Machines Needed to Build a Golf Course, Part 1

wagner equipment co building a golf course

The sport of golf is one of the best sports to play. Not only do you get great exercise, walking from tee to tee, but it is a game of skill that honestly takes years to master. You would think a sport that just required a very small ball that was hit with a club wouldn’t be that hard. But ask any golfer and they will tell you how absolutely challenging it truly is.

Wagner Equipment Co is a Caterpillar dealer that offers the best in CAT equipment rental. We offer a wide range of the best CAT heavy duty equipment for your residential or commercial construction needs, from asphalt pavers and dozers to harvesters and motor graders. Our mission is to help you create a better world as you work to improve yours. In our on-going blog series of machines you will need to build various projects, today we’ll be looking at what machines you will need to build a golf course. Contact us today to get started!



Building a golf course takes a lot of planning. After all, if you had just a flat golf course, no one would play. You need interesting design elements with an uneven course, trees, ponds, and more in order to attract golfers. Plus, aesthetics play a huge role. Before the heavy duty construction begins, a solid plan needs to be put in place.

Once the design plan is approved, you’ll need to start by grading. While it may seem counter-intuitive, you really need to start with a flat surface (unless you are keeping some existing landscape elements) in order to design a golf course. It makes it incredibly easy then to create design elements once everything is even. A motor grader has a flat blade that makes dirt, gravel, and grass even. The idea of making flat surfaces has been in existence since humans first settled down into farming about 10,000 years ago. Graders, of course, were rudimentary, consisting of a sharp metal blade pulled by a horse or an ox. Modern motor graders are hard-core heavy machinery, with the metal blade usually in-between the wheels. The cab usually sits above the rear axles which have bigger tires than the front axle. Some motor graders feature front wheel drive, which can improve grading capabilities. Furthermore, many attachments are now sold as add-ons to motor graders that increases the already powerful capacity of this machine. Second blades are frequently added on the end, which turns motor graders into snow plows, which could be a great option for golf courses who do not have a lot of storing capacity. However, for the most part, a smaller snow plow for walkways is mostly what is needed on golf courses.

Wagner Equipment Co offers over a dozen types of motor graders for both purchase or rent to accommodate your golf course building needs. Our 120M2 motor grader is perfect for all projects that you will need a flat surface. Featuring the latest in technology, this CAT motor grader has our signature Cat® Messenger operator information system, electrical hydraulic valves, and Engine C7.1 with ACERT Technology. We also offer parts and service on all of our CAT equipment rentals and CAT machinery. Our field service technicians offer on-site repair services as well. Browse our motor graders today!


When building a golf course, you will need to dig up dirt and move it around in order to create your amazing landscape features. Depending on the scope of your project, you will need something to dig up the dirt. Wagner Equipment Co recommends our CAT excavators. This heavy duty piece of construction equipment consists of a boom, a dipper, and a bucket. This piece sits on a platform that rotates, making it easy to scoop out your dirt and either place it in a truck to be hauled off and placed, or to move to a pile nearby. These CAT excavators are great for digging ponds, or digging up dirt to move to create hills.

Wagner Equipment Co offers many types and sizes of excavators to suit your needs, including our 303.5E CR Hydraulic Excavator. This powerful machine is a workhorse that will dig toill its heart’s content. Featuring a compact radius design suited to working in tight spaces such as what a golf course design might entail, this Caterpillar excavator has great blades and swing. These are designed to be easy to operate yet have a maximum amount of digging force capabilities. With a long reach, all you’ll need is a truck and trailer (and we got those, too!). Browse our selection today!



Building a golf course is no easy feat. In fact, it’s a huge undertaking that involves a lot of moving parts. However, when you have all of the right equipment and tools, your job will run a lot smoother, you’ll experience a lot less breakdowns, and you’ll finish the project on time and on budget

Wagner Equipment Co is your go-to for all things heavy duty and CAT equipment needed. As a CAT dealer serving Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas, we have every piece of machinery you need to not only build a golf course, but to use in all of your construction and demolition projects. We offer financing that is affordable so you can begin today owning the equipment that will pay for itself with all of the work you are now able to do with it. Our used CAT equipment is some of the best deals around, and with a constantly changing inventory, you never know what gem you’ll find.

We utilized technology, as seen in our Equipment Management Solutions program, where we will help you maximize efficiencies in the use of your equipment. We can monitor your fuel usage with the tasks you are performing, as well as how your machinery is holding up in order to see where you can maximize costs. This will help you enhance production and increase safety. Our parts and service department is by far the best. We utilize our extensive network to have the CAT parts available when you need them, and our service department is dedicated to helping you get your CAT equipment rentals up and running as soons as possible to avoid any costly delays.

Building a golf course is exciting work, and the end product makes many people happy. CAT equipment gets the job done every time. Stop by the nearest Wagner Equipment Co in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas today!