Machines Needed to Repave Your Parking Lot, Part 2

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There’s more to just repaving your commercial parking lot than getting rid of the cracks and making it new. When you make something new, you are giving it a new life. You’re taking something old and reinvigorating it just like you would in life when you are given a second chance. By repaving your commercial parking lot, you are able to give that area new life, which in turn, makes everything else around it imbibe new life, including your commercial business.

Wagner Equipment Co loves helping others create beauty (or, in this case, reinvigorate beauty) in the world around them. We serve Colorado, New Mexico, and Wwest Texas with CAT equipment rentals and purchases. We also offer the best financing program, CAT parts stores, and CAT equipment service departments anywhere. We strive everyday to make your life a little bit easier by offering you the tools you need to make your business thrive, whether you are repaving your parking lot or you are building a skyscraper. Our CAT equipment is built to last, helping your business or home improvement project be the best. Below, we’ll continue our look at the machines you will need to repave your parking lot. Contact us today to get started!


Asphalt Paver

Now that our surface has been prepared, it’s time to haul in the asphalt and lay it down. Asphalt itself is an aggregate much like concrete, made up of stones, sand, and liquid asphalt cement. This cement is a petroleum product, which is where the black color comes in. Due to this blakc color, it absorbs heat in the winter, which helps to melt snow in the winter and is very durable.

To lay asphalt properly, you’ll need an asphalt paver. An asphalt paver’s job is to flatten out the asphalt as it is being poured from the truck. Basically, it consists of a giant roller that simply rolls the asphalt out. By the end, the asphalt should be smooth and uniform.

Wagner Equipment Co offers many types of asphalt pavers, including wheel, track, and screed. For example, our AP255E Track Asphalt Paver is a small-to midsize asphalt paver that is popular with both residential and commercial customers. Its size makes it an optimal choice for areas that are hard to get into, such as playgrounds, sidewalks, and paths. It’s also perfect for maintenance work when you just need a smaller machine to get the job done quickly. Compact and maneuverable, this CAT equipment asphalt paver is a top-seller.

Our SE60 VXW Screed Paver excels on highways, interstates, airport runways, and other areas that require a large space paved quickly. With rear-mounted extenders and vibratory screed plates, this machine is a workhorse and a great addition to your paving fleet.

Asphalt Compactor

An asphalt compactor does just what its name says it does: it compacts the asphalt, giving it a nice, smooth finish. Most asphalt compactors vibrate, which causes the asphalt and any material beneath it, known as substrate, to fill together and get rid of any air pockets or spacing. This ensures that if a building is constructed on top, that the weight won’t cause the asphalt surface to sink. This would cause a lot of damage and would most likely require a repair job.

Wagner Equipment Co offers many different kinds of CAT asphalt compactors to suit your needs, including soil compactors, landfill compactors, vibratory soil compactors, tandem vibratory rollers, and pneumatic rollers. For example, we offer the CB34B Utility Compactor that can be used on small or large job sites. With a wide rolling drum, this asphalt compactor can crank out tons of material compacted in a day, while getting into tight spaces. All of our compactors are made for comfort and ease of use, keeping in mind those who rent these amazing CAT machines. They run very smoothly, are reliable on all substrates, grades, and soft base materials, and built for durability and longevity. 

Another one of our very popular compactors includes the CP44 Vibratory Soil Compactors. This one is designed to be used for multiple purposes, such as compacting sub-bases for our commercial parking lot or roadway to also being great for water and sewer trench work and working well in the soil. This piece of CAT equipment is also designed for exceptional performance on flat or aggressive terrain. This step is very important in the asphalt process and should not be forgotten. Browse our dozens of CAT compactors today!

Add in Chip Seal (Optional)

In an effort to make asphalt more water resistant, chip seal driveways and pavements have become increasingly popular. Here, 30% of the asphalt liquid cement concrete has been replaced by water, which evaporates under the heat of the asphalt when laid down. Then a layer of crushed gravel is sprayed on top, spread out, and then rolled over with a paver as well. Since the asphalt is still hot and not settled yet, the gravel easily adheres to its surface, and it is integrated in seamlessly. The result is a beautiful pavement that can be customized based on the gravel and is much more weather-resistant. And your new commercial parking lot is finished!



When it comes to value, Caterpillar equipment is the best in the business. Caterpillar Tractor Company began officially in 1925 as two companies merged. However, the name originated in 1910 when one of the founders, Benjamin Holt, replaced the wheels on one of his company’s steam tractors with wooden tracks bolted to chains, and a bystander remarked that it looked like a caterpillar moving. In 1986, Caterpillar Tractor Company officially became known as Caterpillar. We believe this name is fitting, since we believe that our machines begin as caterpillars and transform the world around them into a creation as beautiful as butterflies.

Today, there are over 300 machines in the Caterpillar product line that are created to meet the needs of businesses and homeowners who are looking to improve the world around them. We offer new, used, and rental products to accommodate your needs. We serve every major industry, from construction, demolition, agricultural, mining, forestry, and DIY homeowners. Our CAT Rental Stores have allowed us to focus more on the smaller tools for homeowners who are looking to do the same jobs as commercial businesses just on a much more minor scale.

Never content with where we are, Wagner Equipment Co is always looking to add more products and services to meet our customers’ needs. We recently acquired Inter-Mountain Construction Equipment that has given us access to a full line of crushing, screening, conveying, and material-processing equipment, as well as an entry point into Wyoming. 

We offer a parts exchange service that helps to reduce downtime and makes major repairs faster. From hydraulic cylinders and torque converters to transmissions and engines, the Wagner Parts Exchange is convenient and speeds repair times, saving you money.

Caterpillar started as an agricultural equipment company, and we are still the leader in the best agricultural machines that cover everything you need for your farm, from harvesting and row crop tractors to planting and seeding and hay equipment, our farm equipment is built to last. We support our farmers who bring the best food to all of our tables. We have over 200 factory-trained field service technicians that offer on-site diagnostic service and repairs. With our vast network of dealers throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas, we are able to get to your repair quickly. Furthermore, we offer 24-hour emergency repair services as well.

Wagner Equipment Co has grown over the years, adapting with the demands of the industry, incorporating technology whenever we can and where it makes sense, and improving our products and services as our customers’ needs change. For example, we offer a full line of Timble construction technology solutions for the construction industry in the form of construction management software. We offer fluid analysis of your CAT equipment’s engine’s oil and other fluids, which we can then use in diagnostic services as this gives us an insight into the internal condition of your machine’s components. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations, and we live our our core values of teamwork, excellence, and integrity wherever we go. Visit us online to see all of our offerings, or give us a call today to learn more!