gas-compressionFor the long and complex path gas and oil must travel, Wagner Power Systems offers the most comprehensive line of gas compression engines available.

Gas lift, reinjection, processing, storage and retrieval, enhanced recovery, pipeline transmission…name the application, and we’ll match it with an efficient, dependable engine powered by Caterpillar. Name your power rating, and we’ll match that too. Wagner has experience in gas compression installations around the world!

Wagner offers combustion technology that will burn almost any gaseous fuel, natural gas, coal bed methane or wellhead gas and can be programmed to switch from one to another. This flexibility, along with high reliability, makes Wagner engine packages ideal for gas lift operations. The Cat engines, offered by Wagner, handle the changing conditions of well head and gathering applications, with the ability to withstand a wide range of pressures and conditions. We can supply the power you need as well as remote startup and monitoring capabilities to get the job done. In the processing industry, unmatched reliability and long-term output make Cat engines the obvious choice.

Cat Gas Compression Engines

Need an engine drive for compressed air? Let us help you with your application. We can supply the engine only, either diesel or gas, or we can design and supply the complete package. Reach out to the top Cat engine dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas.