Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Filters, Part 2

Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Filters, Part 2 colorado, new mexico, texas wagner equipment co

Most of us have experienced a breakdown on a job site. It seems like all work stops when this happens. Everyone comes over to try and figure out what the problem is, and soon all work has come to a standstill. Not only are you losing productivity from your Cat machine being down, but now you are losing all productivity as the crisis is trying to be solved. In this instance, it’s a good idea to have spare Cat parts for your heavy equipment so that you can get your Caterpillar machine up and running again in no time.

Wagner Equipment Co is an authorized Cat dealer with locations all throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. We offer new and used Caterpillar equipment, Cat service centers, and Cat parts stores so that all of your heavy machinery needs are met. We have a great online Cat parts store, as well as a great customer portal called SIS Web where you can access information about Cat parts, services, and how-to guides for when you need them. Below, we’ll continue our look at Caterpillar parts to have on hand, including filters. Call or stop by one of our authorized Cat dealers today!


Air Filters

The job of air filters is to filter the air that comes into your heavy equipment’s engine. Air carries a lot of minute particles that can harm your Cat engine, such as debris, dirt, pollutants, and contaminants, as well as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air. You can often tell when a Cat air filter needs to be replaced because they will be extremely dirty. When you replace your Cat engine’s air filter, you’ll increase your fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, increase performance, and help to prevent major breakdowns from your Cat machines. Cat heavy equipment with cabs also have cabin air filters, which protects the operator from harmful contaminants and pollutants in the air, as well as from the dust of a construction site. They help to provide a healthier and safer working environment.

Wagner’s Cat Parts Stores in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas carry different types of air filters to suit the needs of your heavy equipment.

  • Cat standard efficiency radial seal air filters. These Cat standard air filters will help with a longer service life. They offer normal filtration services and are designed for a larger capacity.
  • Cat ultra high efficiency radial seal air filters. If you work on a job site where there is a lot of dust or where you experience a heavy amount of exhaust emissions, these Cat ultra high efficiency radial seal air filters are for you. Boasting a fast efficiency rate, these Caterpillar engine parts will help protect against sharp abrasive particles, and help ensure your Cat engine performs as expected, able to handle the toughest jobs, every day of every week of every year.

Hydraulic Filters

If your Cat engine is the heart of your heavy equipment, then your hydraulics are the muscles. Hydraulics are pressurized fluid to produce motion. The pressure of the fluid provides the force needed to do work. A hydraulic system uses fluid in cylinders or hydraulic power units to do this work. Examples include when you use your car brakes to stop, lift a crane, or lift a load using a bucket on a wheel loader. On job sites, hydraulics allow you to move the same amount of dirt in one day that it would take humans using only hand tools weeks to do. Great hydraulics offer reliability, power, performance, and control. Hydraulic filters ensure your hydraulic fluid stays free from dirt and debris, keeping your entire hydraulic system working smoothly and efficiently. Any substance but especially metallic bits can cause wear and tear on your hydraulics. Ask a Wagner Equipment Co’s skilled technician for help with your hydraulic selection questions.

Caterpillar offers different types of Cat hydraulic and transmission filters to meet your needs.

  • Cat standard efficiency hydraulic and transmission filters. These Cat hydraulic filters will provide you with superb hydraulic filtration of contaminants, pollutants, and more.
  • Cat advanced high efficiency hydraulic and transmission filters. Wagner offers Cat advanced high efficiency hydraulic filters for added protection of your hydraulic and drive train system.
  • Cat ultra high efficiency hydraulic and transmission filters. Cat ultra high efficiency hydraulic filters will remove a higher concentration of the finer particulates, helping to improve performance and longevity of your Cat machine. This synthetic filter is the best for all-around energy protection and environmental-friendliness.


Wagner Equipment Co has been serving our customers with the best Cat parts, service, and new and used heavy equipment since 1976. We understand that the differences in Cat parts can be subtle, so please always ask one of our knowledgeable associates for details. We do our best to offer advice and guide you in the right direction for what you need. We can help you order online or order Cat parts for delivery here in the store.

The services that we offer our customers can be dizzying, and almost every day we hear from customers who exclaim, “Oh! I didn’t know you did that!” We love to offer you every service to take care of your new or used Cat heavy equipment for its lifetime, and when you visit our website and our blog, you can stay up to speed on the latest offerings. We are constantly innovating for you, and we love sharing all that we can do to make your life and work easier.

Some of our services we want to highlight today include heavy equipment rental. Sometimes you just need a piece of heavy equipment for one job or for a small home improvement project. There’s no need to invest in a new piece of Cat machinery when we offer heavy equipment rentals. Every piece of equipment that we sell we can rent, so give us a call to find out more about the heavy equipment rental process.

In addition, we offer remote machine condition monitoring solutions to help you improve the efficiency of your entire operations through Wagner Technology Solutions. These systems can help you optimize the performance of your heavy machinery on any job site, such as telling the operator the exact position of the cutting edge of the blade in reference to the desired grade based on the lay of the land. Automatic systems perform this for you without the operator having to move the blade. We also offer a robust online client portal where you can order Cat parts online and pay your bill. Our parts exchange program allows you to save money and time by exchanging parts for remanufactured parts.

Wagner Equipment Co is a tireless innovator who is constantly bringing our customers the latest in technology for heavy equipment, including for Caterpillar parts. If we can do something better that serves our clients better, we’ll do it. Our mission is to be your complete source for anything you need related to your Caterpillar heavy equipment. From gen sets to Cat attachments, we’ve got your needs covered. Contact one of our Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas dealers to get started today!