How To Motivate Your Construction Crew Effectively, Part Two

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Now that we’ve reminded you about where you can find all of your CAT machines for sale and rent, we return to your regularly scheduled programming about motivating your construction crew. Now, not all of our readers are construction company managers, foremen, or owners, but a significant percentage certainly is. We’ve decided to offer up a variety of tips for managers of construction sites who want to improve in how they interact with their crew, but in the interest of everyone, we’ve tailored these tips to be applicable in a general sense — not merely for the construction site. 

How To Motivate Your Workforce

That said, part one saw us discuss how effective managers are excellent listeners, they try to catch their staff doing something right, they don’t shy away from publicly praising their crew, they give their team opportunities to develop and grow, and most importantly, they use CAT equipment for all of their heavy equipment needs. 

We kid about the last point. That is, we kid unless you are the decision maker for a construction, forestry, mining, paving, or agricultural company…in that case we are quite serious!

Show Your Appreciation

You don’t have to be the world’s best boss to make your workplace a positive place to work. While you can’t control how your staff feels about waking up and coming to work everyday, there are things you can do to help them feel motivated and happy about their life — yes, even while at work! Here’s a few ways to make this happen: 

  • Reward Frequently – One big bonus at the end of the year is all well and good, but frequency is more important than volume in a lot of ways. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to buy donuts from time to time, buy a round or two at happy hour, or show you care in some other way that you can think of! 
  • Reward With Surprises – If you give the same kind of rewards every time you reward, it will become less of a surprise and more of an expectation. Hey, don’t hold it against your staff — that’s just human nature. That’s why the best kinds of managers know that variety prevents adaptation. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you are doing the same thing all day everyday, so add a little spice by pulling an activity out of left field! 
  • Experiences Are Superior To Objects – Yes, everyone likes money, but even getting bonuses can get tiresome if you don’t get the odd work event or party to attend. When you surprise your staff, keep in mind that the first step to building camaraderie on your team is to have your team together in the first place! So instead of a gift card, take your team out putt-putting or rollerblading — you might actually enjoy yourself!
  • A Little Caring Goes A Long Way Toward Gratitude – It’s been said that a grateful mind is a happy mind, and we couldn’t disagree here at Wagner Equipment. Again, we aren’t saying you need to reinvent the wheel to any degree, but just remember that showing you care in little ways goes a long way toward increasing your team’s gratitude levels. People like to be appreciated. 

Give Your Crew Challenges

Rewards and surprises are a necessary part of being a manager in 2019, if not always, but challenging your crew to achieve new heights is a core piece of growing a team as well. Getting your team to expand their comfort zone will not only help with production goals, but it helps your people stay engaged and challenged as well. Plus, they’ll be excited that they can develop new skills. And if they aren’t, it helps you separate people with potential for added responsibility and those who are more comfortable clocking in and clocking out while maintaining the status quo. 

Encourage & Empower

As someone who needs performance and production out of their staff, it’s easy to get stuck in a certain line of thinking in terms of who is capable of what. We must advise, try to get out of that way of thinking so that you can take advantage of each crew member’s unique strengths. You’ll find that with a little encouragement, there might be a person or two on your team who will rise to the occasion with aplomb. 


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So there you have it — our two cents on how to better motivate your workforce. Now, keep in mind that we are by no means professional consultants on the matter. Indeed, there are plenty of more informed opinions out there than our’s. Nevertheless, take what you find useful from the last few blogs and discard the rest! 

We might not be experts on all things managerial, but we are experts in one area — helping you find the right CAT equipment and machinery for the project you have in mind. We are the top CAT dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas for good reason, as we reminded you at the beginning of today’s blog. 

So whether you are looking for used CAT machines for an affordable price, specialized heavy machinery for a building project, or you need to talk to someone about what the best kind of solution would be for your particular application, that’s exactly what we are here for. With a diverse and vast selection available for rent or sale, we’ve got you covered! Just give us a call if you have any questions after browsing our inventory of Caterpillar equipment!