Main Facility: 18021 E. 22nd Ave., Aurora, CO 80011 | 303-365-8925

Wagner Training Institute offers all types and levels of training under one roof.  We are your “One Stop” for service (technical), operator, gas engine, safety, staff and management development training.  Our services are offered not only to our internal employees but to Wagner Equipment Co customers and to businesses looking to expand their knowledge.   We are a certified Regional Dealer Learning Center for Caterpillar in the area of gas engines.

Employees that are knowledgeable and capable in their skills are more productive, safer, motivated, and efficient.  Our courses are developed to meet the highest learning standards.

Participants experience hands-on labs with Caterpillar engines and equipment including compact construction equipment and our gas engine lab featuring two running engines to diagnose and debug.  Participants are given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledgeand proficiency through both written and performance assessments during training.

We have FranklinCovey, DDI-Certified and a CPLP-Certified instructor to provide you with excellent staff and management development classes.

Wagner Training Institute has a very talented and highly-motivated staff here to help with all your training needs.  We will customize our classes to meet your specific training needs.

With over 380 combined years of industry experience, our instructors are prepared to handle all your training requests.

For more information, please email or call us at 1-800-515-8692.