352F Hydraulic Excavator

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352F – 2015, Tier 4 Final, NACD

The 352F L is built to take on your up-close and far-out excavating tasks. The 52-ton machine features a variable gauge undercarriage that retracts for transport and expands to help increase stability and lift capability, particularly helpful when you do a lot of work over the side. Where the real power comes in is through the integrated engine, hydraulic, and work tool systems. You can move tons of material – literally – every hour, on the hour, all day long with a great deal of speed, precision, and efficiency.
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  • Optional Equipment
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Standard Equipment

    • Cat C13 ACERT diesel engine
    • Biodiesel capable up to B20
    • Meets Tier 4 Final emission standards
    • 2300 m (7,500 ft) altitude capability
    • Electric priming pump
    • Automatic engine speed control
    • Standard, economy and high power modes
    • Two-speed travel
    • Side-by-side cooling system
    • Radial seal air filter
    • Primary filter with water separator and water separator indicator switch
    • Fuel differential indicator switch in fuel line
    • 2×6 micron main filters
    • 1×10 micron primary fuel line filter
    • Regeneration circuit for boom and stick
    • Reverse swing dampening valve
    • Automatic swing parking brake
    • High-performance hydraulic return filter
  • CAB
    • Pressurized operator station with positive filtration
    • Mirror package
    • Sliding upper door window
    • Glass-breaking safety hammer
    • Removable lower windshield within cab storage bracket
    • Coat hook
    • Beverage holder
    • Literature holder
    • Radio with MP3 auxiliary audio port
    • Two stereo speakers
    • Storage shelf suitable for lunch or toolbox
    • Color LCD display with warning, filter/fluid change, and working hour information
    • Adjustable armrest
    • Height adjustable joystick consoles
    • Neutral lever (lock out) for all controls
    • Travel control pedals with removable hand levers
    • Two power outlets, 10 amp (total)
    • Laminated glass front upper window and tempered other windows
    • Grease Lubricated Track GLT4
    • Towing eye on base frame
    • Heavy-duty track rollers
    • Track motor guards
    • 80 amp alternator
    • Circuit breaker
    • Boom light
    • Cab lights with time delay
    • Exterior lights integrated into storage box
    • Cat one key security system
    • Door locks
    • Cap locks on fuel and hydraulic tanks
    • Lockable external tool/storage box
    • Signaling/warning horn
    • Secondary engine shutoff switch
    • Openable skylight for emergency exit
    • Rearview camera

Optional Equipment

    • Electric refueling pump with auto shut off
    • Starting kit, cold weather, –32° C (–26° F)
    • Jump start receptacle
    • Quick drains, engine and hydraulic oil
    • Control pattern quick-changer, two way
    • Additional circuit
    • Boom and stick lines
    • High-pressure line
    • Medium-pressure line
    • Cat quick coupler line – high- and medium-pressure capable
    • Quick coupler for high pressure
    • Tool control system
  • CAB
    • Cab hatch emergency exit
    • Seat, high-back air suspension with heater and cooling
    • Seat, high-back air suspension with heater
    • Seat, high-back mechanical suspension
    • Sunscreen
    • Windshield wiper, lower with washer
    • AM/FM radio
    • Air pre-filter
    • Travel alarm
    • Left foot switch
    • Left pedal
    • Straight travel pedal
    • Long VG undercarriage: – 600 mm (24") double grouser shoes, PPR2 – 750 mm (28") triple grouser shoes, PPR2 – 900 mm (35") triple grouser shoes, PPR2
    • Guard, full length
    • Guard, heavy-duty bottom
    • Center track guiding guard
    • Segmented (3 piece) track guiding guard
    • Fabricating idler
    • Casting idler
    • 8.6 mt (9.4 t) with counterweight removal device
    • 9.0 mt (9.9 t)
    • Bucket linkage: – TB family without lifting eye
    • Long Reach boom: – 7.4 m (24'3") boom – R4.3TB (14'1") stick
    • Reach boom: – 6.9 m (22'8") boom – R3.9TB (12'10") stick – R3.35TB (11'0") stick
    • Working lights, cab mounted with time delay
    • HID lights, cab mounted with time delay
    • Halogen boom lights
    • HID boom lights
    • FOGS, bolt-on
    • Guard, cab front, mesh
    • Guard, vandalism
    • Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope
    • Product Link



Long Name:
352F Hydraulic Excavator


Engine Model:
Cat® C13 ACERT™
Net Flywheel Power:
396 hp / 295 kW
Net Power – SAE J1349:
417 hp / 311 kW
5.12 in / 130 mm
6.18 in / 157 mm
763 in3 / 12.5 L
Gross Power – SAE J1995:
432 hp / 322 kW


Operating Weight:
115700 lb / 52500 kg
Maximum Weight:
115700 lb / 52500 kg


Maximum Travel Speed:
2.9 mph / 4.7 km/h
Maximum Drawbar Pull:
75300 lbf / 335 kN

Hydraulic System

Main System – Maximum Flow (Total):
203 gal/min / 770 L/min
Swing System – Maximum Flow:
102 gal/min / 385 L/min
Maximum Pressure – Travel:
5076 psi / 35000 kPa
Maximum Pressure – Swing:
3989 psi / 27500 kPa
Pilot System – Maximum Flow:
7.1 gal/min / 27 L/min
Pilot System – Maximum Pressure:
598 psi / 4120 kPa
Boom Cylinder – Bore:
6.69 in / 170 mm
Boom Cylinder – Stroke:
60.00 in / 1524 mm
Stick Cylinder – Bore:
7.48 in / 190 mm
Stick Cylinder – Stroke:
69.21 in / 1758 mm
TB Family Bucket Cylinder – Bore:
6.30 in / 160 mm
TB Family Bucket Cylinder – Stroke:
53.39 in / 1356 mm
Maximum Pressure – Equipment:
5076 psi / 35000 kPa
Maximum Pressure – Equipment (Lift mode):
5512 psi / 38000 kPa

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity:
190 gal / 720 L
Cooling System:
13.2 gal / 50 L
Swing Drive (each):
2.6 gal / 10 L
Final Drive (each):
4.0 gal / 15 L
Hydraulic System (including tank):
150.6 gal / 570 L
Hydraulic Tank:
107.5 gal / 407 L
Engine Oil (with filter):
10 gal / 38 L

Sound Performance

Operator Noise (Closed) – ISO 6396:
69 dB(A) / 69 dB(A)
Spectator Noise – ISO 6395:
106 dB(A) / 106 dB(A)


ISO 10265
SAE J1356
ISO 12117-2

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed:
8.7 rpm / 8.7 rpm
Swing Torque:
109500 lbf-ft / 148.5 kN·m


Number of Shoes (each side) – Long Variable Gauge Undercarriage:
Number of Track Rollers (each side) – Long Variable Gauge Undercarriage:
Number of Carrier Rollers (each side) – Long Variable Gauge Undercarriage:

Service Refill Capacities

DEF Tank:
11 gal / 41 L


Key Features

Built-in benefits and available options

Following are the built-in benefits and available options that make 352F L an outstanding performer and an excellent choice for your line of work:


  • The C13 ACERT engine meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final emission standards.
  • The emissions package works behind the scenes without interrupting your job.
  • Engine speed control automatically lowers rpm when the machine doesn’t need it to help you save fuel.
  • Three power modes – high, standard, and eco – and automatic engine idle shutdown help you more actively manage fuel consumption.


  • Major hydraulic components are located close together so shorter tubes and lines can be used, leading to less friction loss, reduced pressure drops, and more power to the ground.
  • The main control valve opens slowly when the range of joystick lever movement is small and opens rapidly when movement is high, putting flow where you need it when you need it for smoother operation and greater efficiency.
  • Electric boom and stick regeneration keeps oil flow at the head and rod ends of the cylinders instead of going back to the tank, which results in less pressure loss for higher controllability, more productivity, and lower operating costs.


  • The full-size roll-over protective structure (ROPS) cab is both quiet and comfortable.
  • The automatic climate control system maintains consistent cab temperature.
  • Joysticks, armrests, and seats adjust to your preference.
  • Seats include heated and cooled options.
  • The LED monitor is programmable in 42 languages.
  • A drink holder, storage areas, and auxiliary power outlets are in easy-to-reach areas.


  • Heavy-duty (HD) reach and mass excavation (ME) booms and sticks are available.
  • HD reach booms and sticks offer you excellent all-around versatility for general excavation work like multipurpose digging and loading.
  • ME booms and sticks provide higher digging forces for heavy material like rock due to special boom and stick geometry, bucket linkage, and cylinders built for greater durability.
  • The upper frame is built with special mounts to support the ROPS cab.
  • The lower frame is reinforced to enhance component durability.
  • Track shoes, links, rollers, idlers, and final drives are built with high-tensile-strength steel.
  • Grease-lubricated track link prevents dirt and debris from entering.
  • The counterweight is bolted directly to the main frame for added rigidity.

Work Tools

  • Multiple Cat Work Tools – designed specifically for Cat machines – are available for a wide range of applications.
  • Cat quick couplers allow you to switch from one tool to another in a matter of minutes.
  • Cat tool control remembers pressures and flows for up to 10 tools so you can quickly get to work after each tool change.


  • Routine maintenance items like grease points, fluid taps, filters, and drain tubes can be reached at ground level.
  • Compartment doors are designed to prevent debris entry, and they securely latch in place to enhance ease of service.
  • The side-by-side cooling system is efficient and easy to clean, and it is capable of being upgraded for high-ambient conditions.

Technology Options

  • Cat Grade Control delivers 2D bucket tip elevation guidance to the cab to help you create precise planes and slopes with ease, eliminating the need for staking and checking.
  • Cat AccuGrade™ provides 3D guidance for making complex cuts and contours.
  • Product Link™/VisionLink® connects you to your machine, providing access to its location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time, events, and diagnostic codes.