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Hydraulic systems are essential to the operation of today's heavy equipment

You’ll find them in everything from excavators and telehandlers to bulldozers and skid steer loaders. Hydraulics, which rely on pressurized fluid —typically oil —to generate power, provide a more efficient way to create movement. They can also increase machine power, accuracy and precision.

Wagner Equipment Co. has been proudly serving equipment owners in Colorado, New Mexico and Far West Texas since 1976.

Along with the sophistication of advanced hydraulic systems comes the need for specialized hydraulic repair service in the event of a mechanical malfunction or breakdown.When dealing with a failing hydraulic system, the first step is to isolate the cause —using sophisticated diagnostics, Wagner can help you avoid a trial-and-error approach with a failing hydraulic system.

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Hydraulic Service on any make or model

As our service business has grown, our hydraulic repair service capabilities have expanded to offer service on any make or model. Our service technicians receive professional training and have experience in all types of hydraulic repairs –from cylinders and pumps, to motors, valves, hoses and work tools.

Plus, we offer hose rebuild and supply options to save you time and money.


The last couplings you'll ever need

Cat reusable couplings for XT Hose are the last couplings you’ll ever need. A unique design lets you reuse couplings even after the hose is worn out. That means you:

  • Save an average of 30 percent or more off the cost of assemblies with permanent couplings
  • Eliminate the need to purchase a new coupling every time you replace worn hose –saving you money time and time again
  • Get back to work quickly by always having a ready inventory of couplings
Guaranteed against failure

Cat reusable couplings for XT Hose are guaranteed against failure –or Wagnerwill replace them free of charge. Guarantee excludes failure caused by abuse, neglect, fire, improper use, improper installation or improper repair. There is no specific limit to the number of times a coupling can be reused. Dollar savings compound with each replacement.


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