Wagner Heavy Equipment for Your Pumpkin Patch

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For many, fall ranks as their favorite season. In fact, in a recent poll, 29% of people said fall was indeed their favorite season. Who can blame them? The leaves are turning brilliant colors that light up our streets, mountains, and communities with color. The fall afternoons are the perfect temperature with a hidden crispness to us that is invigorating to our souls. The shorter days and longer nights lead to a plethora of activity in order to prepare for the coming winter. And, of course, fall boasts one of many Americans’ favorite holidays: Halloween.

Many people hit their local pumpkin patch in late September and early October. The thrill of searching through rows of plump, orange pumpkins in search of the best and the brightest pumpkins only comes once a year and is a family event for all. Indian corn and gourds are often procured at the same time, as well as a corn maze and a hay ride. Throw in some barn animals and photo ops, and you have one of the best days of the year.

But did you ever stop to wonder what heavy equipment it takes to make a pumpkin patch and to keep it running till the end of the season?

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best new and used heavy equipment for sale, as well as offering rental heavy equipment and heavy equipment financing. Our Cat dealers are located throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas in order to serve you. In addition, our support services are phenomenal, consisting of over 230 field service technicians who are ready to help you troubleshoot misbehaving heavy machinery, as well as our Cat Parts Store, that stocks parts for your heavy equipment when you need them the most.

Since 1976, we’ve been abiding by our Wagner values, which consist of integrity, honesty, communication, teamwork, accountability, and excellence in order to ensure both our employees and our customers are taken care of. Our highly-trained customer care associates are ready to answer your questions and ensure you understand all of your options in terms of how our heavy equipment can fit your needs. Below, we’ll go over some of the Caterpillar heavy equipment you will need for your pumpkin patch. Contact Wagner Equipment today!


Planting Equipment

In order to have a pumpkin patch in the first place, you need pumpkins. Thus, you’ll need to plant those pumpkins, and Wagner Equipment Co offers a variety of tillage and planting equipment to fill this need. Our friendly customer service experts would be more than happy to go over our offerings with you. Once the pumpkins are ready, you can offer pumpkin painting as well.

Tractor that Can Pull a Cart Full of People

One of the best parts about a pumpkin patch trip is the hayride. Hay rides, if you think about them, are inherently simple. You have a tractor that pulls a cart where people sit on bales of hay. Surprisingly, this activity is incredibly fun, even though there are no high-tech gadgets involved, and both adults and children love them.

Most types of tractors will work for a hayride, so you won’t need to invest in a heavy equipment rental from Wagner unless you just don’t necessarily have the right type of tractor. We offer tillage tractors, midrange tractors, and more that would only require your Cat attachment to be removed in order to provide this fun activity for all on your pumpkin patch. Call Wagner Equipment Co for availability today!

Mower To Make a Corn Maze

While making a corn maze is a lot of hard work, at the end of the day, you will most definitely need a mower. Once the pattern has been laid out and marked in your corn field, you get on a mower and cut out the maze. You then use a tiller (which we can sell or rent to you as well) to till the ground you mowed to keep the corn from growing back. After that, you simply maintain the path and enjoy your visitors’ joy come fall!

Truck to Haul up Pumpkins and Gourds

Many people love to go to pumpkin patches, but they don’t want to go out and search for pumpkins. Maybe they are an older couple, or they have young children in tow who just can’t walk very far yet. For that reason, you’ll need something that can haul pumpkins and gourds up front, so people can choose a pumpkin easily. Wagner does offer on-highway truck renters, as well as trailer rentals if you need help hauling your pumpkins. Contact us for heavy equipment financing today!

Trebuchet for Pumpkin Throwing Contests (Known As Pumpkin Chunkin)

If you are incredibly lucky, your pumpkin patch might have a trebuchet on-hand, or other sort of means to launch pumpkins in the air (known as pumpkin chunkin), such as a slingshot, catapult, or a cannon. A trebuchet is a piece of heavy equipment that has been around since ancient times. First invented by the Chinese, trebuchets were used in order to hurl objects over castle walls during sieges. They gained huge popularity in medieval times in Europe. Anything from flaming balls of tar to dead bodies were hurled over in an effort to take the castle. The use of trebuchets declined as gunpowder began to be used in warfare. Nowadays, trebuchets still exist, but if you’re lucky enough to see one, they are mainly used in hurling pumpkins instead.

While Wagner Equipment Co does not rent trebuchets, we do rent heavy equipment to clean up after your pumpkin chunkin contests. Cat Brooms are attachments that can be fixed to skid steers, multi-terrain loaders, compact truck loaders, and wheel loaders that can clean dn remove dirt, rock, snow, and other debris from roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and other flat areas, including from pumpkin patches. Cat Brooms sweep and deposit material into an integrated hopper bucket that is easy to remove and dump. You can choose from different types of brooms. Our Utility Broom both sweeps debris in both a forward or a reverse motion, giving you the most versatility and option. We also offer Pickup Brooms and Angle Brooms as well.


Since 1976, Wagner Equipment Co has been the best heavy equipment dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and west Texas. Our mission since the beginning has been to deliver the highest-quality Caterpillar new and used heavy equipment, as well as rental heavy equipment with the best full-service support system. Our Caterpillar factory-trained field service technicians can quickly diagnose and repair your heavy equipment, and our Cat Parts Store has just what you need to make your piece of heavy machinery purr. In addition, we have embraced technology and continue to do so. Our partner, SITECH Rocky Mountain, offers machine control systems and survey rental equipment for your use, as well as other advanced technology to help you in your construction management projects. We have an app you can download and use to access your online account, and you can pay online as well.

Wagner Equipment Co has been innovating and adapting since its inception. We understand the cyclical nature of heavy equipment rentals, which is why we have everything you need for when you need to take care of your pumpkin patch for six weeks or for when you need to harvest your hay for your horses, cows, and sheep. When a late landscaping project comes up, we have the backhoe and the skid steer rentals ready. When you need another dozer for snow removal, we’ve got you covered, and when you need to dig out a basement for a new addition for your home in the spring, our excavators are standing by.

For heavy equipment, including heavy equipment for your pumpkin patch, Caterpillar is the name you can trust. Contact one of our Cat dealers today to get started!