Read customer testimonials and find out why Wagner Equipment Co., Wagner Rents, The Cat Rental Store and 2ndSteel Used Parts are trusted by customers throughout our territory and beyond.

Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) SET INC JOHN THOMAS John stated that he liked Joel Crews, the technician. John said that Joel did an amazing job and explained everything well. John stated that Joel was personable and did quality work. John said that Joel took the time to call him with updates on his machine, even when he was off on vacation.

Albuquerque (10) MATTHEW VIGIL Matt said the lady he dealt with, Sue Van Natta, was super nice. Matt mentioned that Sue got everything done on time and communicated well.

Albuquerque (10) CLARIANT CORPORATION LORRIE CORDOV Lorrie said Dave worked with the technician, Emilio Lujan, from Wagner Equipment. Dave shared that Emilio was awesome. Dave said that Emilio was patient and explained well what was going on with the repair and why the repairs needed to be done. Thanks to Emilio’s communication, Dave was able explain the repairs and cost to his company with confidence.

Albuquerque (10) PACHECO CONSTRUCTION TRUCK JOSH PACHECO RS/SVN Josh stated that Sue Van Natta, from Wagner Equipment, is very nice and did a great job making his reservation and following up with him.

Aurora – Power Systems (05) KOMPTECH AMERICA LLC CHAD LOMELI Chad said he has worked with Connie Pizzitola at Wagner Equipment. Chad shared Connie helps him out a lot with extended warranties. Chad says Wagner Equipment is his go-to equipment dealer in Colorado.

Aurora (00) JOSEPH BURNS JOSEPH BURNS Joseph stated that Kevin Boggs, his sales person, did a great job.

Aurora (00) CHATO’S CONCRETE LLC VICTOR VILLALOBOS Victor stated that his sales representative, Brad Burris, is great to work with. Victor shared that Brad made the process easy as he just told him what he wanted and he was able to get him the equipment to meet his needs.

Aurora (00) JBS PIPELINE CONTRACTOR THOMAS LYNCH Thomas stated that Dave Pennetta and Rick Bendt do an excellent job. Thomas shared that Dave and Rick always go out of their way to help him.  Thomas stated that he sometimes needs parts for antiquated equipment and they help him find what he needs every time.

Aurora (00) BRANDON COOK BRANDON COOK Brandon stated that the purchase process was really easy. Brandon really liked being able to communicate with his salesman, John Rowe over email, and to be able to conveniently sign with DocuSign. Brandon stated that working with John was great.

Aurora (00) JACOBO ARAGON JAKE ARAGON Jake stated that Eugene Mora was really friendly and ready to help him get the machine that he liked.

Aurora (00) GALLARDO DEVELOPMENT SELENA GALLARDO Issac said Eugene Mora, the salesman, did a good job.

Bloomfield (11) NORTHERN NAVAJO MEDICAL CTR JONAH SHORTY Jonah said Bill Burtis did an outstanding job.

Carbondale – Wagner Rents (0008 CENTIMARK CORPORATION DENNIS DAVIS Dennis stated that Carrie Washburn has great customer service skills. Dennis shared that a problem he had was fixed immediately so that the transaction was smooth.

Carbondale – Wagner Rents (0008) CUC CONSTRUCTION JAVIER HIRTADO Javier stated that this technician, Gary Dowd, was good and got the machine is working again.

Carlsbad – Wagner Rents (0028) TAFT CONSTRUCTION WAYNE TAFT Wayne said sales representative, Mike Wiggins at Wagner Rents, did a great job. Wayne shared that Mike got the equipment to him on time and the equipment was nice.

Commerce City – Wagner Rents (0012) HOOPER CORPORATION STEVE GRANDE Steve stated that when he dropped off the machine, the employees at Wagner Rents were nice. Steve said the staff worked hard to get his machine in and out as fast as possible.

Denver – Wagner Rents (0004)  DEHAVEN PAINTING INC VENTURA TANOR Ventura said Wagner Rents is very efficient. Ventura shared Wagner Rents staff provide great customer service, meet his demands, and get the equipment out within a few hours.

Durango (01) MAGNUM CONSTRUCTION INC RICHARD MCCDONALD Richard said the service manager at Wagner Equipment, Greg Moore, is good at his job. Richard said that Greg always has his representatives get out to him quickly and that they are reliable.

El Paso (12) AL LOPEZ AL LOPEZ  Al said he’s been taking his trucks to Wagner Equipment since 1970. Al shared he won’t let anyone else touch his trucks. Al said they’re fantastic and the shop manager, Casey Preece, is a heck of a nice guy.”

Grand Junction (02) JP TRUCKING INC JP PONCE J.P. said Randy Spencer was awesome. J.P.  said Randy was helpful and willing to go the extra mile for him. J.P. said Randy Spencer and John Reiter were helpful throughout the whole project.

Hobbs (13) ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORP TOM DOUDNA Tom stated that he likes that Chris Middletown is a good salesman. Tom says that Chris follows up with them often. Tom added that the pricing at Wagner Equipment is good. Tom feels Chris always treats him fairly.

Las Cruces – Wagner Rents (0021) WAGNER CASH/RENTAL SERVICES PATRICK BROWN Patrick stated that he likes the Las Cruces location. Patrick shared that Helen VanHorn does a good job getting him the parts that he needs when he needs them.

Pueblo – Wagner Rents (0002) A R CONSTRUCTION LLC MARK BREGAR Mark said, “I use Wagner Rents a lot and they always do us right.” Mark shared that both Mary Santistevan and Shane Irving in the parts department do a good job.

Pueblo (03) AAA EXPRESS INC AL JR Al said they’re personable and treat you well; you’re not just another number to them.

Pueblo (03) ARKANSAS RIVER POWER AUTH JW stated that any questions the technicians, Mike Henderson and Russell Montgomery, had or if they needed to show him anything, they were right on the phone with him. JW stated that the technicians were knowledgeable in what they were doing. JW says Mike and Russell did the work quickly and everything went nice and smooth. JW shared that the technicians brought what he needed and it was a good service experience.

2nd Steel (98) CLAYSTONE CONSTRUCTION INC MICHAEL COLM Michael stated that the parts representatives, Paul White and Shawn Searls, are both helpful and their communication is awesome.