How CAT Is Creating Opportunities for America’s Heroes

CAT is an industry leader in innovating new technologies for the construction workforce. In today’s post, Wagner Equipment would like to spotlight a particular story that has us excited about the future of CAT and their products, and why we believe in them so much.

Heroic Partnership

Recently, CAT has partnered with a non-profit organization called “Segs4Vets.” This organization provides Segways and ALLY mobility chairs, a modified version of the traditional Segway for individuals who have lost part of their legs above the knee, to men and women of the American armed forces that have been disabled during their time serving our country. In addition to their desire to provide a means of mobility, they also endeavor to help veterans gain independence and the ability to re-enter the workforce in ways that simply were not possible a few years ago. CAT and Segs4Vets teamed up and are working on something truly game-changing for the future, allowing disabled heroes the chance to operate and participate in the construction work force like never before.

CAT Command For Dozing

What was once science fiction has become science fact. Segs4Vets and CAT have developed a new product that allows for disabled operators to remotely control construction equipment. The program is called CAT Command for Dozing, and currently utilizes a CAT D8T model. During the initial testing, disabled veterans were able to demo the technology from a Fabick Cat dealership in St. Louis, Missouri, while controlling the dozer in Arizona. While the system also works locally (where the operator could be on the work site, working in line-of-sight with the dozer) this system also performed well from several states away. The possibilities that this opens up for job opportunities for disabled veterans is incredible! 

Overall, the testing phase was a success, and the demo process helped CAT, Segs4Vets and Fabick CAT to identify ways in which the system can be improved and eventually implemented in the workforce. 

Future Potential

It seems like CAT Command for Dozing is just the beginning of the vision that CAT and partners like Segs4Vets have in mind for the future. Imagine the possibilities available when the right person for the job might just be across the country, using technology to work at any location! There are already planned applications for drilling, hauling, and loading operations. CAT has been committed to staying at the front line of technology for construction equipment, and if there are ways to implement new technologies while also honoring the heroes of our nation, CAT will continue to strive for that excellence. 

If you would like to find out more about non-profits like Segs4Vets, visit their website here. The organization has provided over 2,000 mobility solutions to American armed service veterans, and continues their mission to help veterans achieve their goals. 

We’d also like to invite you to watch this short video where you can see the CAT Command system in action!

Thank you for taking the time to read about the exciting technologies that CAT and their partners have planned for the future!