Agriculture Equipment Spotlight

Wagner Equipment: CAT and Beyond

Wagner Equipment takes pride in the quality new and used CAT products that we provide to the Colorado Front Rage, New Mexico, and Western Texas — but our services don’t stop there! Construction provision is just one facet of Wagner’s vision for serving our area. We offer a wide scope of agriculture equipment for sale and for rent, including hay equipment, harvesters, tillers, tractors, and more! We’d like to spotlight some of the quality products that Wagner Equipment can provide for you and your agricultural business. If you have any questions about products that are not mentioned here, please contact us right away, and we will have an answer and a solution for every agriculture need!

Agricultural Equipment Brands

Wagner Equipment believes in providing only the highest quality brands and products to our customers. While perusing our catalogue of available agriculture equipment, you’ll find brands like AGCO, Challenger, RoGator, TerraGator, DARF, Massey Ferguson, RhinoAG, and Trimble. We’ve partnered with all of these brands to provide you with the best agricultural opportunities possible. Following are just a few examples of what you can find through Wagner Equipment.


Wagner is proud to provide the Gleaner S-Series Combine, sometimes called the “Super Series.” Gleaner is a product of the AGCO line of harvesters. This top-of-the-line model outperforms its predecessor, all without increasing the machine weight, and increasing fuel economy, drastically reducing the fuel consumption per bushel harvested. This harvester features a rear-mounted engine for ease of accessibility and maintenance, and greater operator support with decreased noise and vibration during operation than previous models. 

Combine Header Options

Wagner offers several different options for combine headers, providing you with the most effective harvesting options for your operation. Choose from products like the Gleaner GL9255 DynaFlex draper, which features a fully flexible, cab-controller cutter bar, Gleaner 8200 Series flex headers that provide two different sickle options, and the Gleaner GL3300 Series for the easiest corn harvesting you’ve ever experienced. Click here to learn more about our combine header options available!

Midrange Tractors

Through our partnership with several quality brands, Wagner Equipment is able to provide you and your farming or ranching operation with a variety of tractor options. Large or compact, there is a tractor available to fit your needs! Both Challenger and Massey Ferguson brands deliver quality results. Choose from tractors like the following: 

Challenger MT400E Series

This tractor is like a ranch ninja. Its focus is on performance and versatility, being able to tackle almost any job you can imagine with superior maneuverability. There are several configuration options available, which you can view right here. If you have any questions regarding configuration, don’t hesitate to ask our professional team at Wagner Equipment!

Massey Ferguson 1700 Series Premium Compact Series

When it comes to utilizing a compact-sized tractor for your farming and ranching needs, this line from Massey Ferguson is the best in its class. You will not find a better performing tractor of this size when it comes to power, comfort, ease of use, and control. Click right here to view the different models and specifications available.

Tillage Tractors

When it comes to tilling, Wagner knows that Challenger is king. We provide Challenger tillage tractors that are unmatched in power, durability, and comfort. Take a look at some of the models that are available to you from Wagner Equipment:

Challenger MT800E

This is the series of tillage tractor that Challenger is most known for. This series features high horsepower and versatility. These models can be configured to match the task at hand, like row-crop work or pulling large tillage tools or air seeding units. A few minutes in one of these models will let you know why this is the piece of equipment that Challenger takes so much pride in, and why we make it available to you!

Challenger MT900E

This is one of the most powerful and rugged articulated 4-wheel drive tillage tractors available today. This series features horsepower ranging from 500-600HP, packing enough power to subdue any field. Click here to learn more about our Challenger tillage tractors! If you’d like to see what’s next for Challenger, check out this feature on the new Challenger 1000 line!


Row Crop Tractors

Challenger provides the best all-purpose tractors for everyday challenges on your farm or ranch. Wagner believes in the quality of these tractors, and knows that Challenger delivers the best in power, technology, and versatility to handle any job. 

Challenger MT600E

This series of tractor is unbeatable at combining money-saving fuel economy with superior power and strength. These models are equipped with AGCO Power engines that operate with high precision and performance, allowing for variable speed controls, and for the optimization of power output and fuel efficiency. 

Sub-Compact, Compact, and Utility Tractors

Massey Ferguson has been able to pack a lot of punch into small packages with their line of sub-compact, compact, and utility tractors. Even smaller jobs need to be done correctly and with the best available equipment, which is why Wagner Equipment is happy to provide Massey Ferguson models like these: 

Massey Ferguson GC1700 Sub-Compact Series

The ease of operation and performance of this tiny titan is unmatched by any other brand. Enjoy plenty of power, and the convenience of easy to attach and remove implements. This is one of the best problem-solving pieces of equipment you can have on-hand. 

Massey Ferguson MF1526 Compact Series

Make your job easier with this model from Massey Ferguson. It is ideal for handling jobs quickly and effectively, such as loader work, mowing fields, removing snow, tilling, post hole digging, and more! Check out our lineup of Massey Ferguson compact tractors here.

Hay Equipment

When it’s time to harvest, Wagner Equipment has you covered. When you’re ready to harvest your fields, we’re ready to provide you with the best equipment for the job. Check out these rugged and reliable options available from Challenger: 

Challenger Windrowers

The Challenger WR9800 Series is the latest offering from Challenger Windrower models. This new series offers previously unavailable levels of speed, power, and performance. These models can reach road speeds of up to 24.5mph, making the travel time between fields that much shorter. You can also make use of the electro-hydraulic steering system, which provides extra ease and less strain on the operator.

Challenger Round and Square Balers

Wagner Equipment can provide your farm with the baling equipment you need from Challenger. The Challenger 2900 series offers the easiest round-bale creation in the business, available in auto-tie or auto-cycle modes that automate the entire baling process from start to finish. Challenger provides both large and small square balers with the 2200 Series and the 1800 series, respectively. These square balers are also capable of automating the entire baling process, making your operation more efficient than you thought possible!

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We’re proud to offer Colorado, New Mexico, and West Texas all of the agricultural equipment required to get the job done right. Contact us today with any other questions you have about what we provide, or with assistance in determining what equipment is right for you and your business. We only covered a portion of equipment that is available to you, and we’d love to discuss solutions for any of your needs! We can’t wait to hear from you!