Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Seal Kits

We’ve been discussing lately on our blog the importance of having spare Cat parts on-hand. This is super beneficial to prevent downtimes, which can cost you money, and to ensure no undue damage is done to your Cat machine because a part wore out. By regularly checking your Caterpillar heavy equipment, you can ensure that your Cat machine is ready to work when you are. 

Wagner Equipment Co offers new, used, and rental heavy equipment. Our mission is to help you with your heavy equipment needs so you can keep improving your corner of the world. We are a comprehensive Cat dealer with locations in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We offer field service technicians to come to your location and get your Cat machine up and running again. We offer our Cat Parts store to supply your genuine Cat part needs, and we offer technology, such as machine and grading control systems through our partner, SITECH Rocky Mountain. Not to mention we always put the customer first. There is so much to love about our services and our people. Below, we’ll take a look at specific seal kits and their components that you need to have on hand. Visit our Cat Parts Store online, or stop by one of our Cat dealers today!


What is a Seal?

Seals are small components, usually made out of rubber, that are used to prevent fluid leaks, extend the life of important component parts, such as cylinders, help to minimize friction and promote energy conservation, and help to prevent wear and tear. Now that’s a tall order for a tiny piece of rubber!


  • Cat seals are integral to your Cat machine’s health. As mentioned above, Cat seals have an important job to do. They ensure a tight fit, that no fluids leak when they are not supposed to leak, and they prevent wear and tear on your Cat machine. Because they are so intricate to the function of your Cat machine’s health, it’s super important that you regularly check these and have them on-hand for when one pops off or they break.
  • Cat seals ensure your Cat machine’s optimal performance. A machine works best when all of its component parts are functioning as they should. This ensures optimal performance, which means your Cat machine is doing the heavy lifting, the pushing, or the pulling it was designed to do. Cat seals are like supporting actors; they ensure the major parts are doing their job well.
  • Cat seals prevent downtime. Heavy machinery is one of human’s best inventions, enabling us to create structures, such as skyscrapers, that would be unachievable otherwise. That being said, when machines go down, work can virtually stop on your jobsite. Surprisingly, it can be the simplest of things, such as a broken Cat seal, that causes a leak or some other major component part to break, and you get the point. A domino effect occurs, and next thing you know, your Cat machine is down.
  • Cat seals promote longevity. As you know, a Cat machine is not exactly on the cheap side. The best thing about Cat machines is that they are engineered to last decades with proper maintenance and with such offerings as our Cat Certified Rebuild Program. That being said, little things can make all of the difference, and when broken seals are ignored that lead to friction, undue temperature damage, and other preventable wear and tear, years can be cut off your Cat machine’s performance. When you partner with Wagner and our Cat parts, such as seals, you can rest assured your Cat machine will continue to perform for years.


  • Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit. As you know, the hydraulics on your Cat machine are one of the most important systems, providing the power for lifting heavy objects, as well as help with the stop and go systems. Thus, Cat Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit will help ensure all seals for your hydraulic cylinder are in place and functioning.
  • O-Ring Seal Kit. It’s nice to be able to order all of your O-rings for your Cat machines at one time and in one convenient place. Plus, we’ve included a rugged plastic container to keep them safe and for easy accessibility. These Cat seals exceed SAE and other seal specifications.
  • CM-Bulk Seals. Cat bulk seals are used to seal enclosures, but also are useful for sound deadening, vibration isolation, cushioning, and thermal insulation. The great thing about bulk seals is that Caterpillar engineers these to match the temperature, chemical resistance, and UV exposure that you will be using them for.
  • Rectangular Seals & Rings. Caterpillar sells every seal you will need for your Cat machine, including rectangular seals and rings. We also sell seals for fuel systems, and sealing washers. Reach out to a Wagner dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, or west Texas today.


Here at Wagner Equipment Co, we aim to keep you moving. We do this by offering the best new and used heavy equipment, as well as heavy equipment rentals. We offer Cat attachments and work tools so you can do more with less. We offer power systems, such as electrical generators, to keep you moving even in the remotest locations, and we offer various technology solutions, such as remote machine condition monitoring systems and our top-of-the-line fluids analysis. Wagner Equipment also offers a fleet of self-contained, electrical power generators and air compressors for rent, many of which are contained within sound muffling and weather-proof enclosures. We offer specialized oilfield equipment as well to meet the demands of this unique industry.

Wagner prides itself on having the Cat parts in stock or readily available when you need them the most, from seals to belts and engine parts. All of our Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas Cat dealers have a Cat Parts Store, so you can always stop in to see what we have. We understand the importance of having access to the Cat Parts you need, which is why we also offer Cat Parts Drop Boxes that offer 24-hour access for convenient pickup and help ensure you don’t have downtime. Check out our reman Cat parts and our used heavy equipment parts to save you money. We are always here to help you with genuine Cat parts when you need it. Our expert customer service staff is ready when you need us. Reach out to our team today for all your Cat part needs, including seals, today!