Construction Equipment Rentals We Offer


Construction uses a lot of heavy equipment in order to perform their daily work, from building houses to grading farmland that will now be the home to a new housing development. Sometimes, you just need a piece of heavy machinery for one job for a small amount of time. In that case, renting construction equipment just makes more sense.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best construction equipment rentals at our Caterpillar dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. Our mission is to provide everything that our customers need to serve their customers. We offer all types of heavy equipment, including Ag equipment, skid loaders, mining equipment, and, of course, construction equipment. Below, we’ll go over some of the many construction equipment rentals we offer. Reach out to one of our Cat dealers to get started today!


Skid Loaders

Perhaps the most versatile piece of construction equipment is the skid loader. The skid loader is compact by design and has a tight turn radius, so it’s perfect for small areas, such as subdivision and landscaping work. A skid loader features a bucket that can be used for grading, digging, and moving a variety of materials from place to place. These pieces of construction equipment are powerhouses of the construction industry, able to perform a lot of work quickly. And, if you partner with Wagner Equipment Co, you’ll see just how operator-friendly our cabs are. With the many attachments that fit skid steer loaders, you’ll find this piece of rental equipment invaluable. Learn more about construction equipment rentals today!


Another great piece of construction equipment you can rent is a bulldozer, or dozer for short. These pieces of heavy equipment have been around a long time and are great for shallow digging, ditching, grading, and in land clearing use. You can remove trees, stumps, and boulders with this machine easily. This construction equipment rental is great for transporting material from around, similar to the skid loader. You’ll also see bulldozers in not-so-common areas, such as in pond dredging. These monster machines come in a variety of sizes and can take many Cat attachments to increase its use. Rent this construction equipment from us today!


Telehandlers are distinguishable by their ability to reach high above themselves and more, or “hand” objects to people. This piece of construction equipment rental is quite popular because it can do so many things. Similar to forklifts, telehandlers fall into the material handling category as their main job is to transport materials to and fro. These pieces of construction equipment rentals take many Cat attachments, such as baskets, that, of course, expand their capabilities and usefulness. Expect to see them moving anything and everything around a construction job site. Contact Wagner Equipment Co for this construction equipment rental today!


Next to skid steers, odds are, you will see backhoes most often on a construction site. This is due to the fact that a backhoe is a front loader, a tractor, and a backhoe in one. This makes them super useful on a construction site, where you will see them moving material, helping lay rock, digging holes for foundations, and much more. From digging up trees for replanting to creating backyard ponds and water features, backhoes help make many people’s outdoor living spaces shine. Backhoes are fairly compact, making them great for residential applications and other tight spaces. Wagner Equipment Co offers many backhoes for rent. Contact us today!


One of the first pieces of heavy equipment invented, the excavator continues to make a huge impact in the amount of work that gets done, as well as our society at large. The main job of an excavator is to move dirt — and a lot of it. If land needs to be cleared and graded for a road, a high-rise building, or a bridge, the excavator is called in for the job. On a construction site, these machines can make quick work of digging basements for homes or even creating space out of a hill. With many different kinds of buckets available, you’ll take the grunt work out of your construction site. Call Wagner Equipment Co for more information on this construction equipment rental today!


The construction equipment rentals above are just a taste of the many different types of heavy equipment for rent we offer. From asphalt and pavers and cold planers to compactors and motor graders, you’ll find everything you need for your construction needs right here. Our customer service team can help you find what you need, as well as recommend the perfect Cat attachments for your use. Whether you are just looking for a daily construction equipment rental or you need a week or more, we’ve got you covered. Our rental contracts are flexible. We understand that jobs don’t often go as planned, so call us if you need an extension as well.

Wagner Equipment Co has been a leader in providing the best new, used, and rental construction heavy equipment since 1976. We’ve always put the customers first, and we continue to do so with every business decision we make. We value feedback and would love to hear how we can improve or what other offerings you’d like to see. Our mission is to help you continue to improve your corner of the world with our heavy equipment and power system rentals.

When you rent from Wagner, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a great piece of machinery that will get the job done. All of our construction equipment rental is kept up to speed on maintenance and quality-tested for performance. Plus, you can also rent machine control systems, construction instruments, and more in order to improve the performance of your machinery on the job site.

If you are looking for a construction equipment rental in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas, look no further than Wagner Equipment Co. Call one of our Cat dealers today!