Machines Needed to Move Felled Trees

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Perhaps as a child, you were given a small tree to plant in the month of April to celebrate Arbor Day. You probably planted that cute, adorable tree and watched it grow year after year into a magnificent shade tree. There is something inherently satisfying in watching trees grow year after year, and something inherently… read more

Machines Needed to Build a Barn

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It’s never too early to begin thinking about home improvement projects. From remodeling your bathroom to redoing your driveway, there are a myriad of projects that are calling for your time, attention, and resources. Here at Wagner Equipment Co, we understand that it can be hard to narrow down which home improvement projects to embark… read more

The Basic Tools You’ll Need to Do Almost Every Home Improvement Project, Part 2

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Sometimes home improvement projects can be big undertakings, and sometimes you may find yourself in over your head. However, when you don’t have the right tools to do the job, the job only becomes that much more frustrating. Wagner Equipment, Co helps individuals and business owners in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas by supplying… read more

The Basic Tools You’ll Need to Do Almost Every Home Improvement Project, Part 1

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  Wagner Rentals Co, the best CAT dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas, is in the tool rental and the heavy equipment rental business. We see just about every type of project come through these doors of ours, and we have every tool and piece of heavy machinery to get the job done.… read more

New & Used CAT Parts Spotlight

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Genuine CAT Parts & More When you’re on the job and a part fails on a piece of vital equipment, you need a replacement part fast. Wagner Equipment is proud to serve Colorado, New Mexico, and Western Texas, providing you with top-quality replacement and repair services on just about any part imaginable. In addition to… read more

Agriculture Equipment Spotlight

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Wagner Equipment: CAT and Beyond Wagner Equipment takes pride in the quality new and used CAT products that we provide to the Colorado Front Rage, New Mexico, and Western Texas — but our services don’t stop there! Construction provision is just one facet of Wagner’s vision for serving our area. We offer a wide scope… read more