Machines Needed to Repour Your Concrete Driveway, Part 2

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There truly is no limit to what CAT equipment can do for you. From attachments to the different types of heavy equipment we offer, you can accomplish all of your residential DIY projects quickly, easily, and efficiently. Let’s be honest, while you get a unique sense of pride and accomplishment when you do these tasks around the house, you still want to have time to go and do the things you want to do on the weekend.

Wagner Equipment Co seeks to make your DIY projects a snap. We serve residents of Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. When you partner with us, we’ll help you with all of your CAT heavy duty equipment rental needs. We offer parts, maintenance and service support, as well as help with any other question you may have, such as operation of the machinery, or how to work a particular attachment. When you partner with us, we don’t leave you high and dry. In fact, we come alongside you and help you every step of the way if need be. In this second part on repouring your concrete driveway, we’ve seen the demolition part first hand. Now, we’ll take a look at the actual pour itself. Contact us today to see what new and used CAT equipment we have!


Final Preparation Steps

We saw in our last blog post how to demo your existing concrete driveway, haul it away, and how to excavate the site. Before we bring in the concrete, you should spend a bit of time touching up the site. After all, you don’t want the work you’ve already done to go to waste. 

Wagner Equipment recommends that you build a wood form to contain the concrete pour so it doesn’t spill out into adjacent areas. Don’t forget to add a bit of a slope to your concrete driveway so that water won’t sit on it when it rains, which will only shorten your concrete’s lifespan. Here, you can choose to add a gravel base, and ensure you tamp it down thoroughly. A great piece of heavy duty machinery for tamping is either your backhoe, skid loader, or excavator that you previously rented for the demolition part of this concrete driveway repour job. You may also want to install ribar for added support, or a plastic moisture barrier. Here, it truly up to your needs.


Now, it’s time to pour the concrete. Yah! However, you need a way to get the concrete to your home, and with some hurry in mind since, once mixed, concrete will dry up quickly and need to be placed somewhat expeditiously. For that you’ll need a truck, and preferably a concrete truck. It’s at this point that it might be worth partnering with a local cement or concrete company to have your cement hauled in. Having a professional concrete company that has all of the right tools for hauling the concrete can make all the difference in the overall quality of your driveway. If you’ve ever worked with concrete, you know it can be a huge mess. It might be best for your sanity to have the professionals haul in the concrete for you.

However, you can get a portable mixer that will fit in the back of your Wagner CAT On-Highway Truck rental. Portable mixers allow you to mix small amounts of concrete at your home and then pour them. They are useful for small concrete jobs, so they may apply in your case. However, if your driveway is significant, portable mixers can quickly become not the best for your needs.

Our Wagner Rental Stores offer a Portable Mixer for your driveway repour needs. These concrete mixers are small, but they will get the job done if you are patient enough, or if you only need a small area repoured.

Another good option is to rent Concrete Buggies from our Caterpillar Rental Store. These fierce little guys quickly transport small amounts of concrete over job sites effortlessly. They will save you many trips back and forth, and many run off motors, so they can move heavy concrete easily. You will save on labor costs and your productivity will soar thanks to these cute little machines.



Wagner Equipment Co serves Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas with the best CAT equipment rentals for all of your DIY needs. Whether you need an excavator to help dig out your driveway, or you need an attachment part to do specialized work on your backhoe, we can help. Our mission is to help you improve your world by supplying the heavy duty CAT equipment you need. We offer our CAT parts stores that offer a wide range of parts for your needs, including used parts, rebuilt major components, aftermarket parts solutions, and hydraulic hose rebuildinger services. Our service department is by your side every step of the way, with over 230 field service technicians to keep your CAT equipment up and running. When you partner with us for our Wagner Training Institute, you’ll learn about the service and operation of these big CAT machines.

Wagner Equipment Co also offers financing on both our new and used CAT equipment. This can help you as you get your business off the ground, or you are looking to purchase some heavy duty equipment for use around your home or farm. You have access online to all of your rental information and service contracts, and you can even ask us a question online. The array of our services is truly dizzying, and we invite you to explore our site and see how we can help you.

Wagner Equipment Co takes pride in helping you with all of your CAT equipment rental needs. In addition, our Wagner Rental Stores have all of the smaller concrete tools you need to finish your driveway right. 

As you can see from the steps above, pouring a new driveway is not all that tough. You just need the right equipment coupled with a willingness to learn. Once you get started and the concrete starts flowing, soon your new concrete driveway will take shape, and it will be all the more special because you did the vast majority of the work yourself with help from Wagner Equipment Co. Both our CAT equipment stores and our rental stores are located throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. We offer 24-hour emergency service if you need us. Stop by to see how we can help you, online access to your account, or contact us today to get started!