Read customer testimonials and find out why Wagner Equipment Co., Wagner Rents The Cat Rental Store, and 2ndSteel Used Parts is trusted by customers throughout our territory and beyond.

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) PUBLIC SVC CO OF NEW MEXICO CURTIS MCGEE – Curtis said Dave Herman is very receptive and works with him to get him what he needs.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) STATE OF NEW MEXICO ERIC SCHUM – Eric said the technician, Howard Barnes, was very knowledgeable. Eric stated that Howard took the time to explain to him the problems that the machine was having. Eric said Howard got the work done and well.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) GENERON-IGS INC MARK STAFFORD – Mark said he has done business with Dave Herman and Wagner Equipment for a long time. Mark said he was in a bind for a rental on a Sunday. He called Dave, who took care of him.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) ENCORE ELECTRIC INC MITCH AVIS – Mitch stated Wagner Equipment was quick to respond to their needs. Mitch also said that the technicians, Jeff Holmes was extremely qualified. Mitch said that Jeff supported the project from start to finish.

Albuquerque (10) SOUTHWEST CONCRETE PAVING DANIEL FIERRO – Daniel stated he is able to deal directly with Carlos Gallegos and he makes sure the right parts are ordered. He stated Carlos goes out of his way to help him.

Albuquerque (10) LITTLE GATOR TRUCKING JERRY TRUJILLO – Jerry stated Michael Gutierrez is awesome. Jerry stated he always calls Michael and is really good. Jerry stated Michael is very professional and knowledgeable. Jerry stated Michael always get the right parts the first time.

Albuquerque (10) J S TRUCKING INC – Joe Sanchez stated that he has a good relationship with Dave Cooper and that they work well together. Joe also stated that Sue Van Natta in rentals is very helpful.

Aurora, CO

Aurora – Power Systems (05) COLORADO INTERSTATE GAS CO BOB WILLIAMSON – Bob stated that Wagner Equipment’s technician, Tyson Hahn, was very courteous and knowledgeable. Bob said Tyson did a good job.

Aurora (00) SHAKER AUTO LEASE TOM HERMAN – Tom stated that Mike Sheridan was a great person to work with.

Aurora (00) YMCA-SNOW MTN RANCH BILL MEAD – Bill said he switched from John Deere to CAT equipment. Bill stated that gets much better service with Wagner Equipment . Bill said Kevin Avery, the technician, is an awesome guy. Bill said that Kevin enjoyed working on his equipment. Bill said more importantly, Kevin showed him how to work on it as well. Bill said Kevin is a really good guy and he looks forward to working with him again.

Aurora (00) LAKE SECTION WATER CO JOHN B COLQUITT – John stated he is very happy with Wagner Equipment. John said he will continue to use them. John said he appreciates Wagner Equipment’s attitude in doing business. John said there was a small issue with the timeliness of the product price quote which was resolved. John was able to talk to Bruce Wagner and everything was handled in a professional and timely manner. Bruce Wagner is terrific.

Aurora (00) DIGGIN JACK LLC JACK FERENCE – Jack said that Joe Kallis did a good job. Also that, Joe got the pricing he was needing quickly.

Aurora (00) PRO-EX CONTRACTORS INC LACY FUCHS – Lacy stated that like the involvement their salesmen, Mike Milyard provides them with. Mike is also honest. Lacy said she likes this about Mike.

Aurora (00) MARQUEZ ENTERPRISES ERIK MARQUEZ – Erik stated the sales representative, Des Cooper, took time with him. Erik said Des did a good job. Erik stated Des is a good salesmen. Erik does not know if they would be able to find someone else like Des.

Aurora (00) HOLLAWAY BRIDGE AND CULVERT BRIAN OLSON – Brain stated that he is located in South Dakota and Wagner Equipment is located in Colorado. Brian stated that Kyle Melby did a great job.

Aurora (00) FRONTIER PAVING INC DAMIAN ELLSWORTH – Damian stated that the process is easy and effortless. Damian stated that Brian Shaver is responsive to his needs.

Aurora (00) REETZ EXCAVATING JIM REETZ – Jim stated that the team has amazing communication. They kept him in the loop about a problem that arose during his servicing.

Bloomfield, NM

Bloomfield (11) NAVAJO MESA FARMS LLC JORDAN THOMAS – Jordan said that he would like to see Rusty Greer put in the shop service area. Jordan said that Rusty, who does service calls, is very good.

Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad – Wagner Rents (0028) PELLEY CONSTRUCTION INC JAY NEWPORT – Jay stated that the salesman, Michael Wiggins did a good job.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs (39) BROWN BROTHERS ASPHALT CNC TODD WEDDELL – Todd stated he worked with Eric Caplan and he did a good job.


El Paso, TX

El Paso (12) T-DYNE CONTRACTORS LLC GILBERT RAMOS – Gilbert was pleased with this experience. Gilbert stated that this technicians, Ismel Quiroz and Mike Barnett are awesome. Ismel and Mike are very professional and know what they are doing. Ismel and Mike are very courteous. Gilbert said he has no suggestions for Wagner Equipment Co regarding field service because everything went smoothly. Gilbert said the staff is trained for this work.

El Paso (12) MERIDIAN CONTRACTING LLC JEFF JONES – Jeff stated that they were here when they said they would be, got the job done on a reasonable amount of time, and the technician, Rick Rodriquez was pretty knowledgable and helpful. Jeff said Rick probably deserves a raise.

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins – Wagner Rents (0005) THE LAWNRIGHT RAYMOND WRIGHT – Raymond stated that this was his first time renting from Wagner Rents, and that he was very impressed by how accommodating and prompt they were.

Gypsum, CO

Grand Junction (02) MARTIN CONSTRUCTION CO INC RUSS MARTIN − Russ said Wagner Equipment Co. sent him a good mechanic named Ricky Eads who did everything well.

Grand Junction (02) FORTUNE REVENUE SILVER MINES SHAWNA CLUBB − Shawna stated that the sales representative, Mike Petross, was very informative, has great customer service, and provides her with information quickly.

Hayden, CO

Hayden (04) BLUE MTN ENERGY INC MARTY BLUE MTN – Marty stated Charles Forrest was very helpful and eager to help in any way he could.

Hobbs, NM

Hobbs (13) NMR PIPELINE LLC ROD MURPHY − Rod stated that there is a new guy from up north that works will call., Chase Johnson. Chase was on the case and wanted to give him a thumbs up.

Hobbs (13) KODIAK GAS SERVICES LLC Jon Adams − Jon stated Kathryn Sloan does an awesome job, but she is overwhelmed and could use extra help.

Pueblo, CO

Pueblo (03) HARSCO METALS BRANDON HEADRICK − Brandon said the technician, Brett Williams, is very, very knowledgable and got the repair done quickly. Brandon was worried it would take awhile to get his parts but it did not take as long as he expected and he wanted to give credit to Raquel Hernandez and Dave McCaslin for that.

Pueblo (03) CRIPPLE CRK VICTOR GOLD MIN WENDY CONLEY − Wendy stated that Raquel Hernandez is fantastic.

Pueblo (03) ABSMEIER LANDSCAPING CONST STEVE HOWES − Steve said Shane Irving is a good hand. Shane has always come through for him big time. Shane ought have a raise. Steve said he always asks for Shane when he calls. Shane is knowledgeable and helpful and willing to deal.

Silverthorne, CO

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) HIGHLAND GALLOWAY INVSMT INC – DAVID ALLEN David stated their parts specialist, Jeremy Flower is extremely helpful and they are easy to deal with.

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) A-PEAK INC – JOE QUARANTILLO Joe stated he was able to give Jeremy Flower a call and he made sure they had everything he needed in stock.

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) DENVER WATER BOARD – RICK GEISE Rick stated he was very impressed with everyone. Rick stated everyone was positive, up beat, and in good moods. Rick stated he was impressed with the availability of the equipment, as it was very short notice. Rick stated they even got a brand new piece of equipment and it was perfect. Lastly, Rick added the equipment was delivered and picked up in a timely fashion. He stated he was extremely impressed.

Silverthorne – Wagner Rents (0015) SUMMIT COUNTY ROAD BRIDGE – CASEY SHROEDER Casey stated Joe Kallis has gone above and beyond with customer service.

Steamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat – Wagner Rents (0013) ALLTERRAIN EXCAVATING EARL BUTLER − Earl stated that he personally is not a fan of CAT equipment, however, he has been so impressed with Wagner Equipment Co. over the years, that his company will be switching all of his equipment over to CAT equipment exclusively because of how great Wagner Equipment Co. has been..

Technology Products

Tech Products (97) JOYNER KEENY PLLC STEVE WOLFE − Steve stated he has dealt with Farshad Behbahani for many years, he does good work and will communicate any issues he finds. Steve stated he trusts that him and that the work will be done right.

Tech Products (97) WESTERN FUELS-COLORADO TOM FRY − Tom stated that the tech, Chris Gress , that comes out is very knowledgeable and was glad to get the job done.

Tech Products (97) DUNRITE EXCAVATION JESSE WEST − Jesse stated that everyone over at Sitech Rocky Mountain from the ground up, from Steve Meitler to Luke Klausner to Clayton Phillips are great guys. Jesse stated that they are great because they call and text.

Windsor, CO

Windsor (09) KIEWIT INFR 103174 DENISE WOODARD − Denise said that the staff in the parts department is very knowledgeable. She also said that they go above and beyond, and their communication is excellent. Denise also said that Therron Carlson is very good and that he is excellent at emailing her back promptly.

Windsor (09) MORGAN COUNTY JIM MENROE − Jim stated he likes Dave Goddard because he is a good guy, a hard worker, Dave keeps his word and the turns everything around in a timely manner.

Windsor (09) EAGLE ROCK RANCH DAVE GOTTENBERG − Dave stated they have a great response and great service. Dave said they are a long way away and it’s huge to find someone to come up there to them. Dave said they will come to them and they also do a great job.

2nd Steel Used Parts

2nd Steel (98) E C BASSETT CONSTRUCTION GENE BASSETT − Gene stated that Carlos Gallegos did a great job and was able to get things done.
2nd Steel (98) NEW MEXICO TRAVERTINE DAVE HULL − Dave stated that Carlos Gallegos is really in the ball. He does a great job.