Machines Needed to Build a Barn

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It’s never too early to begin thinking about home improvement projects. From remodeling your bathroom to redoing your driveway, there are a myriad of projects that are calling for your time, attention, and resources.

Here at Wagner Equipment Co, we understand that it can be hard to narrow down which home improvement projects to embark upon. After all, each requires different materials and tools to get the job done, as well as a different skill set. However, we are of the mindset that no project is out of your abilities when you can rent CAT equipment from us. We offer up both new CAT equipment purchases or used CAT equipment rentals so you can accomplish all of those home improvement projects with ease. We serve Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas with CAT equipment at a location near you.

We will be embarking upon a blog series that will explain which CAT machine you will need to rent or purchase from us in order to accomplish certain residential or commercial home improvement projects. Visit us online to see all of our available CAT equipment today!


If you’re a farmer, then a barn (and most of the time, multiple barns) is almost indispensable to your operations. You either have animals that need a home, or you have farm tractors and such that need to be sheltered from the elements in order to increase their longevity and protect them from rust and grime. If you’re next property improvement project entails building a barn, then this is what you’ll need:

Skid Steer

A skidder is a small machine (relatively speaking, of course) that is great for moving dirt around and levelling out your foundation. Whether you intend to have a concrete floor or a dirt floor, you’ll need a level ground in order to build it. Wagner Rentals offers many different types of Skid Steers for you to choose from, and our expert CAT technicians can help you choose which CAT equipment rental you will need. Our 226D Skid Steer Loader has a radial lift design that allows for a great reach and excellent digging performance. Or, choose our 272D2 XHP Skid Steer – 2015, Tier 4 Final, NACD2, EU, ANZ, which features a high output hydraulic system that is great for lifting, digging, truck loading, and material hauling — all of which you need for building a barn.

The great thing about the Skid Steer is that it is so versatile, you can use it around your farm year-round. It can haul your cows’ hay during the winter, move materials around your farm, or help you build a wind block. Wagner Rental highly recommends that you consider purchasing one of these machines for your farm, instead of renting. Or, try out a rental and then see if that is the machine for you. Because of the versatility and popularity of Skid Steers, they often show up on our CAT used equipment page. Visit today, and find a CAT heavy equipment deal!


Wagner Rentals notes that while many people think of CAT rental stores as places where you can rent CAT heavy equipment, we also rent hand tools as well. After all, heavy equipment can’t complete the whole job for you. You may need a drill for various applications in your barn-building project. We offer our MD6640 Rotary Drill that allows for maximum operator productivity and features a simple hydraulics system for ease of use. You will probably need these drills if you are drilling holes in concrete, such as the new concrete floor you just laid. It makes sense just to purchase one of these from Wagner Equipment Co because if you do a lot of projects, you will most definitely need it again. However, we rent these as well.


If you’ve done many a home improvement project, then you know a saw is not just a saw. You’ll need a saw to cut through lumber and perfect the length of your beams for building the frame of your barn. While there are many smaller hand saws that can get the job done right, Wagner Rentals offers our CAT SW345B saws that are more for industrial use, but you could rent one to get your job done super quickly with crisp, clean results. In addition, we sell and rent Husqvarna saws that would be more suited to what you are looking for. Ultimately, when you are putting together the tools for your barn build, give Wagner Rentals Co a call. We can tell you exactly what we have and offer recommendations for you based on the scope of your project. Our CAT parts dealers are super friendly and want to help you with all of your home improvement projects.

The Basics

Beyond a Skid Steer, a drill, and a saw, you’ll obviously need nails and roofing material. But if you are looking for a simple barn, then the three tools mentioned above will most definitely get you the barn you are needing for your farm.



Often, when you embark upon a building project, you are unsure what you need. This results in multiple trips in and out of town to the hardware store, the home improvement store, and others in order to find all of the parts that you need. Wagner Equipment Co, the best Caterpillar dealer for Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas, has gathered all of the essentials here so your barn building project does not experience any unnecessary delays. After all, if you have livestock that needs sheltering and winter is coming, or the rainy season is about to hit and your equipment is lying out in the elements, time can be of the essence when it comes to building projects.

Wagner Rentals Co is sure to have a location near you for all of your CAT equipment rental needs and hand tool needs. Visit a store, or give us a call today!


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