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Wagner Equipment Co. Albuquerque, NM
Wagner Equipment Co. Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) UNITED POWER INC. CURTIS SUBIA stated the sales guy was good and the stuff came in on schedule.  He stated all was good.  He stated his salesman’s name was Damon Brown.
Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) CHARLES RIVER LABORATORIES. BUDDY VERDEN stated the technician was prompt, he got in, got the job done and got out; he said he liked that.
Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) SITE SERVICES GROUP LLC. KEN ASTON said the person that handled his account was very helpful and did a good job. Ken said he cannot recall his name but he was from out of town and Wagner Rents did a good job to accommodate him.
Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) BRASIER ASPHALT. ART AGUIRRE said that the technician who went out on site was very knowledgeable, he jumped on the equipment right away and was real good.
Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) RMCI INC. RICK MOBLEY said Wagner Rents got the pump for him on short notice and brought it in from Denver and they honored an old quote that he was given that really helped him out. Rick said the sales representative that he was dealing with left and Zack took over and handled everything and the delivery and pick up on equipment was good.
Albuquerque (10) GRANDE VIDA DAIRY. CLEMENTE LOPEZ stated again how good the service is and they always have the parts.
Albuquerque (10) NMDOT DIST 5. JOESEPH C. MARTINEZ stated Richard Fisher always takes care of him.
Albuquerque (10) LEWIS CATTLE & HORSES INC. DILLON LEWIS said that the field technician is great.
Albuquerque (10) WWRC INC. DANNY SMITH stated that Seth Eifert, the technician, was very knowledgeable.

Aurora, CO

Aurora – Power Systems (05) CENTURY LINK REAL ESTATE. EARL DAHLIN stated they did a very good job. The technician was on time, finished the job in the allotted time and was thorough.
Aurora – Power Systems (05) LOVELAND GOOD SAMARITAN VLG. DON BARNES said that the technician was very knowledgeable and helpful upon arrival.
Aurora (00) SOUTH-BAY INC. JOSEPH EGAN stated that his equipment works awesome. He stated that Eric Davidson was really good to work with and he had no questions by the time he left his office.
Joseph stated that he liked the relaxed atmosphere and that there was no pressure to purchase. He stated that his sales representative, Eric, explained everything well, was knowledgeable about the equipment and the feature options of all of the equipment which then helped him make an educated purchase.
Aurora (00) SUPERIOR TOWING JOE HUTCHINS stated that the sales person, Kyle Melby, was really on top of things.
Aurora (00) THE FARMERS RESERVOIR. TOM SCHUPMAN stated that he likes his salesman Dave Gildea. Mr. Schupman stated to give Dave a good bonus because he is a good salesman.
Aurora (00) ALL RECYCLING NORTH LLC-DNV. JEFF WESTERICK stated he has a good relationship with his Wagner sales representative Brad Burris.
Aurora (00) COSTILLA COUNTY. LARRY GOMEZ stated that he would love to see them offer demo’s and/or training sessions for his operators especially when they change functionality on equipment such as going from a steering wheel to the joy stick. He stated that this was a difficult transition for some of his operators and he would have found this helpful.
Leroy stated that the sales representatives treat him very well and they are very knowledgeable. He stated that Kevin, especially is very good to work with.
Aurora (00) MEREDITH S HODGES TRUST. CHAD LEPPERT stated that Kyle Melby is a very good salesperson.
Aurora (00) VARGAS PLUMBING. FRED VARGUS stated the service technician was helpful. Fred could not recall his name. Fred said he is from Texas. Fred said he called his salesman in Corpus Christi, Travis Barnette. He said Travis placed the service call for him and Wagner responded a few minutes later. Fred stated they did a pretty good job.
Aurora (00) AIRGAS INTERMOUNTAIN INC. DAN GELTMAKER stated the final product overall was fantastic.  He stated everything from communication to service was great.  He stated Leon was fantastic.  He stated Leon was  informative and just perfect.

Bloomfield, NM

Bloomfield (11) ANGEL FIRE RESORT OPS LLC. NICK MARTINEZ stated that Rusty does top of the line work and always helps them out. Nick stated that Rusty knows what he is doing and got the repair done in a timely manner.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs (39) AVALON DEVELOPMENT CORP. DAN HERMAN stated that the lady he worked with was fabulous, friendly, attentive and took good care of them. (Dan could not remember her name.)
Colorado Springs (39) CITY OF COLO SPRG PIKE PEAK. KELLY stated that Jake Bartok at the Colorado Springs store really stands out, he is great to work with.

Commerce City, CO

Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) BROWN BROTHERS ASPHALT & CNC. BRIAN WEBSTER stated that he works with Monte and he is very knowledgeable and very helpful.
Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) JONES FINE SAND CO. DARREN PALIZZI stated that the mechanic was exceptional. He stated that he was personal, knowledgeable and informative. He stated that he was really good and should be should be patted on the back. Mr. Palizzi was unable to remember the mechanics name.
Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) AGR BUILDING INC. AARON WINSKEY stated the technician, Corey Reid, was professional and the repair was done in a timely manner.
Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) BROWN BROTHERS ASPHALT & CNC. TODD WEDELL said that Eric Caplin is very helpful and he really went out of his way to find his machine in a timely manner.

Denver, CO

Denver – Wagner Rents (0004) MYERS & SONS CONSTRUCTION. RAMONE SILVA was pleased with this and his past experiences.  He said the reason he would recommend this dealer to others is because the salesmen he works with – Brett at this Denver branch, and Mike and Billy at the Colorado Springs location – are good, and that he gets a great price for the equipment.

Durango, CO

Durango (01) JICARILLA APACHE NATION. WILBURN TAFOYA stated that Brandon Little the representative was courteous, efficient, did a good job, he was very professional, and every time he asked a questions Brandon would give good answers.

El Paso TX

El Paso – Wagner Rents (0017) TRI STATE ELECTRIC CO. CARLOS MARTINEZ said that he deals with the same salesman named Louie Valenzuela.
El Paso – Wagner Rents (0017) MIMBELA CONTRACTORS INC. MEMO PUENTAS-He stated that the Sales Representative was very helpful with his needs and provided prompt service.
El Paso – Wagner Rents (0017) GCC SUN CITY MATERIALS LLC. OMAR DE LA GALA stated he likes Wagner Rents’ service.  He said his Wagner Rents representative, Louie Valenzuela, is really good at what he does.
El Paso (12) GENERAL SERVICES ADMIN. GUILLERMO CAJIGAS stated Joey is very good and calls him back right away.  He stated several times how great this company is and he is happy to recommend them to anyone.
El Paso (12) D I R CONSTRUCTION. MIGUEL CORRAL said that the three at the parts store named James, Albaro and Jose and the lady at the register named Celia are all very efficient and have all been very kind.
El Paso (12) UNIV OF TEXAS AT EL PASO. CRAIG HILL said that the field service technician named Willy was on time, did the job that was supposed to be done, called and informed him when the job was done, and was very professional.
El Paso (12) INTERNATIONAL EAGLE ENTERPRISE. JOANN VON HOLSTEIN said that the salesman named Desi Cooper was outstanding.
El Paso (12) SOUTHWEST FUEL INJECTION. FRANK SOLIS stated that he needed help because the website was a bit confusing, so he called and spoke to Juan who was very helpful.

Flora Vista, NM

Flora Vista – Wagner Rents (0018) US FISH & WILDLIFE SERVICE. GEROME JORDAN said this was the absolute best experience he has ever had and he has been in the business 26 y

ears. Hal added that Wagner Rents had good equipment and the truck drivers did a good job and just a wonderful experience all around.


Grand Junction, CO

Wagner Equipment Co. - Grand Junction, CO
Wagner Equipment Co. – Grand Junction, CO
Grand Junction (02) BLUE FABRICATION INC. DEANN GOODE stated he took the time to troubleshoot, figure it all out and get them everything they needed.
Grand Junction (02) MTN COAL CO INC/WEST ELK MINE. JEFF COWAN said that they even have the point of contact’s cell phone number if they need to contact him; his name is Kevin Boggs .
Grand Junction (02) ENERGY FIELD SERVICES LLC KEN. WHITE was pleased with this experience.  He said he got the right parts and the parts representative, Chris, was easy to talk with.

Hayden, CO

Hayden (04) ROUTT COUNTY ROAD & BRIDGE. JOHN CONNET stated Wagner has excellent technicians that are knowledgeable and respectable to their machines. He said the technician on this service was Craig who did a good job.

Hobbs, NM

Hobbs (13) CDM RESOURCES MGMT LTD. JEREMY ELIZONDO said that both Debbie and Kathryn at the Hobbs location are very personable, and help him out with all of his needs.

Pueblo, CO

Pueblo – Wagner Rents (0002) BLACK HILLS ENERGY DAN WITT. said the experience here is always good – the staff is friendly and professional, including Steve (representative).

Silver City, NM

Silver City (16) CITY OF DEMING. TONY TRUJILLO stated that Ruby Alarcon was awesome with answering the phones and taking care of him.

Silverthorne, CO

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) ALL VALLEY STORAGE INC. CHASE BECK stated Larry Ratcliff, Jeremy Flowers and Lucas Bridge are fabulous and have helped him become educated on CAT equipment.
Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) H3P LLC. HUGO GONZALEZ stated that Larry, the mechanic, is really good and he treats people right.

Steamboat Springs, CO

Wagner Rents - Steamboat Springs, CO
Wagner Rents – Steamboat Springs, CO
Steamboat – Wagner Rents (0013) CORMAN CONSTRUCTION & MAINT. CORY WOOD stated Wagner Rents has good customer service, the staff is knowledgeable and they always provide timely service instead of letting the equipment sit one or two weeks. Cory also stated Wagner Rents called with updates on this service and he thought that was awesome.

Technology Products

Tech Products (97) JOYNER KEENY PLLC. STEPHEN R WOLFE said he has known Farshad for many years and Farshad has always been excellent to work with and has kept his geodimeter and other Trimble equipment working.
Steven also said that, given Farshad’s capability and the years of working with him have always been a pleasure in corresponding with him, he knows that he will continue his relationship with SITECH Rocky Mountain Repair Center.

Windsor, CO

Windsor (09) PETE MARTIN DRILLING. GARY GETTLE said that Andrew is knowledgeable and always get him what he needs.
Windsor (09) CROSSFIRE LLC. BILL LOOMIIS stated they arrived quickly and resolved the problem in a timely manner. Bill said Wagner’s quality of communication was terrific. Bill said the service was great. He said they were able to contact him by phone and e-mail.

Yuma, CO

Yuma (38) DINKLAGE FEED YARD INC. DEAN PECKUNETER said the Wagner field technician was very knowledgeable and great with communication. Randy also stated Wagner does an awesome job and that’s why he uses them.

2nd Steel Used Parts

2nd Steel (98) BORDER DEMO & ENVIRO INC. VICTOR MACIAS stated Brian is a good guy, went the extra mile and was effective and efficient.