Wagner Caterpillar Equipment: Industries & Solutions, Part Three

Finally, we have arrived at the conclusion of our three-part series dedicated to highlighting how CAT equipment sustains a wide range of industries and applications thereof. We’d encourage you to go back and read parts one and two if you find the time, but for the purposes of today’s blog we will provide you with a brief summary of what we’ve covered.

The Reader’s Digest version of parts one and two are that Wagner Equipment Co., your premier CAT equipment dealer in Colorado, far west Texas, and New Mexico, is proud to be a supplier of Caterpillar. CAT machinery and equipment has been around for over 80 years now, and that near century’s worth of experience has contributed to their (and, by extension, our) success.

No matter the industry being discussed, you can count on CAT machinery to be reliable, long-lasting, intuitive, and efficient in a range of ways. In parts one and two, we discussed how Wagner CAT and Caterpillar equipment work to enhance contractors and organizations from the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Defense
  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Scrap Recycling
  • Power Generation
  • Forestry
  • Milling
  • Government
  • Industrial Power
  • Landscaping
  • Marine
  • Material handling
  • Mining
  • OEM solutions
  • Oil & Gas
  • Paving

Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of today’s blog, we’d like to remind our readers that we at Wagner Equipment Co. hang our hats on our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. For us, that means we take the time to discover what you and your project require prior to our recommending a certain solution or machine. We take the time to investigate so that you are assured to get the right solution for your project.

That’s just one of the ways we showcase ourselves as the top Caterpillar equipment dealer in New Mexico, Colorado, and beyond!

Pipeline Solutions

Pipeline contractors simply have to have productivity. And not just any productivity either — reliable productivity is the operative adjective here. Perhaps more than any other related field, pipeline contractors must adhere to a laundry list of safety and environmental requirements.

This is a good thing, to be clear, as it ensures the safety of your employees and the surrounding environment, but it nevertheless necessitates that you need your machinery to be as reliable as there is.

Caterpillar Global Pipeline offers a variety of solutions for folks in the pipeline construction industry. Caterpillar Global Pipeline has worked tightly with CAT equipment to bring about PipeLine Machinery International, or PLM. PLM and their dealer network (that’s us!) work in tandem to provide specialized solutions for their customer base, providing solutions that include:

  • Specialized pipeline products which are available as short-term rentals on a global scale
  • Developed business processes which streamline the cyclical needs of the pipeline industry
  • A consistent approach between selling and servicing CAT pipeline equipment dealers

Said Caterpillar VP Steve Gosselin regarding our pipeline industry solutions, “With this approach, Caterpillar is enhancing its distribution network and global support, using our best in class global dealer network to provide a higher level of service to the customers in this unique market.

From dozers and pipelayers to gas generator sets and motor graders, CAT equipment has the equipment you need with the customer support you deserve!

Energy Supply

When it comes to CAT supporting the energy industry, flexible power is the name of the game. Caterpillar electric power translates to reliable and versatile energy supply here in 2019, just like it always has. For instance, when there are concerns about the energy gap caused by renewable energy sources like wind and photovoltaic, CAT generator sets close such concerns with dependable power storage.

With short ramp-up times, rapid maintenance times, and conservative operating costs, customers can rely on CAT in terms of product and service. What’s more, we offer solutions that are specialized to environmental conditions found around the world. We combine heat/cool and power solutions so that customers can optimize their efficiency while outputting low emissions across the board. In this way we support sustainable yet profitable energy production.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we failed to highlight how our self-generated power solution saved a whopping $3.5 million at the Endurance Facility. But what is even more impressive than that is how the same facility now produces roughly one half of the carbonemssions and one third of the nitrous oxide emissions of the decommissioned coal-based power plant. This goes a long way toward helping Caterpillar achieve their company goals of reducing carbon emissions.

We at Wagner Equipment Co. are proud of CAT’s dedication to providing environmentally-friendly equipment, energy, and machinery!

Quarry, Aggregates, & Cement

Got a quarry operation? You guessed it — CAT can help! CAT Aggregates Equipment line offers machinery that includes off-highway trucks, excavators, dozers, pit loaders, front shovels, yard loaders, generator sets, engines, articulated trucks, and more.

Our equipment has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to work with aggregate types that include stone, gravel, and sand, among other materials. Our quarry and aggregate equipment includes:

  • Drilling, blasting, and ripping equipment
  • Stripping machines
  • Loading equipment
  • Load-out machinery
  • Hauling equipment

Keep in mind that Wagner Equipment Co. offers financing and insurance options to help make sure you get the best financial solution tailored for your organizational or personal needs.

Snow & Ice Removal

Moving right along, Caterpillar provides reliable equipment and machinery for snow and ice removal. You need to keep your business running the whole year round, and we get that. That is precisely why we offer a range of solutions for ice and snow removal with specialized attachments for the landscape you are addressing.

With compact track loaders, skid steer loaders, compact wheel loaders, and small wheel loaders, we have the machinery you need to get the job done efficiently. What’s more, we now offer a new, 2-year machine standard warranty for the machines listed above (in the USA and Canada).

So whether you need to remove snow from parking lots or keep your walkway clear of ice, CAT equipment has the machines that help you affordably and efficiently get the job done!

Technology – Cat® Connect

Cat® Connect Technology and Services is best described as the digital fabric which connects fleets, jobsites, and people with the information and resources they need to get the job done. It’s genuinely remarkable just how much data can be generated on a single jobsite — assuming you have the framework to collect such data.

To us, data is the key to helping contractors and crews work “smarter, not harder”, in a sense. Cat® Connect affords decision-makers the ability to turn this data into something understandable and actionable. In this way, using refined, real-time data helps change business for the better.

Learn more about how you can increase productivity, identify inefficiencies, and make your business more profitable using Cat® Connect.

Waste Industry

The final industry we’d like to highlight in today’s blog is everyone’s favorite — that of the waste industry. More seriously, it’s an industry which requires refined, specialized equipment that won’t let you down. This is because landfills and waste transfer stations are busy and often chaotic places. What’s more, there’s plenty to contend with from a safety perspective. With unstable underfoot conditions, harsh atmospheric environments, and a fast-paced work setting, you and your crew can’t afford to use equipment that might let you down.

If you need waste compactors that won’t let you down, turn to CAT. for over 45 years now, CAT landfill compactors have led the industry in durable performance. Check out our K Series models if you and your organization are looking for cutting-edge efficiency and operation.


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