Frequently Asked Questions – Connected Assets

What is a connected asset? A connected asset is a machine that has a ProductLink device attached that sends information related to the Cat machine’s, usage hours, location, and other information to a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

What is My.Cat.Com and what does it have to do with a connected asset? My.Cat.Com is a customer portal where you can see your machine’s usage hours, location and other data.

What is ProductLink and what is it for? ProductLink devices are boxes that attach to a machine, collect data for view on a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

What is VisionLink and what‘s it for? VisionLink takes data analysis to the next level beyond what can be seen via My.Cat.Com. VisionLink provides users the most robust and up to date information available to help control costs and improve efficiencies.

When a customer visits My.Cat.Com and views their connected assets is that the same thing as accessing VisionLink? My.Cat.Com provides a basic view of asset information. VisionLink provides a more robust and expanded view of the machine’s operating health.

How much does VisionLink Daily Cost?
$75 per year per unit.

How much does VisionLink Premium Cost?
• Free for six months on new machine purchases
• $300 per year per unit

What is the difference between VisionLink Daily and VisionLink Premium?
• VisionLink Daily provides updated data once per day
• VisionLink Premium provides updated data up to hourly

Which of the following value added statements best describes VisionLink Premium?
• Provides access to all electronically controlled modules
• Provides information updates hourly
• Create automated reports for daily distribution
• Create Geo Fences around job sites
• Measure Idle Time
• Measure Fuel Burn
How many times per day does machine information get refreshed in My.Cat.Com? One time per day.
What is the most common ProductLink device that comes standard equipped on the majority of the equipment we distribute? PL 641
What is the most commonly recommended ProductLink Device that needs to be retrofitted on Cat equipment and non-Cat equipment not yet connected?
PL 542
Will ProductLink devices and VisionLink work with a mixed fleet customer? Yes
Can ProductLink devices work without good cell phone coverage? Yes. ProductLink devices can send information via cellular or satellite connection. If cell coverage is not reliable a satellite device will be recommended.
What are the TWO most common pieces of information that a customer wants from a connected asset? Machine Hours and Location.

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