Sustainable Construction: Why We Love Being A Caterpillar, Inc. Dealer, Part One

Wagner Equipment Co. is your go-to CAT equipment dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We are proud to carry Caterpillar construction equipment, Ag machines, work tools, power systems, technology solutions, and provide repair parts and service to our loyal customers throughout our service area. 

In recent blogs, we’ve taken the opportunity to highlight where you can find Wagner parts and service in Colorado, in addition to breaking down the many industries and solutions we supplement with CAT equipment here at Wagner. We’d encourage you to go back and read those blogs in their entirety if you get the chance, but make sure you do it after you are done with this one. Why? We’ve got a special one in store for you today, as we will be shining the proverbial spotlight on CAT equipment as an invoker of positive change in the global world of commerce. We have a unique opportunity to impact the world with what we do, and we believe we have a responsibility to enact our values, mission, strategy, and principles into everything we do! From our hiring practices to our focus on sustainable, energy-efficient methods, we are proud to be Colorado’s top CAT equipment supplier. Keep reading to learn more about the kind of organization Caterpillar is!

Our Values

We want to refine the industry for future generations, and if you keep reading you’ll learn more about exactly how we attempt to do that. But, nevertheless, it’s a massive quest we’ve undertaken. That’s why we’ve established clear-cut values to rely on. No matter the situation, you can count on CAT dealers to always adhere to our core company values: 

  • Teamwork – We work together to do what is best for our customers and the enterprise.
  • Excellence – We provide unmatched expertise.
  • Accountability – We meet our commitments to each other and our customers.
  • Safety – We make sure everyone gets home safely every day, incident-free.
  • Integrity – We are honest, respectful, and fair.
  • Communication – We share relevant information to be more effective with our team and our customers (like right now with this blog!)

Vision, Mission, Strategy, & Principles

Our enterprise strategy is to provide targeted solutions which tangibly help our customers build a better world while maintaining a focus on our profitable growth for shareholders. We use the aforementioned values as a foundation and build on them using an information-driven approach — the Operating & Execution Model — to guide our decisions. Ultimately, we know that helping our customers in sustainable, environmentally-conscious ways will create a natural byproduct of profitable growth. As we continue to deliver industry-leading products and services, our focus remains centered in three core areas:

  • Building upon our core competencies of operational excellence — safety, quality, Lean and competitive cost discipline — to increase our advantage. 
  • Expanding our offerings to enable customer success through integrated and differentiated solutions. 
  • Growing our reliance on services with a focus on digital-enabled solutions and aftermarket to increase customer loyalty and further strengthen our relationships with our customers.

Sustainability – Building A Better World

Now we come to the meat and potatoes of why we love being part of CAT. We are 100% committed to being sustainable as we do our part to build a better world. It’s a part of who we are and it pervades our actions on a daily basis. We understand that progress just not only have to do with profitability, but it’s about promoting a balance of social responsibility, economic growth, and environmental stewardship. What excites us most about the future is that we believe our sustainable strategy supports the long-lasting success of our customers, stockholders, staff, and CAT dealers (like yours truly here at Wagner Equipment Co.!)

In part two of this two-part series dedicated to CAT’s corporate vision (yes, we did indeed just decide to turn it into a two-parter because we have so much more to cover), we’ll break down the specifics of our commitment to sustainability. This effort includes a look at our circular economy, natural infrastructure, our digital vision, how energy and climate tie in, a glance at our operations, and general product stewardship. 

Career Spotlight: Diversity & Inclusion

But before we say “until next time,” we’d like to depart with a word on our hiring practices. More precisely, our hiring practices reflect our unique dedication to ensuring our workforce is diverse and representative of the many customers we serve around the world. As we say on our corporate site, “At Caterpillar, we respect the unique talents, experiences and viewpoints of all of our employees. Different perspectives help us achieve our best work and enable our company to make positive changes in the communities where we live and work. And that matters to us.

We are serious about redefining the entire industry for future generations. We want to move forward with a talented workforce with a diversity in gender, appearance, and background. Beyond that, we are committed to eliminating gender bias in our own corner, but also in the industries we serve. Simply put, we think anyone with the drive to succeed should have every reason to believe that anyone can do any job with the right amount of passion, dedication, and expertise. 


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