Machines Needed to Mine Coal, Part 3

coal mining CAT equipment wagner equipment co

Coal mining can be a complex endeavor. It’s a lot more in the 21st century than just a couple of miners with some pick axes and a screen. Coal mining today is a multi-billion dollar industry, employing over 130,000 people. Coal is found in 38 states and most of coal mining is surface mining. Each… read more

Machines Needed to Mine Coal, Part 1

coal mining CAT equipment wagner equipment co

Coal has been used for fuel for thousands of years. Funeral pyres have been found with coal remnants as far back as the Bronze Age 3,000 years ago. Aristotle mentions coal in his writings. Coal was used by the ancient Romans to heat their homes, and Marco Polo mentions that the Chinese used coal. The… read more

Machines Needed to Landscape, Part 2

wheel loader cat equipment wagner equipment co

Landscaping is an all-encompassing term for beautifying both residential and commercial yards and properties. Landscaping can be as simple as hauling in rock or mulch for your flower beds, or it can be a huge project, encompassing many acres of land that involves the planting of trees, shrubs, and bushes, the digging up and moving… read more

Machines Needed to Build a Commercial Building, Part 2

cat utility vehicle wagner equipment co

There’s something about walking into a brand new building that is mesmerizing. The wood smell is reminiscent of a forest, the appliances sparkle, and the floors shine. Stepping into a new home is akin to stepping into a painting. Creating a space for a new business, a community center for people to come together, or… read more

Machines Needed to Repave Your Parking Lot, Part 1

wagner equipment co repaving parking lot

As a business, you need to put your best foot forward in order to make the best first impression possible. Plus, how your business looks reflects to customers and potential customers how you run your business and how you care for your business. Included in this is your parking lot. Let’s face it, a nice,… read more

Machines Needed to Repour Your Concrete Driveway, Part 3

repouring driveway wagner equipment co

Here at Wagner Equipment Co, we work with heavy duty CAT equipment all day long. We both sell and rent our top-notch Caterpillar equipment to individuals and businesses in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas who will use it to improve their homes, neighborhoods, cities, and beyond. Our mission is to help you as you… read more

Machines Needed to Repour Your Concrete Driveway, Part 2

repouring concrete wagner equipment co

There truly is no limit to what CAT equipment can do for you. From attachments to the different types of heavy equipment we offer, you can accomplish all of your residential DIY projects quickly, easily, and efficiently. Let’s be honest, while you get a unique sense of pride and accomplishment when you do these tasks… read more

Machines Needed to Build a Bridge, Part 1

building a bridge cat equipment wagner equipment co

Humans have been constructing bridges since the dawn of time in order to reach places they want to reach or to conquer enemies. Some of these ancient bridges are still standing — and they were all constructed without the use of modern bridge-building machinery. Today, we are lucky enough to have the best machines available… read more

Machines Needed to Move Felled Trees

cleaning up felled trees wagner equipment co west texas

Perhaps as a child, you were given a small tree to plant in the month of April to celebrate Arbor Day. You probably planted that cute, adorable tree and watched it grow year after year into a magnificent shade tree. There is something inherently satisfying in watching trees grow year after year, and something inherently… read more

Machines Needed to Build a Barn

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It’s never too early to begin thinking about home improvement projects. From remodeling your bathroom to redoing your driveway, there are a myriad of projects that are calling for your time, attention, and resources. Here at Wagner Equipment Co, we understand that it can be hard to narrow down which home improvement projects to embark… read more