CAT Heavy Equipment Explained (Part 1 of 3)

Heavy Caterpillar Equipment For Every Job

Caterpillar (CAT) equipment has over 300 machines created to the highest industry standards to help you get the biggest jobs done right. Sometimes a big job requires some heavy artillery, and CAT has the highest quality heavy equipment to handle whatever you can throw at them. Wagner Equipment can provide you with the following machines and more, so you can get your project accomplished! Contact us today to get started on buying or renting CAT equipment. In this first of three parts, we’ll explain the function and utility of excavators, backhoe loaders, draglines, and dozers. 


CAT excavators are the work-horse of the construction industry. As the name suggests, their primary function is the excavation of earth and terrain, but their use does not stop there. The multi-functionality of these CAT heavy machines includes heavy lifting, demolition, and even river dredging. CAT excavators are set apart from the competition by their ease of operation, their highest standard of durability, and their implementation of the latest safety technology on the market. The scope of our excavators ranges from the 300.9D Mini Hydraulic Excavator up to the 390F L Hydraulic Excavator, with 524 horsepower and weighing in at over 190,000 lbs. Big or small, a CAT excavator is a must-have for any construction project. 

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders are Wagner Equipment’s speciality, whether you are looking to rent or buy one of these heavy machines. As the name suggests, this heavy CAT machine is configured with the hoe articulation in the back of the unit, with a loading bucket situation at the front. The multifunctionality of this equipment is just as diverse and useful as an excavator. A backhoe can excavate terrain easily below the machine level, as well as be paramount in other digging, trenching, back-filling, and handling materials. CAT backhoe loaders are available with digging depths between 14’ and 17.2’ and range in horsepower from 68 HP to 131 HP. Equipment specialists at Wager Equipment can recommend the proper backhoe loader for your construction needs. 


If an excavator is the workhorse of the construction site, then the dozer is the battle axe. These tried and true Caterpillar heavy equipment units have endless utility in almost any construction job. The level of precision that comes with CAT dozers is unmatched in the field. Wagner Equipment can provide you with buying or renting options for any operation, from mining jobs, to finishing terrain, to the all-around functionality available with a CAT dozer. There are over two dozen options of dozer available from Wagner Equipment, and we’re available to help you make the right choice for any job.

Wagner Equipment Is Here For You

We’re proud to serve the Colorado Front Range, New Mexico, and West Texas by providing quality CAT equipment, both new and used. We encourage you to continue reading the next two parts of this exploration of the heavy CAT equipment available to you and welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you and helping you succeed!