Machines Needed to Mine Coal, Part 3

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Coal mining can be a complex endeavor. It’s a lot more in the 21st century than just a couple of miners with some pick axes and a screen. Coal mining today is a multi-billion dollar industry, employing over 130,000 people. Coal is found in 38 states and most of coal mining is surface mining. Each person in the United States uses 3.7 tons of coal annually, most of it being in electricity uses. Coal uses many types of heavy equipment to extract the coal and bring it to market, many of which we have discussed here in our blog series. Today, we will discuss even more specialized pieces of coal mining equipment.

Wagner Equipment Co serves Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas with the best CAT equipment for mining. We both rent and sell mining equipment in order to help you bring this amazing resource to others. In addition, our customer support is unrivaled, as we offer CAT parts and CAT equipment service to keep your coal mining machines up and running, causing less downtime and loss of production. Keep reading to learn more about our coal mining equipment, and contact us today to get started!


Highwall Miners

Highwall mining machines are versatile machines that make underground mining safer. These pieces of CAT equipment are used to assist the operator as the cutter module cuts through the coal seam, leaving some coal in the roof and floor. This allows coal mining to take place in softer earth. By swapping in different cutterhead modules, you can mine coal in seams that are 30 inches to 16 feet in thickness and at a depth of up to 1,000 feet. This machine is also great at removing overburden (rock, soil, and other materials on the surface).

Highwall mining can be used on exposed horizontal or inclined coal seams, which makes rectangular, parallel, or unsupported entries. This CAT machine can be remotely controlled from a mining position outside the drive in front of the highwall. Traditionally, coal mining is stopped when the cost to remove overburden exceeds the value of coal (known as the highwall). This machine was invented to get at that leftover coal. You can think of a highwall machine very much like fracing oil wells, since fracking allows for oil companies to get at oil that was left behind because at the time it was too costly to drill.

Our HW300 Highwall Mining System is the best highwall mining machine in the business. It features a gamma ray detection capability, which detects the gamma radiation from the surrounding rock that alerts the cutterhead that the boundary between rock and coal is near. This allows the operator to cut exactly where they want to and to leave what amount of coal they need to. 

Designed for ergonomics, this machine can produce high volumes of coal at very low costs. We offer an Arctic package on this machine, allowing for extreme-cold weather operations, with operating temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. Another option you can add on to this piece of CAT equipment is a self-contained generator system that will provide you with electrical power in remote locations where connection to a utility grid is not available. This CAT machine discharges coal to the right or to the left of the CAT machine, and it can be mounted to the front of a wheel loader for safe and efficient transport of push beams to and from the machine.

After the cutting has been done, the mined coal is transported out of the seam along conveyors inside the push beams. When you add additional push beams, the Highwall Miner can go deeper into the seam, extracting more coal. With an automated control system, this machine can be operated remotely from the cab by an operator.

Highwall mining systems, such as this one offered by Wagner Equipment Co, is gaining in popularity as coal mining companies are looking to improve the recovery of their coal reserves. These CAT machines are versatile, mobile, and can cost-effective, requiring very little man power to operate.  Order yours today!

Hydraulic Mining Shovels

You can think of a hydraulic mining shovel as a souped-up excavator, only made for mining applications. CAT Hydraulic Mining Shovels offer increased digging forces and greater productivity. You can distinguish these by their huge buckets.

Our 6015 FS Hydraulic Shovel works to remove overburden and ore by loading them into haul trucks. These work best in surface mining applications, but can be used in underground coal mining operations as well. Used in coal mining operations around the world, CAT mining shovels are known the world over as the best. These work horses feature a TriPower shovel attachment (on the FS model only), independent oil-cooling system, three-circuit hydraulic system, torque control in closed-loop swing circuits, automatic central lubrication systems, and a triple-race swing roller bearing. 

If you are familiar with our other excavators, then you will know these machines are designed with ease of use for the operator, with travel control pedals, power outlets, height-adjustable joystick consoles, and a pressurized operation station with positive filtration. Optional equipment on this CAT hydraulic shovel equipment includes Xenon lighting, cold-weather packages, centrifuge for engine oil filtration, and a high-capacity water separator. 

The TriPower on the FS model uses a unique boom design with rotatable triangular rockers to generate superior mechanical leverage and control. This increases lifting force and maintains a constant boom momentum. This CAT hydraulic mining shovel has an automatic constant bucket angle position in both the horizontal and vertical direction with a roll-back limiter. This system also allows CAT face shovels to use smaller diameter boom cylinders, which results in a much faster lifting speed than our competition.

Our hydraulic mining shovels have a sturdy undercarriage that features a track-tensioning system that adapts the tension of the tracks, depending on operating conditions. With a simple and efficient hydraulic system, this CAT equipment offers a faster cycle time. There is no doubt that this CAT system is built to last, is solid, durable, and exceptional in design and quality. Browse our hydraulic mining shovels today!



Every detail about CAT machines is designed for a specific purpose, from the exact job they are created for down to every need of the operator. We overlook nothing when it comes to our drive for superiority in our CAT equipment. Not only do we offer CAT parts to fix your CAT machine when it goes down, but we also offer Caterpillar factory-trained service engineers who offer on-site service when you need it the most. Whether your CAT machine is just having an off day and needs a little maintenance performed, or you have a major breakdown on your hands, we’re here to help. We understand that down time can be costly, which is why we also offer 24-hour emergency service when you need it.

In our quest to build the best mining equipment for you, Wagner Equipment Co has implemented technology wherever possible. As part of our remote machine condition monitoring solutions, we now offer regular fluid analysis, which tests your engine’s oil, as well as other fluids, such as hydraulics, transmission, and cooling fluids. This can give you an insight into the internal condition of your CAT machine and can help fend off big repairs before they happen. You can manage your CAT account online, including viewing rental history and making payments. We also offer Trimble Navigation and Caterpillar Accugrade guidance systems, both for sale and rent.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best heavy equipment rentals for those little-needed items, as well as used equipment for sale throughout our service areas of Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. We offer financing on all of our equipment in order to help you serve your customers better. In addition to mining equipment, we also offer heavy duty CAT equipment for agriculture, construction, landscaping, oil and gas, roofing, forestry, manufacturing, and many more. Our mission is to help you supply coal to fuel Americans’ need for electricity by providing the best and most efficient CAT coal mining equipment. We abide by our values of teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication both internally and with our customers. We invite you to browse all of our mining equipment selection online, or give us a call today to learn more!