A008378BLifting and transporting hydrocarbons is an all or nothing business. You either run continuously or face continual loss. Downtime can add up to thousands of barrels in no time, so let Wagner Power Systems help you design a consistent power delivery solution from the well to the market, with:

  • High mechanical efficiency
  • High efficiency at various operating speeds
  • Simple startup and operation
  • Fuel flexibility (type and quality)

Diesel Or Natural Gas Engines

Generator sets can be powered by diesel or natural gas or by our Wagner designed fuel system that allows the engine to run on propane or natural gas and automatically switch between the fuels as required.

Whether your pumping application involves crude transfer, water disposal, or water transfer, Wagner can match any horsepower, speed, or fuel specification. Our custom packaged pumps are also available with electric motor drives for horizontal centrifugal, vertical turbine, and reciprocating pumps. Reach out to Wagner if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Wagner Power Systems.