Industrial Uses of a Generator

As a business, you rely on electricity for your everyday needs, from charging power tools, cell phones, and computers to making sure the lights in your building are on. When the power goes out, most of your work and processes stop, except what battery power you have stored. While battery power will get through the short-term, you still may need electrical power in the long-term. And if you work on a job site that is far from electricity, you will need some way to generate power for lights, power tools, and your portable office space.

Wagner Equipment Co specializes in the sale and rental of heavy equipment and electric power generators for your needs. Whether you need a power generator for your construction site, special event, crusher operations, utilities, or your oil and gas drill site, we’ve got your Caterpillar generator needs covered. You can rent or purchase an electric generator from us, and we service generators as well. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the industrial uses power generators serve. Contact our Cat dealer today to get started!



If you’re driving on the highway at night and you see nighttime construction carrying on, odds are, they are using huge lighting systems. These lighting systems run off power generators for their electrical power supply. If you have a portable office space, an electrical generator will be needed to provide power for lighting, computers, fax machines, refrigerators, and for heating and cooling needs in that space. If you have any kind of machinery on your job site that requires a pump, say you are pumping water out of a pond, you’ll need a power generator. Hand tools need to be charged regularly, and often, if they are used frequently. These include drills, saws, compressors, air hammers, and more.

Not only do these heavy duty commercial generators provide you with power when you need it while working off the grid, but commercial electrical generators keep you and your team safe. Can you imagine if in the middle of an important task, you lost power and your machinery just stopped working, such as a power tool? You need to ensure all pieces of heavy equipment and supporting equipment is in top working order when on site in order to keep everyone safe from harm.

Wagner Equipment Co offers generator rentals of all sizes in order to meet your needs. We offer diesel generators sets, gas generators sets, and mobile generator sets. We offer a DG300 GS (3 Phase) generator that features 60Hz, 300 ekW, and is EPA certified for stationary emergency applications, as well as many other generator sets to meet your needs. From a microgrid and mobile generator set to switchgear and paralleling controls, we’ve got your generator needs covered. Our Caterpillar generators have been providing proven power needs for decades. Call us today to see why!

In addition, we offer towable generators from 20 ekW to 350 ekW, containerized generators from 500 ekW to 910 ekw, and sing unit power with ranges up to 2000kW for large demands. When you need power, Caterpillar’s commercial and industrial generators are up to the task. Our friendly staff can help you find the perfect Caterpillar generator rental for you. Call one of our Cat dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas today!

Oil & Gas

If you’ve been in the oil and gas industry, you know that most oil and gas pockets seem to be in the middle of nowhere. Yet, drilling for oil involves a lot of service industries and can be months to drill a new well from scratch. Thus, most oil and gas companies set up operations for the long haul, including having a trailer and a generator for power. Oil and gas wells also run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning having electricity to power lights is imperative to maintaining drilling operations and staying on schedule. Basically, if you are drilling, you need a generator rental or purchase from Wagner Equipment Co.

Wagner Equipment also specializes in offering oil and gas Cat engines that will help you turn the bit or run the hoist. Any demanding job you have, Cat has the heavy equipment rental you need, from preparing the drill site with a front end loader to hauling the dirt away in one of our diesel pickup rentals. Check out our Cat drilling machines today!

Our power system generators are known for getting the job done. These huge pieces of heavy equipment are reliable, durable, long-lasting, and dependable. We serve Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas with the best Caterpillar diesel and natural gas engines for electrical generation and power generation equipment. We also rent mist pumps, boosters, and foam units for oil field use, as well as air compressors. Wagner Equipment Co aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your oil field heavy equipment and power generator system needs. Call today to learn more!

Power Plants and Energy-Generating Systems

It’s strange to think of a place that generates electrical power as a place that may need backup when it comes to energy needs. However, this is indeed the case. While your power station generates power for your use, it also generates power for its use in terms of powering its heavy equipment machinery to produce that power. As ironic as it is to think about, it’s imperative that those who produce power for others also have a contingency plan in case their power systems go down.

When the wind doesn’t blow, your wind farm may have to rely on a backup generator to power its needs when the windmill blades stop turning. When the sun isn’t shining, many solar power plants have gensets to meet their needs. While both of these systems do store excess power when their power systems are working, there are times when this runs out or there isn’t any from high demand for energy elsewhere. Nuclear power plants and other renewable energy facilities have backup power systems as well.

Wagner Equipment Co is there for all energy companies’ needs. Our power systems are capable of supplying large-scale power and electrical needs. We offer both new and used generators for sale, as well as generator rentals for your convenience. Also, most of our generator rentals offer fuel flexibility, meaning you can use heavy fuel, diesel fuel, or even crude if need be while out in the field. Our power generator systems meet all EPA regulations in terms of emissions. In addition, we offer custom generator solutions for your specific needs. All of our Cat engines, Caterpillar generators, enclosures, controls, radiators, and transmissions can be custom designed for you. Reach out to your local Cat dealer store in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas for more information!


No one likes a cold, stormy night where the thunder rolls and the lightning zaps too close for comfort. It can be downright scary, especially if hail decides to join in the fray. It is on these nights that we hunker down in our beds and wait for it to pass. It is also on these stormy nights when the power can go out — and stay out for a while until the power company can determine the source of the outage. And if you’re a health care facility, you can’t go without power.

Almost all healthcare facilities have some sort of backup generator for their use. After all, there are hundreds of machines, from ventilators to heart monitoring systems that patients cannot afford to go down. In addition, if you are offering a field hospital, such as in a natural disaster situation, our emergency response energy systems can be transported to a remote location for your medical power needs. No matter what your power generator needs, Caterpillar has a solution.

Wagner Equipment Co has designed critical life support power systems specific for the healthcare industry. Whether you’re a doctor or dentist’s office or a huge hospital, you need a system for backup electric generation for those stormy nights when the power does go out. We offer all size generators, from a Cat XQ2000 diesel genset that can provide 2 MW of power to a Cat G3516H that uses natural gas to provide power. When you call us, we can help you assess your the needs of your healthcare facility and then match you up to the perfect healthcare backup power solution.

Hospitality & Tourism

As a tourist, you probably don’t think much beyond visiting a location, such as a zoo, a hotel, or a ski resort, and having a good time. As a tourist, you’re not supposed to. However, as a business owner, you do have to think about what to do in case the power goes off. A hotel, for example, has hundreds of rooms, all using electricity for heating, cooling, and personal care needs. A zoo has a lot of electrical needs, from the electric systems that keep the animals’ cages locked to the heat lamps that are incubating a rare species of birds’ eggs. Let’s face it, as much as we love to look at lions, no one really wants to meet one without bars separating us.

Backup power generators are the key to ensuring you don’t interrupt your guests’ vacation time and that you keep everyone safe as well, either from rampant lions or from extreme heat in the summer. Wagner Equipment Co offers many Caterpillar generator rental solutions for your specific needs. All of our electric power generators for sale or rent meet EPA requirements for emissions. Our rental generators are extremely easy to set up, run, and maintain. There’s a Cat power solution for any size of your building and for any application. From portable to stationary generators, our friendly staff can help you find a custom power generator solution for your business. We offer various types of generators with various fuel options.

Wagner Equipment Co understands how important your customers are, and if the power goes out without backup, you are sure to face some unhappy customers and negative reviews online, which can be hard to make up for. When you partner with us for all your generator rental needs in Colorado, west Texas, or New Mexico, you can rest assured that you are getting exceptional quality at an affordable price. Call your nearest Cat dealer today!


Wagner Equipment Co has years of experience offering the best heavy equipment and generator rentals for various businesses, including for the ones listed above. We can help you no matter what your needs, from having a small company gathering in a field for a weekend or a wedding, to needing longer-term power generation needs for your retail, food, or government business or service.

Since 1976, we’ve been helping supply Cat machines and equipment for your use, whether you are installing an indoor pool at your home and need a mini excavator for the weekend, or you are building a new hospital in your city and need help not only with a power generation system, but also help with heavy equipment rental needs. We prioritize customer service, creating custom solutions to meet your needs. Our Cat Rental Store helps supply your small equipment rental needs and our Cat Parts Store helps keep your Cat equipment running strong all year long.

In addition, we offer amazing technology solutions so you can maximize efficiencies while using your Cat rental equipment, such as our Cat SIS system, or our Cat Service Information System. Here, you can check on when your Cat part will be delivered, as well as access what heavy equipment the Cat dealer near you has for rent and for sale. You can view service manuals and tool guides, as well as instructions for assembly and disassembly of Cat equipment. We’ve done our best to implement technology to make using, renting, or owning Cat equipment easy.

Wagner Equipment Co aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your Cat equipment needs, from heavy equipment rental to Cat parts and service. In addition, our team of sales associates and customer service agents have a wide knowledge base they can share with you, whether you have a question on a piece of heavy equipment or you are just looking for recommendations as you begin your search for the right hand tools for your project. From forestry and mining to agriculture and construction, we can help. We also offer heavy equipment financing to help you get a running start on your small business. Check regularly for financing deals on various Caterpillar heavy equipment. Call your local Cat dealer today!