Signs Of A Healthy Employer-Employee Dynamic, Part One

In recent Wagner Equipment blogs, we’ve bounced around a bit from topic to topic. A few posts back, we took the opportunity to describe what kind of organization Caterpillar, Inc. is in terms of our company commitments to sustainable construction. If you get the chance, we’d love it if you took a few minutes out of your day to learn more about how Caterpillar is making a difference on a global scale — in a wide range of ways! 

Fast-forward to our last blog, How To Improve As A Construction Project Manager, in which we got a lot more practical. We are a CAT equipment dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas, and we understand that many of our customers are decision-makers (or owners) on construction projects. That’s why, over the past few months, we’ve been offering up a few tips to help construction managers out. Our take is, if we can help you with high-quality construction equipment AND help you manage your team better, then why wouldn’t we? We want to help out our customer base in any way we can, and over the years we’ve become well acquainted with what works and what doesn’t on a job site.

Now, we aren’t experts by any means, so take what you like and try it out while you should feel free to discard what doesn’t work for you. Some of the following signs and tips will be specific to the construction industry, and some might be a bit more general. Regardless, we hope that you find them practically beneficial in terms of establishing a healthy employer-employee dynamic! 

Employer-Employee Dynamics

Whether you are the manager of a construction company, a retail store, or the seafaring captain of a lobster boat, your business is not going to be successful unless you are able to relate to your staff in a healthy way. 

That said, we know from personal experience that the relational dynamics between employers and employees isn’t always going to be a sunny walk in the park. On the contrary, there is bound to be a thunderstorm rolling in from time to time — that’s just the nature of the beast when people spend eight hours a day with each other, five times a week, for months, years, or even decades! Friction is inevitable, especially when people are upfront and honest about things. 

There are many things that are beyond your control as a manager. You aren’t able to directly control your employees’ commitment, their experience (or lack thereof), or their positive or negative impact on the morale of the rest of the team. Plain and simple, stuff is going to happen and it’s not always going to be fun. 

So our point(s) below aren’t so much about mitigating the friction altogether, but rather to give managers the tools needed to control the controllables — promoting a healthy work environment where both employer and employee are happy and productive. 

Why It Matters

Aside from the general rationale touched on above, it’s important to remember why this conversation is so important in the first place. Of course, it’s a self-evident good for your staff to be happy — who doesn’t want their workforce to be smiling and satisfied? But we believe that implementing some of the strategies listed below (and in part two) can help transform your company’s culture. Improved turnover and better customer service are natural by-products of this kind of change because a positive, welcoming environment is an inevitability when your workforce is glad to be at work. Hence, your customers or clients will love working with you! 

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

You weren’t always on top of the professional food chain, were you? Unless you inherited your construction company straight out of school, you can probably relate, on some level, with your workforce. Most employers were once employees, so do your best to remember what it is like being told what to do pretty much all day, every day. 

Effective managers operate with something called the assumption of positive intent, which is essentially giving people the benefit of the doubt until they prove they aren’t trustworthy. You might find yourself a bit jaded, especially if you’ve struggled with turnover and people moving onto greener pastures lately, but you cannot let that impact how you treat your new employees. Doing so wouldn’t be fair to them, and ultimately it would only be short-changing yourself by treating someone poorly. 

We know, it can be difficult to invest in a new hire who doesn’t have a natural zest for their new job, but we’d advise against judging a book by its cover. In other words, give them a chance, even if they don’t seem up to it. Utilize the tips we’ve offered up in previous posts; communicate with them to let them know where they can improve — it’s only fair!

Look Out For Part Two!

We’ve only started to scratch the surface in terms of what managers can do to encourage a healthy work environment for their employees. So keep an eye out for part two in the not-too-distant future! 

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