Motivating Your Workforce – Tips For Managing Your Construction Company, Part One

If you are late to the party, we’ve been on a tip-providing kick lately. Not just any tips, mind you — we’ve been doing our best to help out those of our readers who own or manage a construction company. If you are a construction manager looking for tips on how to be a better employer, you’ve come to the right place. 

In fact, we’ve just wrapped up a two-part blog series on how to promote a healthy employer-employee dynamic with your workforce. While some of the tips we offered up might not be hyper-specific to the day-to-day of a construction job site, there are plenty of practically useful tidbits in both part one and part two, so check them out if you have a few minutes. 

Today’s blog has the same aim of helping managers promote a healthy, productive workplace in terms of managing their staff. However, instead of talking about employer-employee dynamics in a general sense, we’ll be discussing how the best managers motivate their staff to be productive and positive employees. If you are the manager of a construction team, or any kind of team for that matter, read on! This Wagner Equipment blog post is for you!

Share The Organizational Vision With Everyone

One of the biggest mistakes managers make is to assume that their staff doesn’t care about what the company’s meta-direction is. But the simple fact of the matter is that you will only be able to inspire your team to meet your company goals if they know what they are working toward on some level. 

No, we aren’t suggesting that you reveal every little detail discussed in higher-ups meetings via a company-wide email five times per day. We are simply stating that you employees will appreciate being kept in the loop in terms of what your mid to long-term goals are. When everyone is onboard with the mission and the process of accomplishing these measurable goals, people have a refreshed purpose. Naturally, this leads to improved productivity and positivity, assuming your staff feels like they want to be a part of the company’s success in the first place! But that is an assumption we are going to make for the purposes of this blog. 

Show, Don’t Tell

This is another way to say that the best leaders are the ones who lead by example, those who practice what they preach, those who show and don’t merely tell. Now, we get it, managing people isn’t easy and there’s a grind you have to contend with just like at any other position, but one of the key ways you will garner the respect of your team is to be a model for them. 

Practically speaking, this means no cutting corners. It means showing up on time, and leaving when you should. It means following your established processes correctly, and not shirking documentation or other taxing tasks just because no one will call you out on it since you are the boss. Remember, just because no one says anything doesn’t mean your shortcuts are going unnoticed. Be an example and show, don’t tell!

Catch Your Staff Doing Something Right

If there were one tip you remember after reading today’s blog, it would be for managers to start looking for things that their employees are doing right. That is, go out of your way to find positive things your team members are doing. It might be something(s) as simple as filling out a form or two the right way, treating people well, or consistently being on time for work every day. You know your job and its requirements better than we ever could, so take some time to think about it. And once you’ve found your team doing something right, don’t stop there — praise them for it. Don’t be afraid to do so publicly either! It’s a morale booster for your staff, and it gives your team motivation to do things the right way so that they too can, one day, be honored publicly. 

It might sound a bit silly, especially as a construction site foreman, but nobody everybody likes a bit of public praise from time to time!


Work On Your Listening Skills

Here’s another important one (they all are, legitimately): be a good listener. The first step to doing so is to recognize that you, like all of us, have room to improve in this department. Most managers know that being an effective communicator is essential to being a quality employer, but many fail to realize that listening is 50 percent of communication in the first place. 

What should you be listening to? You might be surprised to find out that your team, who spends a lot of time listening to you, could possibly have a laundry list of decent ideas for you to entertain. We’d bet that a fair chunk of them could make a tangible impact on work situations, be they process-oriented, interpersonal, or something else altogether. Remember, you aren’t just their manager — you are their motivator, and as such, one of the best ways you can inspire them is to show them that their opinion matters. That doesn’t mean you have to accept and implement every single thought that pops into their head, but hear them out! You just might become a better manager in the process. 

Offer Them The Chance To Grow

Your employees need to be nurtured and given the chance to develop for them to be fully satisfied by working at your organization. Sometimes just the opportunity is all it takes, even if people don’t take you up on the offer. But for others who are more ambitious, you’ll need to figure out a way to motivate them. Doing so will keep them engaged and motivated. With a little luck, it should also help reduce any turnover issues you might be having as well. 

Use CAT Equipment

The final piece of advice we have for you is, assuming you work in an industry such as building construction, heavy construction, mining, agriculture, crushing and screening, or a similar vertical, that you should use Caterpillar equipment for all relevant needs. Our high-quality, durable, and dependable equipment is easy to operate and won’t let your workforce down. 

As far as we are concerned, that’s a big-time morale booster for folks who depend on heavy machinery to get the job done every day!

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As has become custom with our blogs, we are turning a single post into a blog series. In the interest of not forcing our readers to read 30-minute essays, we figured this would be the preferred method, seeing as how we have so much to say on what it takes to be a good construction site manager!

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