LJ said this equipment is going in a welding machine and he has called and had to leave messages with other places and never gets a call back from Wagner’s competitors. LJ says he cannot praise Damon Brown enough as he called him back, followed up and made the sale.

Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) SEMA CONSTRUCTION INC PHIL GEE – Phil stated that his sales representative, Justin Van Natta, provided satisfying service by following up to make sure he is satisfi ed with the rental equipment. Phil said that Justin goes beyond expectations to ensure he is a happy customer. Phil says that it was a challenge getting this particular piece of equipment but his sales representative, Justin Van Natta, took the challenge upon himself to make sure the equipment was available for his company.

Albuquerque (10) EDDY COUNTY RICHARD RODRIGUEZ – Richard stated that Richard Fisher is friendly and knowledgeable,
and was able to fi nd the parts that he needed.

Albuquerque (10) SANTA FE SKI COMPANY PAUL RODRIGUEZ – Paul stated that Francisco Ortega, talked with him and went over everything very well and he appreciated this. Paul stated that he was quite satisfi ed with the service. Paul stated that he was able to do everything over the phone and Wagner Equipment Co. cleaned up his truck nicely. Paul added that Wagner called him whenever there was a issue and they worked it out. Paul stated that he was happy with the service provided by Wagner Equipment Co.

Aurora, CO

Aurora – Power Systems (05) PARK RANGE CONSTRUCTION INC GREG CARNECELLO – Gregg stated that his technician,
Matt Turner, is great to work with and tries his best and do a good job. Gregg stated that he likes Matt a lot.

Aurora (00) FLATIRON CONSTRUCTORS INC GARY DURNEY – Gary said the service is outstanding! Wagner Equipment Co. does a
MUCH better job than the competition.

Aurora (00) COLORADO RAILROAD JEFF TAYLER – Jeff stated that the Aurora location is great. Very knowledgeable. Jeff enjoys
working with Josh Grivy and Dustin Thompson. Josh and Dustin get everything set up and taken care of for him. Real easy.

Aurora (00) BETONE FRANK JUST – Frank said Wagner Equipment Co. worked with him extremely well. Frank said they insured the equipment he bought, was up to his standards, before he received it. Frank said Wagner Equipment Co. would benefit tremendously, if they had more Sales Representatives, like Joe Kallis.

Aurora (00) AZTEC STUCCO CONST DAVID VASQUEZ – David stated that he has purchased several pieces of equipment from his sales representative, Eugene Mora, and he is happy with the service Eugene provides. David stated that Eugene takes care of his purchases in an expedient manner and provides him with a good machine within his budget.

Aurora (00) HOUSER’S TRUCKING EXCAVATION DANNY HOUSER – Danny said that Martyn Webb the technician is very efficient, effective and cares about what he’s doing. Danny said that Martyn’s desire to do well is evident in everything that he does.

Aurora (00) CITY OF BLACK HAWK STEVE JACKSON – Steve stated the salesman Dave Gildea is the best. Steve stated Dave is professional and honest.

Aurora (00) ZAB LLC LUIS BENITES – Luis stated that he really appreciated that the transaction moved quickly. Luis added that he was expecting the delivery to take weeks, but it arrived three days later. Luis also stated that he was happy with the entire transaction from the communication with Jeff Fiscus, to the price he received and finally the actual equipment.

Aurora (00) TERRA FIRMA LANDSCAPE DESIGN JOEL BECKER – Joel stated that his sales representative, Jeff Fiscus, was very easy to communicate with. Jeff sent documents and correspondences to him promptly, and provided answers to his questions quickly as well.

Aurora (00) CITY OF AURORA TROY GARTON – Troy stated he spoke with Tom Gann and he always communicates well and
gets him what he needs.



Bloomfield (11) PINNACLE WEST CAPITAL CORP BONI MARTIN Boni mentioned Tyson Ferron as her contact. Boni said that Tyson is the one that makes all the arrangements for her and he is great because he always returns her calls and always listens and tries to help her.

Bloomfield (11) JOHNNY`S RADIATOR RANDY HARVEY – Randy shared that Wagner Equipment Co. has good, quality service and are always there when you need.


Burlington (06) AMITY MUTUAL IRRIGATION TERRY HOWLAND – Terry said Wagner Equipment Co. came out promptly and were good about the service. Terry said he was happy with the service. Terry said to keep up the good work.


Carbondale – Wagner Rents (0008) RICHARDSON VAN LEEUWEN CONST NICK MILLER – Nick said that service from Wagner Rents is much better than other providers. Nick said that he typically deals with Carrie Washburn at this location and most of the contact is done via email which is convienant for him. Nick said that Carrie provides timely responses and is a pleasure to work with.

Carbondale – Wagner Rents (0008) GOULD CONSTRUCTION INC EVAN GOULD – He stated that Marilyn Stambuck is easy to work with when he calls to order parts.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs (39) CITY OF C/S STREET DEPT/RTA JAMES BOYCE – James wanted to note the great customer service that he gets from Madelyn Torres.

Colorado Springs (39) EL PASO COUNTY DON RIVERA – Don stated that the Colorado Springs location is great. They are swift and he doesn’t have to wait too long for assistance. Kurt Manyik is wonderful to work with and the Brenden Jack, who provided the service was great and very knowledgeable.

Commerce City

Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) NOMAD EXCAVATING INC PAUL TURNER – Paul stated his rating is based on the salesman, Joel Vos. Paul stated Braden Wagner and his staff are outstanding.


Denver – Wagner Rents (0004) PCL CONSTRUCTION – ARIZONA – BENNY SIMMONS Benny stated that Wagner Equipment Co. always treats him very good and his Salesman, Ron Marek, did a good job.


Durango (01) CROSSFIRE LLC DERRICK FIELDSTED – Derrick stated that the staff in Durango is very helpful.

Grand Junction

Grand Junction (02) MTN VALLEY CONTRACTING INC STEVE BISKUP – Steve would recommend Wager Equipment Co. because of John Haddox, the shop lead. Steve said John is very personable, he keeps him informed and he’s really, really good to work around his schedule.

Grand Junction (02) WILDERNESS MACHINES LLC BRIAN BARRY – Brian noted that the Kris Heikes was honest, a good guy and was knowledgeable when it came to some technical questions.

Grand Junction (02) WESTERN SLOPE FLAGSTONE RUDY FONTINARI – Rudy stated that the field technician, Ricky Eads was very knowledgeable and diagnosed the problem very quickly. Rudy stated that Paul Nichols was very helpful with pulling the service together and he was great to work with.


Gypsum – Wagner Rents (0010) ARCHITECTURAL IMPACT LLC SYLVAIN COTE – Sylvian stated that Scott Reed in parts is very knowledgeable and Lon Peaslee is the best mechanic around.


Hayden (04) MJK SALES FEED INC BRAD STEARNS – Brad said Alex Soron was able to get the parts that he needed and made sure the parts were there for the service. Brad added that Alex is top notch.

Hayden (04) B K DISTRIBUTING KEVIN KOROULIS – Kevin said Charles Forrest, the manager, is exceptional.

Hayden (04) JACKSON COUNTY ANDY NORRIS – Andy stated from the very beginning that service with the Hayden location is amazing, really great.


Hobbs (13) DCP MIDSTREAM LP-HOBBS NM CHRIS TRUJILLO – Chris said Ben Thompson at Wagner Equipment Co. is very good. Chris said they email back and forth and Ben is able to schedule him in when he needs service.

Las Cruces

Las Cruces – Wagner Rents (0021) QUARTER MOON RANCH SCOTT POWELL – Scott said the guys dealt with him great and everyone did their best. He is very happy. Scott said they are real good with trying to get things lined up. Scott the rental people and drivers all have good attitudes.


Pueblo – Wagner Rents (0002) HE WHITLOCK INC BRYAN WHITTEN – Bryan stated that Mary Randall goes out of her way to get the equipment they need quickly.

Pueblo (03) JS SERVICE REPAIR JOEL SUMMERS – Joel stated that the staff is very helpful. Joel said that Shane Irving works very hard to help out and get him the right parts.

Pueblo (03) SOUTHWEST READY MIX ENCARNACION CHACON – Encarnacion said there is one guy there named Robert Genova that does really good with getting them their parts.

Pueblo (03) BERRY TRUCKING DON BERRY – Don said you can’t improve anything with Wagner Equipment Co. Don said they are top notch all the way around. Don said he would recommend Wagner Equipment Co. to any one who has CAT equipment. Don said they do not have to ever do the service twice. Don said Wagner Equipment Co. is hands down the finest. Don said he would tow his truck a thousand miles for their service. Marvin Nezvensky and Mark Hice who work on his truck are amazing. Don said they don’t miss when they are troubleshooting. Don said Wagner Equipment Co. knows how to build a relationship with their customers.

Silver City

Silver City (16) HIDALGO COUNTY ROAD DEPT CLARENCE RUDIGER – Mr. Gillam stated that they were in a real bind and Wagner Equipment Co. went above and beyond to help them out in a pinch.


Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) MCCREREY FINE HOMES LLC MATT LINK – Matt stated that his salesman, DJ Chavez, was a great help to him.

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) COPPER MTN CONSOLIDATED METR DAVE SMITH – Dave stated that the Silverthorne location is close to him and the parts guy, Jeremy Flowers is great. However, in reference to this specific field service experience Dave stated that the repair went so much quicker than he anticipated and the repair was completed correctly.

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) THUNDER SPIRIT INC RUDY MENDIOLA – Rudy said Mike Clark is a great guy. Rudy said Larry Ratcliff and Jeremy Flowers are great. Rudy said only good things with the staff and this group of people.


Steamboat – Wagner Rents (0013) TWENTY MILE COAL CO DAVE LONG – Dave stated that the salesman, Kurt Garbin, totally gets the sense of urgency that he has at times.

Steamboat – Wagner Rents (0013) NATURE’S DESIGN OF STEAMBOA PETE CASAVECCHIA – Pete said Wagner Equipment Co.’s honesty while working with him is admirable and Wagner Equipment Co. is always trying to help him with finding a better deal. Pete said they work with him directly on things, and he ended up going with a new piece of equipment. Pete said Evan Sundberg is good, and Evan is who usually fixes his equipment. Pete said the communication between him and the Wagner Equipment Co. staff is good.


Windsor (09) ARKINS PARK STONE CORP TIM VASQUEZ – Tim stated he has been using Wagner Equipment Co for about 20 years and they always do a great job.

Windsor (09) PETE LIEN SONS MIKE ROBERTS – Mike stated that one time he was having a hard time finding an o-ring, and one of the Wagner Equipment Co. parts employees worked with him for 45 min or more to help him solve the problem.

Windsor (09) JB SITTNER TRUCKING LLC BUDDY OSBORNE – Buddy stated Andrew Quirk and Therron Carlson are very knowledgeable and know their stuff. Buddy stated Jacob Clarkson and Jeremy Eads in the back are great as well.

Windsor (09) WOOD GROUP USA INC DANNY STANSBURY – Danny stated that he calls Jimbo Thompkins and he gets right on things and got him the equipment that he needed. Danny stated that Jimbo is really good.

Windsor (09) KEY ENERGY SERVICES INC CHUCK GLAZIER – Chuck stated the technician Dave Goddard comes out, gets the job done quickly and is excellent.


Yuma (38) WALTERS L E K LARRY WALTERS – Larry stated that they have a good serviceman, Jeffrey McCormick, in his area. Larry stated that he calls his orders into the branch or Jeffrey McCormick and they do a good job.