Machines Needed to Landscape, Part 2

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Landscaping is an all-encompassing term for beautifying both residential and commercial yards and properties. Landscaping can be as simple as hauling in rock or mulch for your flower beds, or it can be a huge project, encompassing many acres of land that involves the planting of trees, shrubs, and bushes, the digging up and moving of dirt and other landscaping features, and the installing of a water feature or a fountain. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to making a place exactly what someone envisions.

Wagner Equipment Co serves Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas with top-notch CAT equipment rentals and purchases. We offer heavy duty equipment not only for your landscaping needs, but also for your construction, demolition, forestry, mining, and agricultural needs. We offer financing for those looking to purchase CAT equipment for their business or for their personal needs. Below, we’ll continue our look at CAT machines you’ll need for your landscaping needs. Contact us today to get started!


Backhoe Loader

We mentioned the skid steer loader and the compact track and multi-terrain loader in our last blog post. Here is another loader option that may fit your needs better, the backhoe loader. There are those in the landscaping and construction industry that value the backhoe loader more so than the skid loader because it can handle heavier loads due to its overall construction and size. Plus, since it is essentially two machines in one (an excavator and a front loader), it can perform dozens of jobs easily. Backhoe loaders are heavy duty, strong machines that are capable of moving heavy objects quite far and large volumes of material, without having to make so many loads. Their trenching capability is amazing, especially if the ground is frozen. These machines can dig, trench, back-fill, and move material quickly and efficiently, further saving on labor costs.

When you partner with a CAT dealer, such as Wagner Equipment Co in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas, you will be getting a powerful machine that sets the industry standard for performance, efficiency, reliance, and versatility. We offer over a half dozen backhoe loaders for you to choose from in various sizes, including the CAT 440 Backhoe Loader, which is top in performance, hydraulic systems, ergonomics and control, and versatility. Featuring an automatic engine speed control, autoshift transmission with reverse, and a boom transport lock, this CAT machine is ready for all of your landscaping jobs. This CAT equipment is loaded with so many features that we can’t list them all here. Suffice it to say that our backhoe loaders will perform any landscaping job far and away better than any other piece of heavy duty equipment from our competitors. Visit us today online, or stop by one of our many CAT stores to try the backhoe in person!


Out of all the CAT equipment that Wagner Equipment Co in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas offers, this one has the coolest name — and, if you pause to think about it, it says exactly what it does. “Tele” means “far off” in Greek. So, this machine hands items far off. A telehandler has a single, telescopic or articulating boom or arm that extends upwards, allowing it to haul items up to different levels. From gravel, mulch and stones, to roofing materials and more, telehandlers are absolutely critical if you are landscaping items up high. These items come in handy when you are working on hills, on terraces, or you have someone installing a green roof where sod is needed as a roofing material. Many landscapers also double as tree trimmers and cutters. Having a telehandler makes trimming tall trees easier and safer than a ladder or a harness system.

Wagner Equipment Co offers over a dozen models of telehandlers in various sizes to meet your needs. One such model we offer is the TL642C Telehandler with Stabilizers. This CAT machine features a four-speed transmission that can reverse, four wheel drive, and ergonomic handler. It has a great reach similar to a crane’s. It can take multiple tool attachments, such as a bucket, pallet fork, muck grab or winch. You’ll frequently see these used by roofers as they are quite efficient at removing pallet items and handing them up. While being able to lift up items overhead and extend them to other places is invaluable, it is also what limits the loads telehandlers can control. This particular telehandler is equipped with stabilizers, allowing you to lift heavy items when need be. Browse our many models of telehandlers today!


Odds are, when your son was little, he had a toy bulldozer and a toy dump truck. When people think of heavy equipment, they often think of a bulldozer first. These heavy duty equipment first made their appearance in the 1920s and were developed from tractors. These CAT equipment can be on tracks or on wheels and are used to push material around, such as soil, sand, rock, and other building materials. In essence, they are a machine with a big blade on the front. A bulldozer in particular refers to a tractor with a dozer blade. 

By far the more popular version is the tracked kind because it moves better over various materials, and it’s better on muddy or sandy ground because the track can disseminate the weight of the vehicle better. In landscaping, you’ll often see these huge machines on the job site first because they are excellent at grading and clearing land. The wheeled versions of dozers are operated with a hydraulic, articulated steering system that can make it a bit more versatile than other standard dozers.

Wagner Equipment Co offers over two dozen dozers in a wide variety of sizes so you can customize them to your residential or commercial landscaping needs. We offer small, medium, and waste-handling dozers. Our Cat® D3K2 Track-Type Tractor with Stable Blade is one of our small dozers that can give you an excellent, smooth finish fast. With load-sensing hydraulics, stable blade control, and an electronic monitoring system, this dozer is built to accommodate all of your landscaping needs. Easy to use, our CAT dozers are perfect to rent for the weekend to level off your pasture, or to lay fresh mulch or dirt for your commercial landscaping job. Also, check out our line of waste-handling dozers that are specifically designed for the unique needs of landfill work. Here, driver comfort is emphasized since this job can be downright dirty and smelly. Visit our site, or contact us today about CAT equipment rentals.

Compact Wheel Loaders

We’ve discussed a lot of loaders in this blog series on the best machines for your landscaping needs. The reason there are so many different types of loaders is because we desire to cater to the needs of our customers who all have different needs. Thus, a Wheel Loader or a Compact Wheel Loader is the simplified version of the other loaders we’ve discussed thus far, equipped with a bucket on an arm that lowers and raises. This machine is versatile in its uses (such as digging, grading, loading, and hauling, as well as the occasional lift) and great for heavy duty work. You can move asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, snow, logs, woodships, sand, or even your tools with this incredible piece of CAT machinery. If you are looking for a CAT machine that can handle heavy duty tasks, this machine is it.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the Compact Wheel Loader for your needs. One example is the 906H2 Compact Wheel Loader that can deliver a powerful punch when need be. Whether you are doing snow removal in the winter or digging up holes and moving dirt in the summer, this CAT equipment won’t stop. Available as part of our CAT equipment rentals, you can try this loader out (or any of our heavy duty CAT equipment) and see for yourself if this will work for you. This eliminates the need for a big purchase, especially if you are unsure. Through our Wagner Rental Store, you can also rent CAT hand tools and attachments for a wheel loader and see how they work for you as well. Browse our immense selection of wheel loaders today!



For almost 100 years, we’ve been offering the best heavy duty machines for use in agricultural, construction, demolition, landscaping, and other industrustries. Our mission is to help you make the world around you a bit more beautiful as you plant flowers, trees, and sod. There is definitely something wonderful about a perfectly manicured lawn, and Wagner Equipment Co does our part by making your landscaping jobs easier by supplying all of the heavy duty equipment (and light duty equipment through our CAT rental stores).

We don’t stop there. We offer CAT parts and service our CAT equipment rentals as well. We have over 200 factory-certified CAT field service technicians who can come out to where your CAT machine is and fix it. We even offer 24 hour emergency services for those who need it the most. We understand that down time costs you money, which is why we have a network of stores in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas that can serve you. 

We utilize technology wherever we can, offering account access online so you can request parts, maintenance, and view your invoices as well. Through our partnership with Sitech, we offer construction management solutions that can help you with survey equipment and technology solutions. We offer fluids analysis, so you can understand the health of your machine. This helps to schedule maintenance when needed so no major breakdowns occur.

In addition, Wagner Equipment Co offers financing on both our new and used CAT equipment, helping you to get the equipment you need now. We also offer a parts exchange program, which helps to reduce downtime, is convenient, and provides much faster turnaround time for major repairs. There are a myriad of parts available through our parts exchange program, including hydraulic pumps and engines.

Driven by our values of teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication, we strive every day to exceed the needs of our customers. Visit us online, or call us today for all of your CAT equipment rental needs!