What You May Not Know About Waste Handling & Recycling

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If you’ve been looking for a CAT equipment dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas, we’ve got you covered at Wagner Equipment Co. In terms of inventory, nobody is going to beat us in our territory (and probably beyond). We’ve got forestry equipment, paving machines, heavy construction machinery, farming and agricultural equipment, and… read more

A Few Facts About Forests & Forestry, Part Two

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We begin in the midst of a two-part series regarding forestry, forests, logging, deforestation, climate change, timber, CAT forest machinery and equipment, and fact-providing in general. This is part two, for the record, and part one is a blog you don’t want to miss, assuming you are interested in learning more about deforestation, the future… read more

A Few Surprising Construction-Related Facts, Part Two

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We love all things related to construction. And that’s a good thing too, seeing as how we are Colorado’s top CAT dealer here at Wagner Equipment. We offer CAT compact machines, telehandlers, Ag machines, power systems, crushing and screening machinery, and a wide range of contractor’s equipment, tools, and supplies available for rent or purchase.… read more

Interesting Yet Random Facts About The Construction Industry

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Caterpillar is a longstanding, multinational construction equipment industry which serves over 180 countries globally. With well over 500 manufacturing and service locations around the world, we at Wagner Equipment are proud to count ourselves among them. For our part, we are the top CAT dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas, providing elite… read more

How To Motivate Your Construction Crew Effectively, Part Two

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Since 1976, we’ve been selling and renting out CAT equipment in storefront locations throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. Customers who hail from industries like forestry, governmental and municipal applications, heavy construction, building construction, waste handling, paving, mining, and more come to Wagner Equipment for our selection, price point, high-quality Caterpillar machines, and… read more