Machines Needed to Build a Road

wagner equipment co building a road

So you want to build a road.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? How hard can it be? You clear some land, flatten it out, and pour some concrete and/or asphalt. Simple DIY weekend project. But is it?

Wagner Equipment Co is the best CAT equipment rental and CAT parts dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. We offer both new and used heavy machinery for rent, as well as smaller machinery for DIY projects. From articulated trucks and cold planers to draglines and dozers, we have everything you need to get your project done right. We also offer CAT parts and service so we can keep your CAT equipment up and running. Below, we’ll go over what CAT equipment you’ll need to build a road. Contact us today!


Motor Grader

One of the first things you’ll need to do when constructing a road is to make it flat. A motor grader is a big piece of CAT machinery that will do just that. Wagner Equipment Co offers many different types of motor graders to suit your road-building needs. For example, our 120M2 AWD Motor Grader offers all of the latest in technology, such as Grade Control Ready, Joystick hydraulic power steering, and differential lock and unlock. This machine is meant for comfort and to grade all day long. It even has a tow hitch in case you or someone else gets stuck. As on all of our CAT equipment, we have parts and service available on this piece of equipment. Motor graders are fast and efficient at their jobs, and because they are so large, rocky or uneven surfaces are no match. You’ll see these guys on all major road improvement projects, including yours. Browse our motor graders today!

Road Rollers

Road rollers do just what their names say they do: they roll out roads. Once you have your surface all nice and flat, it’s time to pour concrete and or asphalt on the surface of your road. Our road rollers are very adept at their jobs, rolling out the asphalt to compact it. Most of these CAT equipment pieces have three wheels, two in the back and one in the front that is usually made of a harder metal. Some, however, only have two wheels — both made out of metal. Water is also needed during the rolling out process to make it go more smoothly. Wagner Equipment Co offers up CAT equipment road rollers for your specific needs. One type is our CB54 XW Tandem Vibratory Roller, which offers versatility, reliability, and, of course, support. It also features the vibratory systems and a very comfortable user experience. Browse our road rollers today!

Wheel Loader

Wheel loaders are another essential piece of CAT equipment needed in order to build a road. These heavy pieces of CAT equipment rentals are one of the most ubiquitous pieces of machinery you will see when building roads, mainly because they are so versatile. Wheel loaders (also called front loaders, skip loaders, or bucket loaders) are like a tractor, but their job is to move material from the ground and dump it into a dump truck to be hauled away. This material can include clay, soil, stones, rocks, and more. 

Wagner Equipment Co offers more than 20 different kinds of wheel loaders, so you are able to customize the machine you need to the scale, scope, and needs of your road construction project. They range in size from compact to large and midsize. We are proud to build the world’s largest wheel loader, the CAT 994F, and the most popular size, the 994K Wheel Loader. These machines are monsters, and they can handle any road construction project thrown their way. For building a residential road, we recommend you try our 903C Compact Wheel Loader, which is smaller and more maneuverable for your needs. Our selection is immense, so visit our site today to see all of our models, and reserve yours now!

A Dump Truck

You will definitely need some kind of pickup truck for hauling, and if your project is large, the bigger, the better. You’ll need a smaller pickup to haul your tools around, and maybe you’ll need to consider an Off-Highway Truck that is meant to carry large and heavy loads of building material away to another site. Our 770 Off-Highway Truck is small but can carry immense loads. Wagner Equipment Co also offers the best in On-Highway Trucks that can still carry heavy loads, but they can go a bit further than their off-road counterparts. Our CT660 On-Highway Truck is perfect for your smaller road construction projects. With a stellar chassis, Chalmers high articulation, adn heat-treated alloy steel frames, you can guarantee this truck will stand up to anything. Browse our trucks today!



Now that we’ve gone over the equipment you’ll need for your road-building project, you’re ready to get started. It may not have been as simple as you had imagined, but with the right equipment, you’ll be on your way to having a smooth road you can use for years to come.

Wagner Equipment, however, does much more than offer CAT equipment rentals. We offer a superior CAT parts store that will get you whatever you need to fix your CAT machine. We also offer over 200 field service technicians who can help you when your CAT equipment rental breaks down. 

Our mission is to help you create a better space by supplying you with the CAT equipment rental you need for DIY residential projects, office remodels, or full-scale industrial construction projects, such as building an office park or a parking garage. Any heavy piece of machinery you can imagine, we offer, from aerial work platforms and lifts to earthmoving equipment and bulldozers. No matter your industry, we have CAT equipment rentals for you. We offer equipment for the oil field, such as mist pumps, boosters, and foam units, and we offer Caterpillar generators, transformers, cables, and automatic transfer switches.

If you are interested in learning more about servicing CAT equipment, Wagner Training Institute offers service (technical), operator, gas engine, safety, staff, and management development training. We believe education makes you safer and more productive at work, which means you can get more jobs done and increase your profits by doing so.

The sky’s the limit here at Wagner Equipment. From new and used heavy machinery to everyday parts, such as air compressors, we can help. If you are in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas, give us a call today to rent CAT equipment!