Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Fluids, Part 2

Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Fluids, Part 2 wagner equipment co

Grease, oil, and lubricants have been around for a very long time. Humans figured out quite quickly that applying these materials to their mechanical inventions, such as a cart, a wheelbarrow, or a chariot, will make them go faster, improve their longevity, and help reduce broken wheels. Throughout history, their composition has changed, and to this day, additives are continually being added in a quest to offer long-lasting protection and improve performance.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best new and used heavy equipment, as well as rental heavy equipment. We are an authorized Cat dealer with locations throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. Since 1976, we have been serving our customers with a full line-up of heavy equipment services, including our field service technicians, who can come to your location for heavy equipment repairs, as well as Cat parts. We offer Cat reman parts, as well as our Wagner Parts Exchange, which offers you exceptional parts at great prices.

By keeping your fleet up and running, you’ll be saving money and improving your bottom line. We adhere to our core values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, safety, communication, and accountability to deliver the best customer service experience. Below, we’ll take a look at some reasons to have spare parts on-hand for your heavy equipment. Reach out to one of our Cat dealers to get started today!


Minimize Damage to Cat Parts

Most machinery is made up of many parts that work together to perform a job. These parts most likely are close to one another as they work together. However, as you can imagine, this closeness can cause undue wear and tear on your machinery. If you think about it, when two pieces of Cat heavy machinery rub against one another, they are scraping tiny bits off. This can eventually cause enough damage to where the part no longer can perform its job. Thus, it’s super important that you make sure your Cat machines have the oils, lubricants, and greases they need to operate. Caterpillar fluids are designed for Cat machines. They have the exact amount of viscosity and other components to ensure your Cat machines are protected. Call a Wagner representative for more information today.

Minimize Friction

One of the main jobs of oils, greases, and lubricants is to keep everything moving — literally. The job of your oil and lube is to stop the friction that naturally occurs between Cat parts as they move. Friction slows down your machines, and if left unchecked, eventually could cause them to cease operating altogether. When you are low on necessary Cat fluids, your Cat heavy equipment has to work harder to perform the same job because it is now fighting friction. This can result in unnecessary wear and tear on other parts, such as your engine, transmission, and more. This can also cause an increase in gas usage, all of which costs money in the end. By ensuring you have the Cat fluids you need on-hand, you will ensure friction will stay at a minimum. Call Caterpillar for more details.

Minimize Downtime

Downtime is a very unpopular word as a business owner. In fact, it’s one of the words in the English language you’d rather never hear again. Downtimes cost everyone money, from workers and managers to the business owners and your customers. For example, if you are building a home and you have subcontractors waiting for you to finish grading or framing and your loader or telehandler goes down, you are now causing a delay not only for your business, but to other businesses too. This can have ripple effects for the long term if you are then not hired again for other jobs because of heavy equipment downtimes. By always having Cat fluids on hand, you can drastically reduce your Cat equipment’s downtimes and ensure your bottomline is not affected.

Extend Lifetime

As you can imagine, if all of this wear and tear and friction continue to happen for a period of time, the lifetime of your Cat machine will be impacted. It is possible to wear down parts of your machine to the point they can’t be easily or affordably replaced. In these cases, the only option would be to invest in a new Cat machine before you are ready and before the average age of these machines should be up. This is never ideal for your business, as this can impact your accounting with depreciation and your bottomline when you have to invest in new machinery before you had planned.

Save Money

This point speaks universally to all business owners. Anytime someone mentions the words “save you money,” you listen. Oils, fluids, and greases can  significantly save you money with their proper use in your Cat machines. You won’t need to buy Cat parts from one of Wagner’s dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas as much. You won’t need to replace your heavy equipment as soon. You don’t have to worry about metal shavings getting into your product that then is sold to customers. The heat of your machines is kept down, which ensures your Cat excavator, drill, or harvester doesn’t overheat, causing damage to your machine. And with regular lubrication, you won’t have to deal with other Cat parts breaking that depend upon the part that needs fluids. Let one of our customer service associates help you with all of your Cat fluid needs today.


Wagner Equipment Co offers a slew of services for your Cat machines that should leave you not wanting. From offering new and used heavy equipment for sale to offering Cat parts, including Cat fluids, repair services, fluids analysis, machine control systems, and financing, we’ve got your needs covered. We also offer VisionLink Unified Suite so that you can monitor your assets and manage your fleet easier. We invest heavily in bringing you the latest in technology so that you can continually bring efficiencies to your processes. Our Technology Solutions offer Trimble navigation and Caterpillar Accugrade guidance systems for sale or for rent, as well as remote machine condition monitoring systems, so you can not only know the location of your heavy equipment, but also so that you can manage your machine’s health and operating conditions as well.

We also offer Wagner Training Institute where we can train you and your team in service, gas engines, safety, and development training. You’ll get hands-on experience with Caterpillar engines, parts, and equipment so that you can perform repairs yourself.

Our mission is to bring you value through our heavy equipment and services so that you can continue to impact your corner of the world, from laying a driveway to improving roads. We offer the best and most versatile Cat attachments so you can do more with only one piece of equipment. We serve every industry, from offering the best crushing and screening equipment for mining to offering everything you need for farming, from tractors to tillers. With an incredible team, we can help you with all of your heavy equipment needs.

If you are looking for Cat parts online, Cat fluids, or any other spare parts, shop online, or visit a Cat dealer near you today!