Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Fluids, Part 1

Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Fluids, Part 1 wagner equipment co

Fluids are essential for your heavy machinery. If there weren’t fluids, such as coolants, oils, and greases, your machinery would not function. That’s a tall order for such a minor part. That being said, it’s important to have the right fluids for the job, which is why Caterpillar offers our own Cat fluids that are specifically designed for our machinery to improve the life and engine performance of your machines.

Wagner Equipment Co offers Caterpillar dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas who can handle your every need when it comes to Cat machines. In addition to offering new and used heavy equipment for sale, we also offer genuine Cat parts, such as fluids, that will help ensure your Cat machines stay up and running. We have a full-service repair department, including over 230 field service technicians, which can help you keep your Cat machines going strong. We offer 24-hour emergency services as well, so you don’t miss a beat and can minimize costly downtimes. From dozers to loaders and everything in-between, we’ve got your heavy equipment needs covered. Below, we’ll go over one of the spare Cat parts you should have on hand, Caterpillar fluids. Reach out to one of our Cat dealers, or visit our Cat Parts Store online to get started.


There are three main types of fluids that you should have on-hand at all times. These are:

  1. Coolants
  2. Greases
  3. Oils

Let’s take a look at each of these individually and then, in part two of our blog series, we’ll go over some of the reasons you need to have Caterpillar fluids on-hand.

Cat Coolants

Like its name states, the job of a Cat coolant in your heavy equipment is to reduce the temperature of a system and regulate it so it doesn’t become too hot., which can then cause damage to the system. Most engines have coolants. Most coolants have low viscosity (so can flow easily), high thermal capacity (can withstand heat), and do not cause damage to the systems, such as rust or corrosion. Many coolants have special additives designed for specific purposes. In the case of Cat coolants, our additives are specially-formulated for our heavy equipment, so that you can rest assured that you are not causing your Cat machine any damage and that it will perform its job swimmingly.

Caterpillar also offers many supplemental additives for your coolant in order to extend your drain times and save you money and time in the future. In addition, we offer coolant test strips, refractometers, and testing kits — all of which can help you avoid problems in the future. Shop with us online, or speak to a friendly representative to learn more today.

Cat Greases

You could almost say ever since the wheel was invented, greases have been around. After all, if you can imagine rudimentary wheels, they probably didn’t move very well in the first place, so any help one could get would have been greatly appreciated. We have early historical records that prove that grease-like substances have been around since 2400 BC in ancient Egyptian times. Grease, oils, and water were used as lubricants for simple machines, such as the shaduf and early carts, as well as for moving statues from place to place. We have records of grease being used for chariots in 1400 BC from an ancient Egyptian pharaoh’s tomb.

Grease, as you can see, has been around a long time, and as such, it has undergone many changes with many different ingredients added in order to make grease do exactly what we need it to do for specific applications. With regards to Cat machines, Caterpillar has developed our own grease in order to optimize your Cat machine’s performance. We use a unique thickener and additive blends to provide optimal protection, reduce wear and tear, and help prevent seizing. You can find out more on our website, or visit a Wagner Cat dealer near you today!

Cat Oils

Oil and greases go hand-in-hand, their main difference being its viscosity. Grease is, in fact, oil just mixed with a thickener. This allows oil to be used for different purposes within mechanical workings. Oils are best used for where there is a lot of friction and velocity, which is why it is preferred for your Cat engines. Grease is best for Cat parts that are used for heavy loading or that move vertically. Grease is designed to stay in place, rather than move like oil does, which provides a long-lasting barrier. This is why grease is preferred in applications such as wheel-bearings. Grease can also act as a seal, keeping out harmful contaminants from your Cat equipment.

Cat has developed very specific types of oils for purposes within your Cat machines. For example, 198-7369: CAT® SAEO SAE 40 (5 G), or Cat special application engine oil, helps to eliminate the formation of deposits on engines that could be harmful, while 228-6069: CAT® TDTO COLD WEATHER 0W-20 (20 L) is designed for temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, helps to control slippage and eliminate clutch glazing, and provides thermal stability. Shop all of Cat’s oils online, or visit your nearest Cat dealer to get started today!


As you can see, your Cat machine would not fare so well without fluids to keep things moving. Taking care of your fluids is one of the best things you can do for your heavy equipment. Wagner offers fluid analysis, including transmission fluid analysis, so you can discover little problems before they become costly bigger ones.

Wagner Equipment offers the best Cat fluids for your heavy equipment needs. We understand that every machine is different, and since it is so absolutely crucial that you take care of and maintain your heavy equipment so it operates optimally, it’s super important you use the right fluids. Caterpillar has spent thousands of man hours experimenting, formulating, and testing these fluids so that they help minimize friction and wear and tear, and so that your Cat machine will last for decades.

For over 40 years, our team has been helping our customers improve their corner of the world by providing the best new, used, and rental heavy equipment to meet their needs. Our dedicated team believes in forming life-long relationships with our customers, taking care of you from the moment you purchase or rent one of our machines till the moment you no longer own one. Our staff follows our values in action of excellence, integrity, teamwork, accountability, safety, and communication in order to offer you superb customer service. Our Cat dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas offer power systems, Cat parts, a comprehensive service department, fluid analysis, online account management, and financing. We understand that a piece of heavy equipment is a big investment, and we are here to help you with its every need. From Cat attachments and tillage tractors to material handlers and site prep tractors, we’ve got your needs covered. We even offer machine control systems through our partner, SITECH Rocky Mountain.

If you need Cat fluids or any other Cat part, shop online, or give one of our Cat dealers a call today!