Machines Needed to Mine Coal, Part 2

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Coal mining began mostly on the surface of the earth. People would find a shallow vein, dig a little bit, and bring the coal up. Now called surface mining, this is still the main form of mining used today and is classified as when coal is less than 200 feet underground. 

Coal was formed hundreds of millions of years ago when dead plant matter piled up in swamps. As this plant matter was covered with dirt, the decaying process of the plant matter was halted, which turns to peat. This peat was eventually turned into coal as the weight of more sediments piled up, pushing out any remaining oxygen and causing complex chemical reactions. Surface mining uses huge, heavy duty machines, such as those sold by Caterpillar. This is two-thirds of coal mining today.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best CAT equipment rentals and also sells heavy duty equipment, including mining equipment, to Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. Our mission is to help you do your job better and more efficiently by supplying you with the best in CAT equipment designed with you in mind. We are constantly striving for innovations, and we welcome client feedback. With our CAT parts stores and service departments, we truly are the whole package. In our previous blog post, we took a look at excavators, electric rope shovels, and draglines. Today, we’ll examine more heavy equipment you will need to mine coal. Contact us today to get started!


Dump Trucks

Putting a flatbed on four wheels was one of the best inventions of all time. Think of the number of uses for a standard pickup truck, from hauling groceries, strollers, and dogs to hauling hand tools and machines for work. Trucks universally are utilitarian, including the dump truck. A dump truck can haul almost any kind of material, from sand and gravel to garbage and coal. Believe it or not, this idea was developed first with wagons that tilted up in order to dump items in the late 1800s. When automobiles took off, this idea translated very well to pickup trucks.

Wagner Equipment Co offers On-Highway truck and trailer products to help with your coal mining needs.Our trailers are mainly used for hauling heavy duty equipment back and forth, either across state lines or across your job site. We offer XL Specialized Trailers that will help move you coal equipment, as well as Trail King Trailers that can haul up to 1,000,000 pounds. These steel bottom dump trailers work great for extra large machinery such as is used in the coal mining industry. Our Towmaster Trailers can haul up to 110,000 pounds, and these come in many makes and models. 

In our dump trucks, we offer the CT680 Vocational Truck, which is ideal in hauling heavy loads. This truck oozes power and performance, plus, it’s designed with the comfort of the driver in mind, with an ergonomic cab and all the bells and whistles. This truck is made from aluminum alloy steel, which is perfect to stand up to heavy loads of coal.

Wagner Equipment Co offers articulated trucks, vacuum trucks, and water trucks in our CAT Rental Store. Water trucks are essential in the coal mining industry because they keep the dust down, which is important to your employees’ overall health and wellbeing. We offer a variety of water truck sizes, from 2,000 gallon capacity up to 8,000 gallon capacity. We also have articulated trucks for your hauling needs as well. We also want to encourage you that whenever you are in the market for any type of heavy CAT equipment or hand equipment to visit our used CAT equipment page, or call the nearest CAT store near you. This inventory is constantly changing, and you never know when we might have exactly what you are looking for in stock. Browse our selection today!


Dozers are great all-around pieces of heavy equipment that are extremely useful to have around your mining operations. A bulldozer is a tractor on a track with a huge blade in the front that can push around soil, sand, rubble, and other material. Dozers on tracks are extremely useful as they can easily go over all sorts of terrain and the track helps to distribute the dozer’s weight over a larger area, which thus prevents it from sinking into the ground. You can even get dozers with extra wide tracks to help even more over unsupported ground. 

In mining, dozers are often used for cleanup purposes. They can clean up after your excavation work, or after the dragline work has been finished. In an operation where tons of dirt and material is being moved all the time, a dozer can be used in many ways.

Wagner Equipment Co offers many sizes of dozers, including large dozers, that would work well for your mining operations. Our D8T Track-Type Tractor – Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB dozer is made to perform a wide range of dozer tasks, such as bulldozing, ripping, scraping, clearing land, and finishing. Designed with the driver in mind, these dozers offer high fuel efficiency, a C15 ACERT diesel engine with Electronic Unit Injection (EUI), independent steering and work tool pump hydraulics, and load-sensing dozer lift and tilt. These CAT machines are made to work and work hard. With proper maintenance, this could potentially be the only dozer you’ll need for decades. Browse our dozer selection today!


Graders in coal mining are mainly used for what graders are normally used for — grading roads. If you’ve ever been to a surface mining operation, then you will know that there are a lot of roads that twist and turn to allow heavy equipment access to the coal and to allow trucks and trailers in and out to haul the coal away. This requires constant road creation and maintenance, which is why having a top-notch grader from a CAT dealer, such as Wagner Equipment Co is essential. 

Graders have long blades that are used to create extremely flat and smooth surfaces for vehicles to drive on. First, you’ll have your dozer come in and rough grade the road. Then your grader will come in and finish grading it. The idea and implementation (albeit rudimentary) has been around for centuries. The first grader that was self-propelled was invented in 1920.

Wagner Equipment Co offers a variety of sizes and types of graders, or motor graders, for your particular needs. Our 160M3 Motor Grader helps to reduce your carbon footprint since this CAT machine has the latest in emissions reduction technology. This machine offers the best visibility with angled cab doors, tapered engine enclosure, and a sloped rear window. The machine is not only comfortable, but durable and powerful, able to grade even the most stubborn of materials and corners. With a Diesel exhaust fluid tank, 22.0 L (5.8 gal) ground level access, a sediment drain, and joystick hydraulic controls, this CAT machine is built for performance. There are so many bells and whistles on our graders that you really have to see them in person to appreciate them. Visit a store today to the CAT excellence in person!



Wagner Equipment Co serves Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas with the best CAT equipment, both rentals and purchases. We offer financing on all of our heavy duty CAT machines in order to help you own some of this amazing equipment, which you can then use to help pay for itself. Our CAT Parts store carries the most common parts in stock, and if we don’t have a part, odds are, another store does. Furthermore, our service department has over 200 field service technicians ready to come out to your mining location and service your machines should they falter or break. We understand that down time costs money, which is why we are constantly innovating to bring you improved products at affordable prices.

You can view your account online and see everything from invoices to service contracts and rental information. We offer Fluids Analysis as part of our Condition Monitoring program, which tests the fluids in your CAT equipment regularly, which can help you spot major problems before they occur, saving you thousands of dollars in repair cost and in downtime. Inspections, electronic data and site condition analysis play a part in helping to determine the state of your CAT equipment as well.

Two of the programs we offer that we are most proud of are our Wagner Training Institute and our Wagner Parts Exchange. Our Wagner Training Institute endeavors to teach you and your service personnel more about our CAT equipment, with the goal being to be able to diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair your CAT equipment. While our field service technicians love to come out to fix your CAT equipment, being able to repair your own can save you time, effort, and money in the long run. Our Wagner Parts Exchange allows you to save time on repairs as well by exchanging your old parts for new parts. This also reduces downtime.

Wagner Equipment Co endeavors to make your mining job easier by supplying you with the best CAT equipment rentals at affordable prices. With locations scattered throughout our service areas of Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas, we aim to be not only convenient for you to receive service, but also to be there when you need us. We offer 24-hour emergency service for those moments where you need to be operating. Be sure to check out our used CAT equipment, and visit us online today!