Cat Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Seats

Seats can be an often overlooked Cat part for your heavy equipment. After all, what most people focus on is the work that your heavy machinery does over anything else. You invested in a piece of heavy equipment so that you could accomplish part of your job, be it construction, demolition, forestry, mining, and the like. However, your seat is important since the operator can sit here for hours at a time working, so it should be comfortable.

Wagner Equipment Co is an authorized Caterpillar dealer that offers the best in new, used, and rental heavy equipment. We also offer Cat attachments so that your heavy equipment can do more tasks easier. We offer machine control systems so you can maximize your operating time. And we offer a full-service Cat parts store and service at all of our Cat dealer locations, including Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We’ve been helping homeowners accomplish their DIY projects and business owners improve their communities. Below, we’ll go over some of the options we offer to make your Cat seats a bit more comfortable for your operators, as well as help ensure ergonomics. Contact a local Cat dealer near you to get started today!




Beyond just being a place to rest the arms, the armrest should put your body in a great position ergonomically so that the elbows and shoulders stay in a neutral position. When the shoulders are neutral, they stay relaxed and don’t tense up, which can lead to neck pain. Caterpillar makes many different types of armrests, so you can find the perfect one for you. Try our 489-9354: Armrest Assembly (RH), which features a vinyl covering and is easy to adjust to ensure proper ergonomics. These are easy to clean when they get dusty from your work, and the perfect width as well. If you are looking for extra padding, try our 126-7264: Cushion Assembly-Arm (RH) that features a bit more cushion for added comfort.


Speaking of cushions, it’s also important that your body be supported while you are operating heavy equipment. All of Caterpillar’s seats for heavy equipment take ergonomics into consideration. Our 467-4669: Kit Cushion is no exception. This Cat part features a shock-absorbing suspension system to when the operator is traversing rough terrain, they will feel minimal bumping and knocking. Fully adjustable, this Cat seat has hand and foot controls, comfort, protection, and style while you work. This Cat parts kit contains everything you need, such as tubes, clips, and mounting hardware for easy assembly. Or, try our classic 154-8712: Kit-Cushion in black that looks sharp in all of our Cat heavy equipment.


While operating a skid loader, backhoe, telehandler, front end loader, and more, you want to be comfortable. Suspension seats help ensure the operator is not jostled around constantly. We offer the Caterpillar parts to help you do just that. Our 154-8278: Spring-Return is a durable steel torsion spring that will repair any slide rail mechanism that is not working that will allow the fore and aft movement of all Cat seat suspension assemblies. Our 154-4812: Shock Absorber also helps to repair any malfunctioning mechanisms so that your Cat seats will ride as smooth as silk.

Seat Belts


Seat belts are super important when operating heavy equipment, especially in rough, hilly terrain where the machine works repeatedly on inclines. That being said, since Cat machines last so long, their seat belt mechanisms can wear out, requiring a Cat part replacement. No worries because we’ve got your needs covered. Our 156-1145 Belt Assembly-Seat is a retractable lap belt that comes with the mounting hardware so you can easily replace the old seat belt. Seat belts are in all operator cabs, and help to ensure safety and help with jostling as well. Caterpillar’s 8Y-4032: Belt Assembly-Seat is another great seat belt alternative for when you Cat machine’s seat belts are giving way.




In the 21st century, we live in luxury compared to 100 years ago and in absolute extravagance compared to 1,000 years ago. However, our lifestyles entail
a lot of sitting, which our bodies were just not designed to do. As such, we have to design our seats to meet our needs, which is where ergonomics comes into play.

Caterpillar has been an early adopter of ergonomic seating. We understand that operators of our heavy equipment have a hard job. Not only do they have to concentrate on the task at hand to ensure safety and that the job gets done right, but they have to do so sitting for hours on end. Ergonomic seats help to take the pressure off the lower back and neck, put the arms and feet in the right spots, and help with hand positioning so that a minimal toll is taken upon your body. Caterpillar wants to ensure you can drive your heavy machinery just as good as you can on Day 10,000 as you can on Day 1.

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As part of creating machinery that will last, we offer our Cats Parts Stores at every Cat dealer. This enables you to get the spare Cat parts that you need when you need them. In addition, we offer our Cat parts online that you can shop anytime, as well as our Cat Reman and Wagner Exchange Program that allows you to trade in your old Cat parts for remanufactured parts. This can save you a bundle, plus it comes with a great warranty by Caterpillar. In addition, we have 235 field service technicians who are ready to serve you wherever you need. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all of your heavy equipment needs. Our exceptional customer service associates can answer all of your questions.

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