Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions) are built to help you better manage your assets and lower your operating costs. Working with your Wagner One Professional Team, you can monitor the location, the fuel burn and the utilization of your equipment, as well as any health and maintenance issues. Staying informed on the status of your heavy machinery and other assets will increase your operational efficiency by significant margins.

Heavy Equipment Management is just one of the areas where Cat connect solutions combines technology and services to boost your job site efficiency. Connecting solutions makes smart use of technology to monitor, controlb and manage your Caterpillar equipment. Using the information gathered from technology-equipped machines, Wagner can help you find new ways to enhance production, reduce costs, improve safety and build the most sustainable, successful business possible.

Wagner EM Solutions: Levels

The three levels of service ensure you get the support you want, whether you prefer to do your own maintenance or have Wagner handle the details while you focus on the work.

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Data and Reporting

  • Provides customers with data, reports, specialized software, analysis tools, standardized training and visualizations.
  • Contains automated services.
  • Targets customers who will interpret and/or act on the data on their own.




Analysis and Recommendations

  • Provides customers with analysis and/or consultation.
  • Contains services delivered by a person either remotely or in person.
  • Targets customers who want Cat to provide recommendations based on data.
  • Cat may or may not be contacted to carry out recommendations.

Your Cat equipment dealer Wagner will deliver notifications at the overall fleet level that help you determine if there are areas of concern, like excessive idle time.

Knowledge is power. Level 2: INFORM gives you more information about your fleet, helping to transform data into operational efficiency.



Support and Risk/Gain Sharing

  • Provides customers with the highest level of consultative and customized services.
  • Often includes services from the Inform and Advise categories.
  • Contains risk/gain sharing, performance guarantees and outsourcing.
  • Targets customers who want a partnership for Cat management and more.