VisionLink Unified Suite

Top 10 (or so) benefits of VisionLink Unified Suite

In the coming weeks, a number of new VisionLink Unified Suite applications will be available to our users. These applications will eventually completely replace our old VisionLink Legacy application. For loyal Wagner Equipment customers who are wondering, “why the change?”  Please see the following benefits of VisiionLink Unified Suite:

  1. Configurable Dashboards: Set up the dashboards the way you want – providing a quick, graphic display of the information that is important to you and only you.
  2. Mobile Friendly: All the VisionLink Unified Suite applications are responsively designed to adjust the application layout to best fit your device screen size, allowing mobile users on smart phones or tablets to have all the same features and functionality as those on laptops or desktops. No more desktop envy.
  3. Faster Load Times: A lot of behind-the-scenes “magic” has gone into speeding up the VisionLink Unified Suite applications. Loading a list of assets and information is dramatically faster for users looking at more than 50 assets. Don’t believe us? Try it and see.
  4. Less Is More: Instead of wading through all the Big Data provided by your CAT machines, go into the various apps that we have designed for specific roles such as Fleet Managers, Service Managers, Production Managers or Landfill Managers to see just the information that is important to you for your day-to-day activities. Less is more – more focused, that is.
  5. Log on Once: Log in to VisionLink Unified Suite and you can bounce back and forth between our various apps as needed, and thanks to Single Sign On (SSO) technology, there is no need to log in again and again. Whether you use your email address or a special login from a manufacturer such as Cat, it’s once and done.
  6. New Configurable Notifications: Get an email or a text message when certain situations occur. Instead of just getting alerts/notifications for fault codes, now you can get notified when assets exceed a certain idle percentage or have less than a specified amount of fuel. You choose what’s important to you and how you want to be notified.
  7. Configurable Tables: Make those data tables yours. Choose which data elements you see, drag and drop the columns in the order you want, and even change the column width. It’s like a spreadsheet without all the crazy formulas.
  8. Improved Reporting: Instant or scheduled reports are now available for any view you can set up on screen. Configure your dashboard or the table view of a list of assets and then choose to have that view sent to you as a report every Monday at 8 am, or whatever. Reporting flexibility at its finest, without being too hard to figure out.
  9. Manage by Exception: Spend some time setting up your scheduled reports and notifications, and all of a sudden you don’t need to log into VisionLink each day. VisionLink Unified Suite will send information to you automatically, letting you focus on your business and telling you when things need your attention.
  10. Any Color, Any Brand, One Place: With AEMP 1.2/2.0 support, you now can see all your construction equipment within VisionLink Unified Suite no matter the equipment brand. No need to bounce between different applications for each brand; see it all here and get things done faster.
  11. Use the Back and Forward Buttons without Fear: In VisionLink Legacy, using the Back button on your internet browser was a sure fire way to get logged out, even when you didn’t want to. With the VisionLink Unified Suite apps, the Back and Forward buttons do exactly what you would expect them to…. take you back one page or forward. Little things are so important.
  12. Better Search & Filter: Wow! Autocomplete search fields and a long list of new filters to quickly get you looking at the assets that matter. It’s never been easier to find what you are looking for.
  13. Custom Asset Status & Notes: Users can mark an asset as In Maintenance, Available or In Transit, instead of just depending on whether the telematics device is reporting or not. And now users can add a note tied to an asset that all other users in their account can see.
  14. Set a Target: Want to see if all assets are staying below or above a certain target? Now you can do it. As an example set a load count target of 10 loads each day and quickly see which trucks and loaders are meeting or exceeding that target. The future is here!

Give VisionLink Unified Suite a try and you’ll be hooked. Hooked on better performance, improved features,more configurability and the easy-to-use interface. We are betting that if you give it a couple of days, you won’t go back to VisionLink Legacy again. Be sure to reach out to us at Wagner Equipment, the top CAT supplier in Colorado, if you have any questions or would like some more information about our CAT machines and parts!