Machines Needed to Build a Golf Course, Part 2

wagner equipment co machines needed to build golf course

Golf courses are some of the most beautiful man-made creations on earth. They can be works of art in their own right, except that these works of art are interactive, and you are able to enjoy them not possible with artwork that hangs on a wall. But while you are on a golf course, playing 18 holes, enjoying being outdoors and your friends, did you ever stop to think how a golf course is made?

Wagner Equipment Co is a Caterpillar dealer that serves Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas with the best CAT equipment, both new and used. We pride ourselves on bringing teamwork, excellence, and accountability to all that we do. Our mission is to help you beautify this world, as exhibited by beautiful golf courses around the world. In this second part of our how to build a golf course series, we’ll pick up right where we left off after having graded and excavated. Visit a nearby CAT parts store or online today!



For almost every type of home improvement or commercial project you undertake, you’ll need a good truck. Trucks are very useful for all types of work, from hauling objects and tools to and fro to carrying stuff away, which, in the case of building a golf course, would be a whole lot of dirt. For most golf course building, however, you are simply moving dirt from one location to another; you are not necessarily hauling dirt away per se. Thus, for this type of back and forth work, one of our Off-Highway Trucks is exactly what you need to speed work times and increase hauling efficiency. For example, the 770G Off-Highway Truck is rugged and simple to maintain. Featuring a seven-speed automatic powershift and a super comfortable interior, this truck will go all day long, and your drive won’t even want a break! With a directional shift management, downshift inhibitor, neutral start switch, and a reverse shift inhibitor, this off-road truck can be used for all of your construction needs.

If you have very specific needs, Caterpillar offers Bare Chassis as well that you can customize. The versatility of these machines is unrivaled, allowing you to customize with hoist cylinders. These machines are used in all applications, from construction and demolition to waste management and mining. You can work with your CAT dealer to determine exactly what you need. Golf course building can be pretty straight-forward, but if you are involved in a huge undertaking, it never hurts to talk to Wagner Equipment Co and find out your options. Get in touch with us today!


We’ve graded the land, dug up the dirt, and now have a vehicle to haul the dirt. However, you might need a bigger means of transport for the dirt in order to improve operating times and efficiency. Let’s face it, without a trailer, it would be exceedingly hard to move anything efficiently. You’d have to make multiple trips that would cost a lot of money, probably to the point you’d have to raise prices for your customers just to cover the additional fuel costs and man power involved.

Thus, Wagner Equipment Co offers the best in XL Specialized Trailers, Trail King, Load KIng, and more. Our trailers can be used to haul your CAT equipment around on the job site, or you can rent a SmithCo Side Dump Trailer that will easily move the dirt once it has been loaded to wherever you need it to be. Our CAT trailers will hook up easily to your or our trucks, and we can even show you how. Made for heavy hauling, our trailers partnered with a top-notch work truck will have your jobs running smoothly all day long.

Skid Steer

The last piece of heavy duty equipment you will most likely need to construct a golf course is a skid steer. It’s the final piece to the digging and moving puzzle that you need. One of the most versatile pieces of CAT equipment, a Skid Steer is able to take all of the dirt that you moved around and place it exactly how you want it. With its compact size and maneuverability, you’ll be able to quickly and easily finish out the major construction phase of the golf course and then be able to move onto the aesthetic phase.

It truly is amazing what you can get accomplished with a skid steer loader. A skid steer loader can accomplish all of the above tasks (such as grading, excavation, demolition, debris removal, hauling, dumping, and more), just on a smaller scale. However, the true strength of the skid steer lies in the fact that it is a jack of all trades on such a small scale. With various attachments, such as drills, it truly can do almost anything. For construction, especially golf courses, this small powerhouse can be truly worth its weight in gold.



As a construction business professional, odds are, you’ve worked with older or equipment that wasn’t maintained very well. You’ve probably experienced what it’s like to be in the middle of a construction job, such as golf course building, and your equipment breaks down. Not only does production halt, but you also now have to spend precious man hours getting the equipment back up and running so the job can continue. These delays are costly, and they can affect your reputation for getting the job done, which can affect your future.

When you partner with Wagner Equipment Co, those days are over. With our CAT equipment, you can rest assured that your jobs will go smoothly. As the best heavy duty construction equipment manufacturer, CAT equipment is built to last. While you may be thinking that all machinery breaks down, our top-notch field service technicians have got you covered. We offer on-site service and carry all of the latest parts so if you do need a quick fix, we’re there. Our CAT equipment rentals are all maintained, and we keep a detailed maintenance history on all of our heavy duty machines. Our mission is your mission — to keep your construction jobs running so you can continue to add value through your creations in this world.

Wagner Equipment Co offers both new and used CAT equipment, with a constantly-changing inventory of our used equipment. We offer financing on our CAT equipment so you can start earning money now and probably earn the payment money as you go along. We try to make it as easy as possible by taking care of the CAT equipment side of your business for you.

We offer truck service for our on-highway truckers at various locations across our service area. Here, we offer CAT truck engine service, bumper-to-bumper diesel truck repairs, trailer service, chassis dyno, an oil and fluids analysis lab, and CAT parts for your trucks. When you partner with Wagner Equipment Co, we see it as a partnership for the life of your machines, which starts when you rent or buy from us and continues. By keeping our heavy duty machinery going, we keep you going as well.

If you are looking to up your heavy-duty construction business game, then try our Wagner Training Institute. Not only do we provide training on operating and maintaining our huge CAT equipment, but we also offer safety and management training courses to keep you at the top of your game. In this day and age, one can never rest on their laurels with the constantly-changing technology. You have to keep improving to stay up with the competition and to innovate new methods for your clients. Our training institute offers hands-on experience with our CAT equipment and diagnostic practice so when something does breakdown, you can fix it right away quickly.

Wagner Equipment Co aims to be your one-stop-shop for all things CAT equipment and CAT equipment rentals related. Visit us online, or stop by one of our Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas shops today!