Should You Buy Used or Rent From Wagner Equipment?

Consider What You Need.

Wagner Equipment is able to provide solutions for any of your construction and worksite needs. Let us briefly describe the benefits to either option available to you from one of our several locations across Colorado, New Mexico and Western Texas. If you’re not sure whether buying a quality CAT product or renting for a set period of time is the right choice, read on, and let us bring you peace of mind. There is a solution for you.

You Have a Continuous Need.

There are situations where renting a piece of equipment over and over again may not be as cost-effective as purchasing a quality used CAT machine from Wagner Equipment. All of the pieces of CAT equipment in our inventory undergo a rigorous testing program of up to 140 points of inspection, and each one is Used CAT Certified (CCU.) We will not sell you a used piece of equipment that we do not believe in, and you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product. In fact, we guarantee it. Watch this short video to learn more about the testing process.

Our fleet has the answer for every project. We have aerial lifts, air compressors, pavers, backhoe loaders, compactors, dozers, excavators, forestry equipment, light towers, pumps, and so much more. If CAT is on the machine, we have it, and it can be at your constant disposal when you buy used from Wagner Equipment.
When a one-time fix is not what you need, but that perfect piece of equipment to get the job done again and again, consider buying from our extensive catalogue of used CAT machines. View our used inventory here.

You Need a Fix Immediately.

If you encounter a situation in a construction project that you are not currently equipped to handle, or the equipment you do own suddenly goes on holiday, Wagner is available to offer assistance. No matter the duration of your project, we have a rental schedule that will work for you. Just need an attachment for a day? Done. What about an excavator for a week-long dig? Not a problem. Need a backhoe loader for a month of getting dirty? We’ve got your back.

There isn’t anything that we’re not equipped to handle when you’re in a pinch. Rent from our extensive fleet of aerial equipment, concrete equipment, earthmovers, power generators, pumps, roadwork equipment, trucks and attachments. You may not need an auger attachment every day, but you can rent one for a fraction of the cost of owning it. 

We Have Your Solution All Along the Front Range.

Wagner Equipment has 27 locations, from Northern Colorado, Central and Southern New Mexico, and West Texas. We are ready and able to provide you with the equipment that you need for years to come, or for the week ahead. Come see us today or browse our online inventory and let Wagner Equipment be the solution to all of your construction needs.

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