Machines Needed to Build a Commercial Building, Part 2

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There’s something about walking into a brand new building that is mesmerizing. The wood smell is reminiscent of a forest, the appliances sparkle, and the floors shine. Stepping into a new home is akin to stepping into a painting. Creating a space for a new business, a community center for people to come together, or a place of worship is a human achievement that should be appreciated by all.

Wagner Equipment Co is the best CAT equipment rental company in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. We supply new and used CAT equipment, as well as offer CAT rental equipment to businesses and homeowners who create buildings for others. We also offer CAT parts so when your CAT machines break down, you can fix them. We offer a CAT repair service, so when your CAT bulldozer or skid steer breaks down and you can’t fix it on your own, our field service technicians are there for you. We even offer 24-hour emergency repair services so you’re taken care of and your business has minimal down time. Below, we’ll go over the second part of our machines that you will need to build a beautiful commercial space for others to enjoy. Visit us online for our CAT used equipment availability, or call us today!


In our last blog post, we went over creating the foundations of a commercial building. We excavated, graded, and hauled away all of the materials. Now it’s time to begin framing.

Material Handlers

When framing, you’ll definitely need an extra pair of hands — in this case, an extra pair of claws. Caterpillar has various options that will work for your needs, mainly depending on the size and scope of the commercial building you are constructing. One option is a material handler, which transfers materials short distances. In essence, these machines are used for the movement, storage, control, and protection of materials, goods, and products. These heavy duty machines consist of an articulated arm with a claw on the end with a base that is on wheels. With an ergonomic operator station, an automatic engine speed control, engine idle shutdown, and heavy duty axles, this machine is sure to become one of your go-tos for all of your handling needs. Popular with the scrap metal industry, this CAT equipment rental machine is able to hand up any size of framing board you may need, as well as roofing material, hand tools, and other implements.

Our MH3022-2015, Tier 4 Final, NACD materials handler is extremely nimble. The carriage is designed to have minimal impact on the land around it, and the wheels allow you to easily move this piece of equipment when needed. Chock full of safety features, such as a signal/warning horn, main shut-off switch, parking brake, and rear and side angle cameras, this materials handler is sure to be a hit on your next commercial building job site. 

The previously mentioned Skid Steer Loader in part one of this blog series about building a commercial building can also hand up any materials you may need. You can purchase a work tool attachment from our CAT Rental stores to make this task easier. We offer a material handling attachment that is smaller to fit the skid steer’s side, a forks skid steer loader part, or a bucket.

Our line of telehandler CAT equipment rentals can help lift items up to you as well as you are building out the frame of your commercial building. These machines are incredibly agile and versatile, able to work in the toughest of field conditions. Joy-stick operated with a powertrain CAT Engine, auxiliary hydraulics for auxiliary attachments, and a CAT IT Coupler, our telehandlers are made strong and sturdy. For example, our TL1255C Telehandler is one of our mid-size options for your commercial building needs. The main advantage of a telehandler over a skid steer loader is its reach, which is perfect if you are building a multi-story building. You are able to pick items up directly from the truck and place them up on rooftops — something only cranes can usually do, which are usually too big and bulky for typical commercial building job sites. Browse our vast selection of different materials handler CAT machines today!

Hand Tools

After the framing is done, for the most part, your heavy equipment needs are done (except for when landscaping goes in). While Wagner Equipment Co does not deal in new hand tools, we do have quite a few useful hand tool items at our CAT Rental Stores and as used equipment that we see come in, from saws and chisels to floor polishers and drills. As our used equipment inventory is constantly changing, it’s best to call us ahead of time so we can check our inventory stocks before you make a special trip out. You can also browse both our Wagner Rental Store and our CAT used equipment items online today!

Utility Vehicle

If you rented or purchased our on-highway truck and trailer products, these machines are not ideal for zipping around the job site quickly, bringing work tools to the crews, or even hauling out a small item, such as an unwanted couch. They are bulky and meant to haul in and out much larger quantities of items. Thus, Wagner Equipment Co recommends that you take advantage of our CAT utility vehicles. These small, four-wheeling monsters are tough and reliable. They have four-wheel drive tires so you won’t get stuck, a nice rugged cargo area to haul all of your tools around in, a sway bar, and four wheel independent suspension system. CAT’s CUV102D features a three-cylinder diesel engine, a belt-driven CVT transmission, and a great instrument panel and gauge. 

When you are on a commercial building site, it’s nice to be able to hop in a utility vehicle, cart tools back and forth (as well as people), and be able to communicate efficiently in the hustle and bustle. A utility vehicle will make a great addition to any commercial building site. Browse our new CAT utility vehicles, or contact us today to see our used CAT equipment.



Wagner Equipment Co has a heart for small business owners. When we began over 100 years ago, we began as a tractor company, helping farmers get the equipment and tools they need to grow their crops, till the land, and put food on the table. Today, our mission is much the same, except we aim to help even more small businesses in industries such as mining, forestry, construction, demolition, and DIY businesses.

Our main business is providing new and used heavy duty CAT equipment. We buy, sell, and rent CAT equipment to business owners and homeowners who are looking to not only build commercial buildings, but also to improve their world around them. In recent years, we have embraced technology, seeing opportunities to offer even more value to our customers. We offer online access to your CAT account, where you can view your CAT rentals, invoices, and service agreements. We offer SITECH construction software solutions so that you can improve your operating efficiencies in your company. We also offer machine control systems as well, which can help you decrease product management time.

We can also monitor your CAT machine for you, including your fuel levels and usage, which can help us spot problems on your machinery before they become major. In our SOS Fluid Sampling service, we can test your machine’s oil, fuel, coolants, transmission, and hydraulic fluids to give you insight into your CAT machine’s operating state. In addition, we can test for debris, water, dirt, and other contaminants in your fluids that either can shorten the lifespan of your CAT equipment or can cause a breakdown and downtime for your company. This professional analysis is completed and returned within 24 to 72 hours.

Wagner Equipment Co offers financing on our CAT equipment. This helps you to own our top-notch CAT rental equipment so you can better serve your customers and grow your small business. We periodically offer great deals for our clients, such as 0% financing and no money down. If you find that you are frequently renting the same CAT equipment (new or used), purchasing through financing could be the way to go.

We care about helping you help others. Contact us today for all of your CAT equipment rental needs!