Read customer testimonials and find out why Wagner Equipment Co., Wagner Rents The Cat Rental Store, and 2ndSteel Used Parts is trusted by customers throughout our territory and beyond.

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) E N M R TELEPHONE CORP RONNIE TROLLINGER – Ronnie stated that the field service has improved greatly from last year and he has no complaints. Ronnie stated that the technician, Todd Anderson, was knowledgeable, cleaned up after the service and he communicated well. Ronnie stated that it was very refreshing to see a technician be that thorough.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) HEI ELECTRIC RONNEY SLUGA – Ronney stated that the staff is a very professional group, that are easy to work with.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) WELLS FARGO CPG AP HERMAN SANCHEZ – Herman stated that Todd Anderson really does a good job for him.

Albuquerque – Power Systems (15) FLOYD’S YARD FLOYD DURAN – Floyd said Wayne Zirpel did a good job and treated him well and like a customer wants to be treated.

Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) RICH DURAN PLBG  HEAT SYS MARK LALONDE – Mark stated that the technician, Joel Crews, was super. Mark stated that Joel communicates with him well.

Albuquerque – Wagner Rents (0016) ENTERPRISE BUILDERS CORP DARREN LEWIS – Darren states that his salesman, Justin Van Natta does a very good job for him. Darren said that Justin is prompt with quotes and making sure that the delivery of his rentals get to him on the date promised.

Albuquerque (10) VULCAN MATERIALS CO CARY KAYLOR – Cary said Bob Souba the service manager was easy to deal with and the technician, Mason Buckland that Bob sent out was comprehensive and able to get the repairs done with no issues.

Albuquerque (10) BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT BOBBY MONTOYA – Bobby stated that the staff was friendly, the customer service was great, the staff let him know the status of the repair and what needed to be repaired.

Aurora, CO

Aurora – Power Systems (05) VERIZON WIRELESS RAY PETREE – Ray said that the sales representative, Don Armijo, is very accomodating and takes care of them very well.

Aurora (00) KGC LLC GARY KOPHLER – Gary stated that he received great service from Colton Walters.

Aurora (00) HARLEY TROYER HARLEY TROYER – Harley said everyone was friendly the moment he walked in the door and spoke with Sophia Sullivan. Harley said the good feeling he had when he walked inside was the one reason he decided to purchase the equipment. Harley said the Sales Representative, Clyde Refvem, was helpful and outgoing. Harley said he was very impressed with how Clyde Refvem conducted himself and his knowledge. Harley said Clyde’s outgoing personality was helpful.

Aurora (00) REPUBLIC SERVICES INC JEREMY GROVES – Jeremy was pleased with this experience. Jeremy said that Steve Aberle and the other representatives here are all really good guys to work with; they are responsive, listen to your needs, if you have a rush need they try to do the best they can for you. Jeremy also said it is easy to schedule service here because he can make a call and talk with Craig Sauer or Steve Aberle immediately and they have no problem getting back to him quickly with the scheduled date, they don’t lag about it.

Aurora (00) THE FARMERS RESERVOIR AND TOM SHUPMAN – Tom stated that he received good service from Dave Gildea.

Aurora (00) GO BLUE CONSTRUCTION LLC STEVE ARNOLD – Steve said his representative, Joe Kallis worked with him and helped coordinate everything. Steve said Joe showed up on site to work with him.

Aurora (00) RAI INC ERIC CURRY – Eric stated he called Kurt Garbin at 1:00 in the morning and he answered his phone. Eric stated Rich Hay, Kurt Garbin and Mike Bailey did a four hour course with him twice. Eric commented that Kurt Garbin and all of the other boys at Wagner Rents go above and beyond. Eric said when you call your representative at 10:30-11:00 at night to get answers and he is willing to meet you in town to go over that, that is going above and beyond.

Aurora (00) FLATIRON CONSTRUCTORS INC JEREMY BRESINA – Jeremy stated that it was easy working with Wagner Equipment. Jeremy said Wagner got it in a very timely manner and always has good equipment. Jeremy says he runs almost exclusively just through Jim Thompkins because he does an outstanding job.

Carbondale, CO

Carbondale – Wagner Rents (0008) HARRIMAN CONSTRUCTION INC KEVIN HEINEKEN – Kevin said he likes the manager, Christopher Spence and Pete Markowitch that does the service.

Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad – Wagner Rents (0028) B B WELDING INC BRUCE CHITWOOD – Bruce said the Wagner Equipment representative Mike Wiggins was amazing.
Carlsbad (14) INTREPID POTASH NM LLC DENISE VAUGHT – Denise said she gets quick responses from Wagner Equipmemt Co. Denise said they worked with Debbie Jensen who is responsive, on top of everything and takes care of them.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs (39) PAONIA INC DAVID SPARKS – David stated Kristin Farley was great.
Colorado Springs (39) KIEWIT INFR 103364 GORDAN CUNNINGHAM – Gordon stated that Dale Boyd, the technician, came out the day before the appointment to make sure that he knew what he needed to bring with him; he added that he always does a good job.

Durango, CO

Durango (01) C J GRAVEL PRODUCTS JOHN DOSCH – John provided additional service feedback. John stated that he hasn’t dealt with Wagner Equipment’s service department much, but in the instances that he has, they have been been “on top of it” and very prudent. Including a current item he has spoken with the service manager, Darin Sanders, who is going to come out to help with the matter in the near future.

Durango (01) WEEMINUCHE CONST JED TALLENT – Darin Sanders did his best to do what was promised.

El Paso, TX

El Paso (12) ZUNI ELECTRIC INC ALLAN BELL – Allan stated that the Wagner Equipment sales representative, Eugene Mora was very helpful and identified what parts were needed for the equipment.

El Paso (12) GAIL SURRATT FARMS INC JIM SURRATT – Jim said Wagner Equipment was prompt, explained what they were doing and went beyond what they had to do. Jim said they took an oil sample and tested it to give him peace of mind on his engine. Jim said the technician, Michael Barnett had everything down 100%.

El Paso (12) TRI-STATE ELECTRIC CO RALPH LOPEZ RAFA – Ralph stated Wagner Equipment parts department is good with having the information on machines and helping him find parts. Ralph said no matter who he talks to in the parts department, Wagner Equipment’s staff is knowledgeable.

Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins – Wagner Rents (0005) INTERSTATE ELECTRICAL DICK GUTRUE – Dick said Wagner Rents shop manager, Dwight Perrin, called all the time with updates and communication on the equipment.

Grand Junction, CO

Grand Junction – Wagner Rents (0011) ESCO CONST CO MIKE STRADTMAN – Mike stated that the staff was efficient and stayed on top of things. Mike stated that the staff overall performed well.

Grand Junction (02) CHARLES NICHOLS III CHUCK NICHOLS – Chuck said that the field service sent his best technician, Ricky Eads. Chuck said he did a good job.

Grand Junction (02) ZAP ENTERPRISES LONNIE STREETER – Lonnie stated that his salesman, Kevin Boggs took care of him.

Grand Junction (02) HEYL CONSTRUCTION INC ROB DIAMBROSIO – Rob said he goes to all locations and Grand Junction is the most knowledgable. Rob said Mike Petross does a good job there.

Grand Junction (02) CRESTED BUTTE LLC JIM BECK – Jim stated that Chance Wittfang does a really good job for him. Jim stated that Chance is very thorough and knowledgeable when it comes to this certain engine.

Grand Junction (02) SPEAR R LAND LIVESTOCK LLC DAN BOLTON – Dan said Kevin Boggs, Mike Lawson and Steve Bayles in service were all were excellent and took care of him 100%. Dan also said that they did a great job with everything. Dan also said that the Caterpillar corporation in conjunction with Wagner Equipment’s service department and the sales representative Kevin Boggs, did an exemplary job and worked with him perfectly while fixing his problem. Dan said he is very satisfied.

Gypsum, CO

Hayden (04) BLUE MTN ENERGY INC MARTY BLUE MTN – Marty stated Charles Forrest was very helpful and eager to help in any way he could.

Technology Products

Tech Products (97) GREAT LAKES ENVIRON  INFRAS SAM LIDINGTON – Sam said the SITECH parts guy Steve Meitler is knowledgable, friendly and talked him through what he needed.  Sam said Steve took him back and showed him around.  Sam said Steve was thorough. Sam said he was referred to SITECH from another engineer and they immediately recognized the issue.  Sam could not think of anything to improve upon.

Windsor, CO

Windsor (09) HEAT WAVES HOT OIL SVC BRYAN KRAISINGER – Bryan stated that he was very happy with Mike Stutz and Tyler Manzanares as they went above and beyond to make sure his equipment was serviced.