CAT Heavy Equipment Explained (Part 3 of 3)

Heavy Caterpillar Equipment For Every Job

Caterpillar (CAT) equipment has over 300 machines created to the highest industry standards to help you get the biggest jobs done right. Sometimes a big job requires some heavy artillery, and CAT has the highest quality heavy equipment to handle whatever you can throw at them. Wagner Equipment can provide you with the following machines and more, so you can get your project accomplished! Contact us today to get started on buying or renting CAT equipment. In this first of three parts, we’ll explain the function and utility of compactors, telehandlers, feller bunchers, articulated dump trucks, and drills.


The necessary follow-up equipment to an asphalt paver is a heavy CAT compactor. Wagner provides the Front Range with over 30 models of CAT compactors! These compactors, or rollers as they are often called, are required to compact materials like asphalt or soil to the ground. Different models of compactor are effective for different jobs. Depending on what needs to be compacted, such as shallow layers of soil or asphalt, different models of roller are recommended. Speak with our expert CAT team here are Wagner Equipment, and we’ll recommend the proper compactor/roller for your jobsite.


Telehandlers can provide your construction job with unmatched verticality. Telehandlers utilize a long mechanical boom that can extend and retract, making it possible to easily transport materials vertically. CAT telehandlers provide you with superior design and features, including the best overall visibility, lift capability, and reach distance. There is a variety of utility available in the attachments that connect to the boom, like forklifts, buckets, and more. Wagner provides both new and used opportunities for these Caterpillar heavy equipment products, which you can view here.

Feller Bunchers

If you encounter a worksite that is in need of having large trees cleared before construction can begin, then you need to explore the CAT options that Wagner Equipment can provide you with feller bunchers. These heavy machines are tree cutters capable of removing tree growth easily and effectively. These machines will elevate the safety level of your worksite since they are able to grab and cut trees without having them fall, and are then able to grab several trees at once and relocate them to their desired destination. This functionality will make the tasks for loaders and dump trucks much easier to manage. View Wagner’s selection of quality CAT feller bunchers, and feel free to ask our experts which model is right for your worksite.

Articulated Dump Trucks

We’ve covered the workhorse and the battle axe of the worksite with excavators and dozers, and now we come to the pack mule. CAT provides heavy dump truck options that are essential to the smooth operation of any construction job. Wagner can provide you with a variety of CAT dump trucks with differing power and hauling capacities. When materials need to be moved around a site en masse, having a powerful, reliable, and capable articulated dump truck is a requirement. View Wagner’s selection of new and used options here.


CAT heavy drills are available in six models and are capable of handling many different drilling scenarios. Wagner can provide you with CAT drilling options, including drills of up to 75,000 kg bit load. These models are efficient, productive, and are of a low cost to you. As is expected of CAT heavy equipment, the safety features and accessibility of these drills are second to none in the business. When you need a drill, come to Wagner, and let our CAT specialists recommend the right model for you and your construction project.   

Wagner Equipment Is Here For You

Wagner Equipment is proud to serve the Colorado Front Range, New Mexico, and West Texas by providing the highest quality heavy CAT equipment, both new and used. We would like to sincerely thank you for reading this exploration of the heavy CAT equipment available to you! You are more than welcome  to contact us with any questions you may have and to explore the many other pieces of CAT equipment that we offer. Our experts are willing and able to recommend the best course of action for your project. We look forward to working with you and helping you and your business succeed!