New & Used CAT Parts Spotlight

Genuine CAT Parts & More

When you’re on the job and a part fails on a piece of vital equipment, you need a replacement part fast. Wagner Equipment is proud to serve Colorado, New Mexico, and Western Texas, providing you with top-quality replacement and repair services on just about any part imaginable. In addition to providing genuine Caterpillar parts, Wagner can provide assistance and service to all of the following:

  • Used Parts from:
    • Komatsu
    • John Deere
    • Terex
    • Hitachi
    • And more!

Wagner is committed to being able to provide any part from any store. We have several locations across three states, and each one can provide solutions to your equipment needs. We specialize in remanufactured parts, we can rebuild major components such as engines, transmissions, hydraulic hoses, and final drives, and we can also provide aftermarket parts solutions for equipment like Undercarriage, GET, Wearparts, and more! 

For your added convenience, Wagner provides you with parts drop boxes, 24-hour emergency maintenance service, and a full-service parts counter at every single Wagner location. When you need a part replaced or fixed, you need it as fast as possible, and Wagner is your solution!

Parts Spotlight

We’d like to share with you just a small sampling of the parts that Wagner Equipment provides for you! If you have any questions about parts that are not mentioned here, please contact Wagner Equipment immediately, and we will get you the parts and solutions you are seeking. Take advantage of the following quality parts and more from Wagner Equipment:


When an auger bites the dust, it can stop a job in its tracks. Wagner Equipment can provide you with replacement augers in any size available! From smaller augers, like the 153-4084 9” diameter auger for fence posts and shrub planting, all the way up to huge augers like the 153-4091 36” diameter model. We also provide bits and heads to every auger model. When your auger fails, we’ll get you back on the job in no time.

Bale Grabs & Spears

Don’t let yourself get stuck with stacks of baled material and no way to move them from point A to B. Wagner can get you back on track with genuine Caterpillar replacement baler attachments like the 477-9896 71” Bale Grab, as well as multiple widths of bale spears, like the 475-6070 35” Bale Spear or the 475-6080 45” Bale Spear. A stack of bales with no way to move them is a literal roadblock in your progress, and Wagner Equipment can get the show back on the road as quickly as possible with these replacement parts.



Wagner can provide multiple sizes of robust, high-capacity blades for moving soil, livestock waste and other materials, as well as leveling and grading terrain. We can provide replacement blades for your equipment like 177-1989 75” width blade and the 489-2002 BB124 99” width box blade. Get back to getting your materials moved and your surfaces properly levelled and graded in no time with these replacement parts from Wagner Equipment.


Wagner Equipment can provide you and your business with a vast selection of every bucket type available, both with pin-on interfaces and coupling interfaces. If you’re in need of a replacement 3060-3315 4.5 cubic yard bucket or a 134-5866 16” pin on bucket, we can provide it to you quickly and where you need it. 


A dead battery will leave your equipment and your project dead in the water. When you need to get your equipment back online fast, Wagner Equipment will be there for you quickly. We provide replacement general service batteries such as 6, 8, and 12 Volt varieties for riding mowers and tractors, recreational vehicles and ATVs, light trucks, and even school buses. Wagner also has you covered when it comes to premium, high-output batteries that exceed all industry standards. These batteries are used in all CAT machines and generator sets, and are equipped to operate in the most extreme of terrains and can withstand vigorous vibration. 


You can have the toughest, most durable hard components in a piece of equipment that last a lifetime, but when a small piece of electronics fails, you can be left with a monumental paperweight. Wagner Equipment can get your machines back up and running when technology falters with these electronic components and more:

  • Circuit breakers and fuses
  • Connectors and terminals
  • Controls
  • Displays
  • Gauges
  • Harnesses and wires
  • Motors
  • Switches

Don’t let the failure of electronic components bring your projects to a screeching halt. Come to Wagner for service or replacement of any piece of electronics that needs attention in your equipment.

Engine Parts

Engine parts will fail after a certain period of time— it’s just the nature of the beast. When the natural wear and tear of getting tough jobs done begins to take its toll on your equipment, Wagner can provide you with replacement parts for your entire engine. We are able to service belts, pulleys, drives, braking systems, camshafts, cooling system components, cylinder block and head components, or we can even simply provide your engine with a complete overhaul. Wagner is your one-stop shop for everything that makes your equipment’s engines run.


Engine fluids are the lifeblood of all of your equipment. When you need engine fluids replenished, Wagner Equipment can provide every solution. Come to us for all of your coolant needs, diesel exhaust fluids, greases, and oils. We specialize in fluids that are designed specifically for CAT brand equipment, but that doesn’t mean that we are not able to provide you with the fluids you need for your equipment. Contact us today, and we will get the products you need to keep your equipment running smoothly. 


Keep business rolling with tire services from Wagner Equipment. We can provide wheel replacements for all of your machines, including tires with construction tread, off-road tread, and smooth tread, as well as wheel accessories like mudflaps. Again, Wagner specializes in CAT Flexport Tires, but our commitment is to you and your business. Contact us to find a solution for your tires that accommodates your needs, and we will be more than happy to help.

Wagner Provides All These Parts & More

This list has just been a small sampling of the equipment and replacement parts that Wagner can provide for your business. If you are in need of a part or component that we did not mention here, we highly encourage you to contact our team, and we will find the parts and solutions that you need to keep your business running smoothly and effectively. Other parts that we offer include air conditioning kits, belts, CAT remanufactured products, CAT-certified rebuilt products, cylinder seals, drive-train components, filters, hand tools, hydraulics, lights, radios, seats, and various shop supplies. Whatever equipment needs you have, Wagner Equipment will provide you with a fast solution all along the Front Range, New Mexico, and Western Texas. We look forward to working with you!