Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Filters, Part 1

pare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Filters, Part 1 wagner equipment co colorado new mexico texas

Heavy equipment is made of a lot of component parts — so many in fact that it can be dizzying to think about. Every nut and bolt is crucial to the operation of your heavy machinery, and it can be surprising how one small part out of place or missing can affect and/or shut down your machine. Thus, if you are a construction contractor, a miner, or you’re building a road or need to plow up your field, it’s a good idea to have some spare parts at your shop so if your heavy equipment takes a tumble, you’ll be ready to pick it right back up.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best Caterpillar equipment in the industry, both new and used. From articulated trucks and compactors to backhoes, dozers, and skid steers, as well as a whole line of Ag machines, such as harvesters, hay rakes, and tillage tractors, our Cat dealers located in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas have got your needs covered. No matter the job you are doing, from landscaping your backyard to clearing land, our heavy equipment won’t let you down. And if you think that’s enough, we also offer an incredible service department for when your Cat machine needs some love and attention plus our Cat Parts Store for all your spare parts. Below, we’ll review some of the spare parts you should keep on-hand for your heavy equipment, in particular, filters. Contact us to get started today!


Filters are one of the easiest Caterpillar engine parts to have on-hand. They don’t take up a lot of space, and you replace them often enough that having a few extra of these lying around can save you a lot of time when you need to replace one. There are many different types of filters you should have for your Cat equipment.

Oil Filter

The job of an oil filter is to remove particles and objects that can enter your Cat engine and adversely affect its performance. Dirty oil and oil that is not filtered (because the oil filter has not been changed) can damage your oil pump, causing a replacement and a possible shut down, which, if you’re a business owner, can be an expensive proposition. By simply replacing your oil filter, you will be protecting the health of your Cat engine and ensuring its longevity. Wagner’s Cat Parts Store carries all of the oil filters you would need for every piece of Caterpillar heavy equipment we sell.

You might think an oil filter is just an oil filter. Well, not so. Caterpillar oil filters come in three different efficiency levels to meet your needs which include:

  • Cat standard efficiency. These are your normal Cat oil filters that will get the job done. They offer reliable filtration of debris to keep your Cat machine running smoothly.
  • Cat advanced efficiency. This type of Cat oil filter is recommended for new Cat machinery and for heavy equipment that has strict emission standards. Featuring all of the capabilities of our standard efficiency oil filters, these advanced oil filters offer extra contamination control, more protection, better performance, and a higher fuel economy.
  • Cat ultra-high efficiency. Cat ultra-high efficiency oil filters take the advanced efficiency oil filter to the next level for maximum filtration of debris. If you are operating your heavy equipment in a dirty environment with a lot of dust and dirt, or you are using your machinery extensively, these oil filters will promote great engine health.

Fuel Filters

You guessed it, fuel filters filter your Cat engine’s fuel. Your Cat engine is the heart of the machine, and if you think of your Cat equipment like you do the human body, filters just make sense. Your body is constantly fighting off bad guys (i.e. viruses and bacteria) trying to harm it, including your vital organs such as your heart. Similarly, Cat equipment is constantly fighting off bad guys (i.e. particulates, contaminants, dirt, and debris) trying to harm its vitals, namely the engine.

Fuel filters were devised to protect your heavy machine’s fuel pump by filtering out dirt and foreign contaminants. When your fuel filters become clogged or dirty, then this debris can not allow gas to reach your engine. Without gas, your engine can’t run. Without enough gas, the Cat engine has to work harder to run on a lower fuel supply. This can cause wear and tear on your Caterpillar machine as well as affect its performance and eventually cause undue stress on your Cat engine as well.

Caterpillar makes different types of fuel filters to suit your heavy equipment needs, whether you are operating a Cat bulldozer or a Cat telehandler.

  • Cat standard efficiency engine fuel filters. No matter which type of Cat equipment you are running, our Cat standard efficiency engine fuel filters will filter out all of the normal particulates.
  • Cat advanced high efficiency fuel filters. If you are looking for a top-notch fuel filter for your Cat diesel engine, then try our Cat advanced high efficiency fuel filters. These are engineered to obtain maximum performance from your Cat machine while being fuel-efficient and reducing your carbon footprint. They remove more than 98% of particles that are four microns or larger in size.
  • Cat fuel water separators. These Cat filters are made to extend the life of your fuel injector and reduce the chance of them failing. These Caterpillar engine parts perform like our Cat advanced high efficiency fuel filters, removing more than 98% of particles that are 10 microns or larger in size. They eliminate almost 100% of free water and more than 87% of emulsified water.
  • Cat coolant conditioner filters. These Cat coolant conditioner filters help to ward off erosion and cavitation, as well as corrosion all year long.


Wagner Equipment Co has been a Cat dealer since 1976. We’ve held true to our values despite the many changes throughout the decades. We offer teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and good communication in all that we do. Our Cat machines are engineered to last for decades, performing heavy work easily, quickly, and smoothly so you can continue to improve your corner of the world. From draglines and cold planers to excavators, forest machines, pipelayers, and wheel excavators, we’ve got your heavy equipment needs covered. We also offer a whole line of Ag machines for your farming operations, such as hay rakes and mowers, as well as planting and seeding machinery. In addition, we offer dozens of Cat attachments so you can get more work done with one piece of equipment, saving you time, effort, and money. From Cat bale spears to Cat snow plows, turn your skid steer, wheel loader, and more into a force to be reckoned with.

Wagner Equipment Co believes in taking care of your heavy equipment needs throughout the entire life of your piece of Caterpillar equipment. We offer a service department that can help you get your Cat machine back up and running in no time. Furthermore, we have over 230 Cat field service technicians who can come out to your location and repair your dozer, telehandler, or other piece of Cat machinery to help minimize downtime.

Our Cat Parts Store is one of the most utilized and busiest places at our Cat dealers. With any type of machinery, you need parts when they break down. The technicians at our Caterpillar parts store can help you find what you need, and are more than happy to advise you on our different parts and types of parts, such as our different filters listed above.

Wagner Equipment Co invests in technology and innovation as well, so that you are not only getting the most out of your heavy equipment, but you are saving money as well. From our fluids analysis service, which can tell you about the health of your Caterpillar machine to our SIS Web where you can look up Cat parts information, how to guides on the assembly of systems, and Cat parts identification help, our mission is to make your Cat ownership a breeze.

If you are looking for a Cat dealer who offers the best comprehensive Caterpillar service, parts, and equipment selection, then turn to Wagner Equipment Co. We have dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas, waiting to serve you. Call to get started today!