Machines Needed to Landscape, Part 1

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The spring and summer beckon residential and commercial improvement projects, from remodeling your kitchen and bathroom to outdoor projects, such as adding in a new deck, pouring a concrete patio, or landscaping your home or office space.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best new and used CAT equipment for purchase or for rent in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas. From backhoe loaders and cold planers to electric rope shovels and feller bunchers, we’ve got all the heavy duty equipment you’ll need for all of your upcoming improvement projects. We also have an amazing CAT parts store and service department to keep your machinery running smoothly. Below, we’ll go over the equipment you’ll need to landscape your home or office space. Contact us today to get started!


Skid Steer Loaders

Wagner Equipment Co is a big fan of this comparatively small CAT machine. Skid steer loaders can accomplish a lot of work, they come with a wide-array of attachments, they are small and compact to fit in tight spots, and they can be used to help with almost any job. Skid steers can dig, load, grade, carry plants, dirt, mulch, gravel, and rock, and they can even carry your tools across the job site. Skid steers are perfect for most landscaping jobs, even the smaller ones. They can easily work around sidewalks or curbs, and they can travel over any surface, such as asphalt or pavement. They are great for residential or commercial projects, including home building. Plus, skid steer loaders are perfect for the beginner, most being joystick operated. This means you can rent one of these CAT machines for a weekend project quite easily without having to invest a lot of time in the learning process itself.

Wagner Equipment Co has almost a dozen different models and sizes of skid steer loaders to meet your needs. Our 226D Skid Steer Loader is our smallest model, able to fit in the tightestof spaces. It has a radial lift design and an impressive mid-lift reach for its size. Being extremely user-friendly, this CAT equipment rental has operator warning system indicators, a cabin designed with ergonomics in mind, rearview windows, adjustable joystick controls, and a backup alarm just to name a few of its offerings. This CAT machine is perfect for residential and commercial use.

Our biggest model, Cat® 272D2 XHP Skid Steer Loader, has a powerful engine, high output hydraulic systems, high lift forces and vertical lift and can take on any job you take on easily. Use for digging, loading, grading, trenching, moving, and hauling. We also offer a wide variety of tools for the skid steer loader should you want them, which can make this tiny powerhouse even mightier. Contact us today for CAT equipment rental availability, or to make a purchase.

Compact Track & Multi-Terrain Loaders

Compact Track and Multi-Terrain Loaders are basically skid steers but on tracks. They are great for many of the same functions, such as digging, loading, hauling, grading, and moving tools and materials across a job site. However, their asset is the track. A CAT equipment on a track is better on wet ground, making this modelpopular across the Pacific Northwest and anywhere else that receives a lot of rainfall. Tracks will tear up the ground a lot less, making them perfect for landscaping jobs where you don’t necessarily want to ruin the surrounding landscaping. Tracks can also go over different types of terrain much easier, such as hilly and rocky terrain. 

Wagner Equipment Co offers over half a dozen different types of Compact Track Loaders to suit your particular landscaping needs. Our smallest, the 259D Compact Track Loader, is very similar to its cousin, the 226D Skid Steer Loader. This CAT equipment can reach and lift very high, making it easy for truck loading. Its suspended undercarriage system provides superior traction, flotation, stability, and speed. Its operator carriage is very similar to the skid steer’s, making it extremely easy to switch back and forth between these CAT machines. When you’re running a landscaping business, you not only need heavy duty power, but you also need reliable performance. CAT equipment exceeds that standard. Contact us today to learn more!


Without these powerhouses, it would be extremely labor-intensive to dig holes for planting trees and flowers and to dig holes to install a fence. Debuting in 1882 to construct docks, the excavators of today are operated by hydraulics, which is the power source of this machine. While a skid steer loader or a compact track loader can dig, the best in the digging and the trenching business is an excavator. An excavator moves along with its undercarriage. This CAT machine features a bucket at the end of a boom (or an articulated arm) and stick. If your residential or commercial landscaping job entails a lot of digging, such as a basement or  holes for trees, shrubs, and fencing, then a CAT equipment rental of an excavator is the way to go. 

Wagner Equipment Co offers dozens of different types and sizes of excavators to meet your needs. For most landscapers, quick and nimble are what they seek, making our mini and small excavators the preferred choice. We offer various mini excavators, including the 301.4C Mini Hydraulic Excavator that is maneuverable, lightweight, and compact. This excavator makes hauling it to and from job sites easy. Featuring load-sensing hydraulics and a powerful engine, you can expect to have all of your digging done in no time at all.

Our small excavators offer just a little more umph when it comes to heavy duty digging. The CAT 311F L RR is still very affordable, but can handle bigger jobs more quickly. Adapted to meet tiny spaces, this small excavator is perfect as a CAT equipment rental or for a purchase. One of the best things about this excavator is its user-friendliness, making it easy to use as an occasional CAT equipment rental user, and it is super easy to teach to your staff, making them more productive in the long run as well. Moreover, excavators now come with tools and attachments as well, such as a breaker, a grapple, and an auger. Browse our dozens of excavator selections today for your landscaping needs.



Let’s face it, when you are faced with a large construction job, hand tools just won’t cut it. You’re going to need some heavy duty tools to do some heavy duty beautifying. Landscaping equipment has evolved over the years in order to meet the growing demand for tools that are affordable and will meet the particular needs of landscapers. Landscapers often work in small areas, so small, compact, nimble machines are a must. Plus, having lots of attachments for one big-ticket machine is indispensable for small landscaping businesses to grow. With CAT’s line of mini machines, we hope to meet that need, and we offer an ever-expanding array of tools for your machine so you can get more work done. Saving on labor costs can be the difference in whether a small landscaping business makes it or not. CAT equipment wants to make a difference by meeting this need for small businesses.

Wagner Equipment Co is the best CAT dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. We offer the largest selection of quality used CAT equipment, as well as rental tools. Our focus is the customer, meaning that we put your needs first. We offer 24 hour emergency maintenance services, remanufactured parts, exchange parts and components, aftermarket parts, and hydraulic hose rebuilding. As with all machines, our CAT equipment does wear down with use, but with the best maintenance service, your CAT equipment should run for years before having to be replaced. 

Wagner Equipment Co is always innovating in order to stay at the top of our game. Our Wagner Training Institute can also help you improve by teaching you how to care for these heavy duty machines yourself. From gas engine service to safety and staff and management development training, we can help you and your team grow in skills and in vision. We also offer Fluid Analysis, which can help us tell the condition of your internal components and help prevent big problems on down the road. Fluids Analysis also helps us tell the health of your engine’s oil, hydraulics, transmission, and cooling systems.

Wagner Equipment Co aims to be your one-stop-shop for all things heavy duty equipment related to your landscaping needs. We offer financing on both new and used CAT equipment. This option can help you get the equipment you need now, while your business grows. Plus, when you invest in work tools, you can use those tools on jobs to help make the payment for you, thus your equipment pays for itself. With locations all throughout our service areas (Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas), we’re here to help. Visit us online, or give us a call today!