Machines Needed to Repour Your Concrete Driveway, Part 3

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Here at Wagner Equipment Co, we work with heavy duty CAT equipment all day long. We both sell and rent our top-notch Caterpillar equipment to individuals and businesses in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas who will use it to improve their homes, neighborhoods, cities, and beyond. Our mission is to help you as you beautify your areas, including your concrete driveway. Included in this is taking care of your every need when it comes to CAT equipment purchase or rental, such as CAT parts and service and maintenance. Below, we’ll go over the final steps to finishing your concrete driveway. Contact us today to get started!


Level the Concrete

As soon as the concrete has been poured, you’ll need to level it. Many people go with the tried-and-true steel finishing trowel, which works wonders, but it is very labor intensive. Recently, screen machines have become popular, especially amongst commercial concrete companies. These machines are able to both level and vibrate the concrete in your flooring, so the surface is smoother and perfectly even throughout the entire surface you are leveling. A laser screen machine uses laser technology to keep the pour the same level. Lasers are placed outside of the pour. Then two laser receivers are placed on either side of the screed head. 

While Wagner Equipment Co does not rent these concrete leveling machines per se, we do occasionally get one in for our used CAT equipment. Contact us today to see what CAT equipment we have available.

That being said, we do offer Walk-Behind Power Trowels for your use. These machines will help polish and finish your concrete, making it even and smooth, and cutting the work done by half. Easy to use, these trowel machines are available for rent through our Wagner Rental Store. Call today!

Final Touches

After the concrete is poured and leveled, you are almost finished with your concrete driveway repour. You’ll just need to add in the final touches, such as edging, creating control joints for the inevitable expansion and contraction that happens with concrete, and maybe your initials if you feel like it. You’ll definitely want to be sure you remember to put in the concrete control joints as this step is often forgotten by DIY’ers who aren’t used to the concrete process. These expansion joints are best added when you are pouring in concrete before it cures. However, if you do forget to add them in and the concrete has cured, you can easily cut them in. You’ll need a cement saw, and it’s best to cut them a depth of ¼ inches, or ½ inches if the concrete is thicker. You’ll want to cut through the entire length of the driveway.

The tool you will need should be a heavy-duty saw. You can use a concrete saw, or you can use your CAT backhoe or skid steer loader with the appropriate saw attachment to do this. You can also use a hydraulic hammer on one of our CAT equipment rentals; however, you’ll have to exercise caution so you don’t destroy the concrete you’ve worked so hard to create.

Another option is our Husqvarna saws, that are hand-held and excellent at cutting through tough concrete. Available through our Wagner Rental Stores, these handy little guys can create your-much needed expansion joints easily. We even offer a walk-behind concrete saw to make this job even easier.

Curing the concrete is the last step, which ensures your concrete has enough moisture and the temperature is right so it maintains its strength and durability, and is less resistant to cracks and stress. This can be accomplished the old fashioned way by applying water to your newly-poured concrete several times a day, or you can purchase a curing compound solution that you spray on your newly-poured concrete that creates a barrier on its surface to prevent the moisture from escaping. This barrier then naturally disappears after a few weeks, which is about the time it takes for concrete to cure properly.



Humans have been creating beauty around them since the dawn of time. From cave paintings left behind from our earliest ancestors to the master painters of the Renaissance, such as Michaelangelo, da Vinci, and Raphael, we’ve always been striving to create our own little masterpieces to enjoy.

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