Wagner Equipment: Applications & Solutions, Part One

Two blogs ago, we discussed who we are at Wagner Equipment Co., your go-to CAT equipment dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. In our last blog, we took the opportunity to highlight a few of our favorite customer reviews we’ve received in order to showcase how we treat our customers with our superior industry knowledge and commitment to excellence.

Industry Solutions

In today’s blog, we will shift gears a third time. Now that you’ve gotten the chance to hear from both us and our customers, it’s time we talk about the range of industries our CAT equipment is designed to supplement. We offer products and services for applications and industries that include agriculture, military and defense, construction, demolition, scrap & recycling, electric power generation, forestry, industrial power, waste, oil and gas, pipeline, paving, OEM solutions, power plants, quarry and aggregates, snow & ice, and governmental applications. In today’s blog, we break down how CAT products impact these industries. Keep reading if you are interested in getting a summary-style briefing on each of these applications!


Wagner Equipment Co. and CAT equipment are here with you from first light. We understand that owning and operating a farm is one of the most challenging (and rewarding) things a person can do. The fact is, so much of the hard work that takes place on North America’s farms and ranches is accomplished through the use of CAT agricultural equipment. At Wagner Equipment Co., we offer machines built for any farming task.

Everything we do is designed to help you improve productivity — which means saving time and money for you; two things farmers are often in short supply of in 2019! From small wheel loaders to mini excavators and multi terrain loaders, we’ve got you covered!


CAT supports those who are part of a U.S. federal civilian agency that works in rural America, just as we do with military units that are stationed domestically or deployed elsewhere in the world. Our support consists of providing standard products, modifying existing products, and even engineering completely new products. At Wagner Equipment Co., we understand that individuals who represent a branch of the military have unique requirements. As such, we offer tailored products and services, among which are:

  • Modifying existing equipment according to your specifications
  • Creating customized military tools and equipment
  • Using life cycle costing to ensure you get value alongside quality
  • Assisting our customers by configuring the product according to your unique needs
  • Complete access to CAT’s dealer network (which includes Wagner Equipment Co., in case you were wondering!) to make sure your equipment is fully operational

Whether you have needs that relate to federal agencies, military branches, or you’d like to learn more about our military course training schedule, CAT has got you covered!


It’s not lost on us that when most people think of Caterpillar equipment, they think of construction equipment like backhoe loaders, compactors, dozers, and the like. The thing is, there’s a reason why that happens! The fact of the matter is that CAT equipment saves everyone time while ensuring durable quality.

The universal challenge that faces pretty much every construction contractor under the sun is that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. As projects become more technologically advanced and regulatory restrictions become more…well, restricting, you and your crew need to find a sustainable solution before everyone breaks down from burnout.

CAT equipment is the solution. Here is why:

  • We have the largest dealer network for support, parts, and service
  • We offer over 35 different types of work tool attachments (the widest selection in the entire industry)
  • We have a complete line of construction equipment to handle virtually any job
  • We provide operator training to increase productivity and diminish job-site risk
  • Our products feature innovative technology focused on the priority of increasing efficiency
  • We offer comprehensive training and safety materials to make sure our construction contractor clients are fully equipped to follow all regulations
  • We design quiet, clean machines in order to meet regulations — ensuring you avoid fines and keep your reputation intact!

Demolition & Scrap Recycling – Reduce Your Operation Cost

CAT, and by extension, Wagner Equipment Co., encourages a three-step approach to selecting equipment. First, you need to understand the task at hand, which could also be described as the application. Second, once you fully understand the application, you can then select the right worktool. Then, and only then, can you move on to the third part of the equation — choosing the right equipment. The right machine supports the right work tool for the application you have in mind. Put that all together and you have the correct solution for your business, which is the basis of profit.

When it comes to demolition and scrap solutions, we offer a full range of equipment for practically any project. From hydraulic excavators that help you reclaim the total value of onsite commodities to tractors and loaders to help expedite clean-up operations, there’s a lot to like about using our dependable solutions.

Our Demolition and scrap recycling equipment is available for sale or rent at Wagner Equipment Co. The benefits of using our products include:

  • Reducing your cost per ton in a safe and scalable way
  • Site assessments and Caterpillar training are included
  • We are committed to lowering your operating cost through a variety of efforts
  • We combine technology, services, and cutting-edge equipment to supplement your company’s success

Electric Power Generation

From custom power solutions designed especially for your organization to offering exceptional product support, Wagner Equipment Co. is your go-to for electric power generation. We can help you design a power generation system that benefits you for the full life of your equipment. We have the products, coverage, financing options, maintenance, parts, and everything else you need at the top CAT dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas.

Logging & Forestry

The forestry applications our products prove to be most useful in include land management, millyard, logging, and road building. Our products offer an impressive range of reliability combined with power — all to facilitate efficient and dependable operations. As can be said for all of the industries we support, Wagner Equipment Co. offers financial solutions whether you are looking to rent or buy your CAT forestry equipment.

Governmental Agencies

We offer procurement solutions for local or state governmental agencies. As anyone who has worked in this field before, this is the kind of project where cost-saving measures are prioritized since this is taxpayer money being used. It can be difficult to find a balanced solution that offers affordable quality — and this is exactly where we come into the picture. Here’s how we can help:

  • Use CAT dealer services to increase uptime, prolong component life, and control costs from a general perspective
  • We offer resources to help you gather and compare bids in terms of total cost
  • CAT products are long-lasting and dependable, meaning they help you maximize safety, fuel efficiency, resale value, and, of course, productivity
  • We help facilitate cooperative purchasing agreements with sellers to help you reduce risk, save time, and improve overall efficiency


Whether your application is tree installation, sod installation, soil preparation, nurseries, ice and snow management, irrigation, or landscape design and build, Wagner Equipment Co. is your source for CAT equipment that brings an incredible amount of value for residential and public projects.

With regard to snow and ice management, our equipment is available for use, being prepped and ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice! Making sure we keep downtime to a minimum helps keep communities safe — while making sure you earn more money at the same time!

Industrial Engines

While this isn’t a proper industry per se, we wanted to leave part one of this series by highlighting one key point; for close to 90 years, we’ve designed and manufactured engines to excel in the world’s toughest environments. From thin-air altitudes to the arctic cold and heat of the desert, we’ll get the job done. Simply put, we offer unmatched engineering, installation, and support. You can get all of that, for sale or purchase, at Wagner Equipment Co.!

So passes part one of this multi-post blog series dedicated to highlighting the various industries for which we provide solutions. If you have any questions about what product is right for your project at hand, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’d love to hear from you and put our expertise to good work!