Machines Needed to Move Felled Trees

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Perhaps as a child, you were given a small tree to plant in the month of April to celebrate Arbor Day. You probably planted that cute, adorable tree and watched it grow year after year into a magnificent shade tree. There is something inherently satisfying in watching trees grow year after year, and something inherently grounding, in the sense that the tree helps you to realize what is important in your world. However, like all living things, trees die, perhaps from disease, lightning, or just old age. When trees die, you will need to move them, which is why you will need CAT equipment rental machines. 

While trying to move felled trees off your property can be a hassle, with the right tools, it is less of one. Wagner Equipment Co offers CAT equipment rentals of all of the machinery listed above. We understand that, odds are, you don’t need to invest in a bunch of equipment for the purpose of moving trees around because once the job is complete, you won’t have need of that equipment, and it would just sit around, collecting dust (and interest). This is exactly why we offer CAT equipment rentals. Below, we’ll go over the exact machines you will need to move felled trees. Contact us today for all of your CAT equipment rental needs!


You’ll need a big, heavy duty CAT machine with a log loader, fusion log, or lumber fork. This is basically a big claw attached to the arm of the loader. Sitting on a swivel platform, you’ll be able to move felled logs easily without having to move your entire cab. However, when you do need to move to the next lumber pile, it will be simple on our superior track system. We offer several options for your felled tree needs:

  • 568 Forest Machine. This monster is built for a variety of forestry applications, with amazing hydraulics, electric priming fuel pump, and two-speed, auto-shift travel. With a comfortable heated and cooled interior, you’ll be able to clear your property all-day long if need be.
  • Fusion. This is the name given to the claw-like part that picks up felled trees. We have over a dozen different types of fusion in an array of sizes that will fit your needs. Our 1524mm (60in) Fusion can help you sort, move, load, and unload your felled trees.
  • Wood Chip Buckets. These buckets are huge shovels, in essence, that can hold all of your wood chips and yard cleanup needs. These are great to use for other things besides felled trees debris, such as sticks, rocks, and other material around your home or property. Again, Wagner Equipment offers a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs.
  • Utility thumbs. Utility thumbs allow you to grab, pick up, and sort material that are too long or awkward for a bucket. These guys are great for smaller jobs, and since they are smaller, they are easier to maneuver, which usually leads to faster production times. Wagner Equipment Co has many sizes to pick from to meet your needs.
  • Pick up truck and/or a trailer. Now that you’ve got everything you need from Wagner Equipment Co in terms of loading felled logs, now you need to be able to move the logs off your property. You will most definitely need a pickup truck and probably a trailer if the trees are longer. However, if you are cutting the trees up with a saw into smaller pieces and maybe for us in your fireplace, a pickup will be all that you’ll need.



Many people think that the only people who move trees around are landscaping companies and lumber companies. This is simply not the case. Oftentimes, you will find that many people are in need of moving felled trees around, including individual property owners. Sometimes, trees just die and need to be removed, or you are clearing a space to build a new home or a new building.

Whatever the case may be, Wagner Equipment Co can help. We offer the best in CAT equipment rentals and new heavy machinery. From all types of Ag equipment, such as tillage and hay equipment, to heavy duty CAT machines, such as backhoe loaders and highwall miners, we’ve got exactly what you need to complete your DIY home improvement or commercial project. 

Wagner Equipment Co offers both new and used CAT machines, which gives you the advantage to use our equipment to suit your needs. We also offer service on our CAT equipment and parts as well. We understand that if a forestry, Ag, or bulldozer goes down, your whole job can be halted, costing you money. We do our best to help you get your machinery up and running again as quickly as possible. In addition, we offer easy financing, which allows you to have a brand new piece of CAT equipment you may need in your business.

If you are in need of any type of heavy equipment solutions, odds are, we have it. We offer Trimble Navigation and Caterpillar Accugrade guidance systems as well for both purchase or rent. Our mission is to make your job easier, no matter what business you are in. Whether you are removing felled trees on your property for the weekend, or you are an earthmoving company that needs to move tons of dirt for a big construction project in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas, Wagner Equipment is the company to call. Contact us today to get started!