Machines Needed to Build a Commercial Building, Part 1

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It seems like every day a new building is being erected in your town, whether it’s a bank or a shopping mall. You notice various pieces of heavy duty equipment at various stages of the construction phase, all working hard to get the building completed and open for business. Sometimes, it seems like it’s a miniature army needed to get the project done.

Wagner Equipment Co helps customers in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas with the best new, used, and rental CAT equipment. From backhoe loaders and dozers to tillage tractors and hay rakes and mowers, we’ve got your every construction, demolition, forestry, mining, agricultural, and DIY needs covered. Our Wagner parts store supplies parts for your CAT equipment, our Wagner Rental Store helps with smaller tools needed in industrial and DIY jobs, and our field service technicians repair your CAT machines when needed. Below, we’ll go over the machines you’ll need to build a commercial building. Contact us today for all of your CAT equipment needs!


Constructing a building is not as easy as just finding a piece of land and starting to frame. Nowadays, a lot of planning and preparation has to take place, which can take weeks, months, or longer before construction actually begins. In this analysis, we’ll start with the construction phase.


We’re going to use excavation here to encompass the entire site preparation, even though more processes are involved, which we’ll dive into. Once the design phase is done, construction begins, and excavation is the first phase. The first determination is if the building will have a basement. If so, then an excavator is used. An excavator is a huge digging machine that works very similarly to your shovel you had as a kid when you dug in the dirt, only on a much grander scale.  Excavators dig trenches, holes, and foundations of homes and commercial buildings. Excavators have a “house” where the operator sits who then controls the bucket and the arm. The machine is usually on tracks, making it easier to move over dirt piles, and it swivels, so the excavator can easily scoop up dirt and move it some place else. An excavator makes digging almost effortless, and due to the wide needs of the industry, there are many types of excavators available, such as crawler, dragline excavator, suction excavator, skid steer, and long reach excavators. In the construction of a commercial building, a traditional excavator will be what we will need.

Our 303.5E2 CR Hydraulic Excavator offers a redesigned operator station, enhanced digital control panel specifically designed for CAT mini-excavators, and Caterpillar’s new High Definition Hydraulic (HDH) system. Caterpillar has worked diligently in improving all of our CAT equipment’s maneuverability, comfort, and performance, which we believe shows as we continue to be the industry leader in many of our heavy duty machines. We offer excavators in all sizes, from mini up to large. We’ve recently added in our Frontless Excavator line, which allows you to custom order an excavator to fit your exact needs. 

Whether or not you are digging out a basement, you will definitely have to dig out a foundation for the materials to have a good solid base to sit on. An excavator can make building both foundations and basements a breeze. These powerful machines can get the work done in a day or less, depending upon the project. Browse our dozens of excavators today!


Now that your basement and/or foundation is dug, we’re ready to move onto grading. However, unlike grading in a commercial road or highway project, most of the time, you won’t see a grader unless a huge swath of land is being graded. Instead, you will most likely see a smaller piece of multi-functional CAT equipment known as a skid steer loader.

One of the most important pieces of heavy duty equipment ever invented, this machine first made its appearance in 1957, invented by a pair of brothers for a local turkey farmer. This piece of machinery acquired the name Bobcat after a skid steer loader was released in 1963 with that name. Still the most common name and brand associated with the skid steer, CAT Skid Steer Loaders are designed for performance, versatility, comfort, and ease of use. Caterpillar aims to make the skid steer loader as user-friendly as possible, with easy-to-learn controls and maneuverability so that if you rent one, you will be able to step into it with ease with no previous experience.

Skid steers come with a front loader, but the loader can be detached and almost any of our CAT hydraulic accessories can be added on, such as a drill, a digger, or a claw. This machine can push, pull, lift, carry, excavate, demo, develop sites, and grade. For our uses today, we’re going to be using the skid steer to grade your commercial building site. You’ll want something smaller and more maneuverable to be able to get into tight corners and get close to the commercial building. You can use this machine all throughout the entire construction phase after grading, including helping with the final landscaping design.

Wagner Equipment Co has over a dozen different types of skid steer loaders of varying sizes to meet your needs. Our 236D Skid Steer Loader is one of our smaller versions, but it still packs a punch. Made for maneuverability, this CAT machine features a radial lift design, an impressive mid-lift reach, and superb digging performance with outstanding drawbar power. Skid steer loaders are some of our most popular CAT equipment, and we offer great financing for them. These heavy duty machines are usually the first machine a new construction, landscaping, demolition, or other business buys due to their amazing abilities. Browse our selection today!

Trucks and Trailers

We’ve seen this need in almost every construction project we’ve covered so far in this building machine series. A good truck and trailer is a must for any construction project. Both are much more valuable than a skid steer, mainly because of their road capabilities. In a pickup truck, you’ll need something with a large bed to haul materials in, from hand tools to simple supplies, such as nails. For this commercial building project job, you’ll need a good, deep trailer in order to haul away the dug-up dirt. However, if you purchase a piece of CAT equipment from us, you’ll need at some point a flat trailer in order to haul your CAT equipment from site to site.

Wagner Equipment Co has all of these needs met, with our superb offerings of each. We offer XL Specialized Trailers, Trail King, Load King, SmithCo, Clement, and Towmaster trailers. Our Load King trailer is just that — the king of loads. It’s built for hauling, with a steel bottom dump, rigid folding, detachable gooseneck heavy-haul trailer, and tag trailer. Useful for all construction jobs, demolition jobs, and the oil and gas industry, a great trailer will help you do your job more quickly and efficiently. Our Trail King trailers will haul all of your CAT equipment, with various sizes from 6,000 to 1 million pound capacities. Our heavy duty CT660 Vocational truck is designed for heavy-duty power, performance, and productivity. Ergonomically-designed to reduce driver fatigue, our trucks will haul loads back and forth all day long.



The construction industry is definitely not an industry for everyone. It involves long hours, hard work, working in inclement weather, dealing with the effects of inclement weather (can you say “mud pit” three times fast?), and having to organize the right equipment for the job. 

Wagner Equipment Co serves businesses and homeowners alike in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas with the best CAT equipment rentals. We also offer financing for those looking to purchase the best heavy-duty construction equipment around. But we don’t stop there. We have a vast network of CAT parts supply stores and CAT Rental stores to meet your needs. In addition, we have over 230 factory-trained CAT field service technicians that can help you with regular maintenance or any maintenance need on your CAT equipment rentals. We also offer training on our CAT equipment rentals for you or your staff in order to learn how to service your own CAT equipment.

When you partner with us for our technology solutions, we can monitor your CAT equipment rentals and tell you exactly how many hours you are using your heavy-duty machines and for what. This data will allow you to maximize your efficiencies and improve performance. In addition, we can now monitor your CAT equipment remotely, which will help tell you the condition of your CAT machines as well.

While we believe in maximizing technology wherever we can, we also believe in maintaining our core values of integrity, commitment, teamwork, safety, excellence, communication, and accountability. We strive every day to help make our customers’ lives a bit easier, not only through our amazing CAT equipment rentals, but also through our top-notch customer service. When you partner with us, your needs will be taken care of from the moment we greet you. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the customer service you receive, and if you’re not, we want to know about it. We are always striving for improvements in our processes.

Wagner Equipment Co cares about its customers. When your business is running smoothly, or your residential landscape job turned out much better than expected, it makes us smile. Visit us online today, or call us for our CAT equipment rentals today!