SH620 – Roof Support Carrier

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SH620 – Roof Support Carrier

The right roof support for any longwall application.The new 20 tonne (22 ton) SH620 is the smallest model. It provides customers with more options to ensure the right size vehicle for their operation.
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Long Name:
SH620 - Roof Support Carrier


Carry Capacity:
22.0 tons / 20.0 tonnes
Vehicle Length:
31.17 ft / 9.5 m
Vehicle Width:
9.35 ft / 2.85 m
Frame Oscillation:
40.0 Degrees / 40.0 Degrees
Gradients Possible (gradient data short-term only):
Ground Clearance:
14.0 in / 356.0 mm
Maximum Speed:
4.0 mph / 6.4 km/h
Maximum Speed with Load:
3.3 mph / 5.3 km/h
Power Rated at:
100.0 hp / 74.0 kW
Pull Winch Rated at:
15.0 tons / 13.6 tonnes
Control stick
Steering Articulation:
50.0 Degrees / 50.0 Degrees
Torque/Tractive Effort:
57480.0 lb / 26072.0 kg
Turn Radius (outside):
24.18 ft / 7.37 m
Wheel Base:
14.17 ft / 4.32 m


Tram Speed:
5.0 mph / 8.0 km/h

Dimensions (Approximate)

Cab Height - Standard Cabs with 1117.6 mm (44 in) Tires:
Adjust from 1397 mm-1651 mm (Adjust from 55 in-65 in)
Cab Height - Standard Cabs with 965.2 mm (38 in) Tires:
Adjust from 1320.8 mm-1574.8 mm (Adjust from 52 in-62 in)
Chassis Height (Nominal) - With 1117.2 mm (44 in) Tires:
3.33 ft / 1016.0 mm
Chassis Height (Nominal) - With 965.2 mm (38 in) Tires:
3.08 ft / 939.8 mm
Frame Oscillation:
40 Degrees Total
Ground Clearance (Nominal) - With 1117.2 mm (44 in) Tires:
14.0 in / 355.6 mm
Ground Clearance (Nominal) - With 965.2 mm (38 in) Tires:
11.0 in / 279.4 mm
Inside Turn Radius:
13.17 ft / 4013.2 mm
Length Less Load Lifting and Battery Tray:
25.83 ft / 7874.0 mm
Length with 2082.8 mm (82 in) Lifting Fork:
33.67 ft / 10261.6 mm
Length with Lift Plate Attachment:
36.25 ft / 11049.0 mm
Outside Turn Radius:
23.17 ft / 7061.2 mm
Overall Width - With Attachments and 1117.6 mm (44 in) Tires:
9.5 ft / 2896.6 mm
Overall Width - With Attachments and 965.2 mm (38 in) Tires:
9.33 ft / 2844.8 mm
Steering Articulation:
110 Degrees Total
16.25 ft / 4953.0 mm


Empty Weights - Less Battery:
46400.0 lb / 21046.7 kg
Empty Weights - With 64SS125-21 Battery:
62000.0 lb / 28122.7 kg


The Clean Air Act

Cat battery-powered roof support carriers do not burden your mine’s ventilation with emissions or heat. Due to infinitely variable power control, they are the ideal vehicle for the installation or removal of longwall roof supports where heat, emissions and noise would impact work and where a flexible vehicle is needed.

As the world leader in battery-powered vehicles and longwall systems for the underground mining industry, we take pride in providing the world’s most advanced battery-powered roof support carriers. Innovative solutions in power control and transmission contribute to utilizing battery power to the max.

The Power You Need

A combination of Cat battery- and diesel-powered vehicles can offer the ideal solution for longwall installations and moves. Battery-powered roof support carriers can position or remove roof supports from old and new faces.

The operator benefits from their superior versatility, tight cornering, tractive effort control and maneuverability on uneven ground. Battery-powered vehicles do not negatively impact the working environment with emissions or noise.

Battery Power for Versatility

Cat battery-powered roof support carriers make longwall face moves simpler and less costly. The specially engineered ultra-heavy-duty vehicle range builds on the knowledge of many years of operational experience.

The electric drive concept gives operators the best control of power and maximum torque capabilities at low speeds. Zero emission of noxious gases and low emissions of heat and noise make the carrier range operator-friendly and easy to work with. They are the ideal utility vehicle for longwall moves.

Stability and Traction

Cat roof support carriers have a tri-sectional chassis with dual motors located near the axles. The rear drive axle and the battery lift are incorporated into a single oscillating entity at the rear.

This gives the carrier extra stability, even when handling loads equal to the empty vehicle weight. As load motion is independent of the rear frame, this design provides extra load handling stability, especially on uneven ground or while maneuvering and positioning roof supports. It also improves traction, as wheels remain in contact with the ground with the weight of the battery over them.

Battery Competence

Caterpillar has developed unparalleled experience and expertise in the design of batteries and battery changing systems. Current 2000 Ah batteries enable maximum performance at peak loads as well as lasting performance throughout the shift.

Battery capacities and vehicle designs are field-proven and are adapted to actual work schedules and longwall move experience. The Cat East Penn battery is built for the long run, providing the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Specially formulated premium-grade lead oxide is used in the flat plate design and each plate is individually formed prior to cell assembly. This ensures uniform performance and maximization of amp-hour capacity. State-of-the-art computerized equipment is utilized in every phase of the production process and stringent quality checks are made on each battery to ensure the highest level of performance.

Maximum Battery Efficiency

The Cat IGBT control makes the most of battery power.

It translates to variable speed and tractive effort at the varying intervals. This allows battery power to be controlled with maximum precision and efficiency.

Optional VFD

The latest Caterpillar innovation is the HiPAC 10 VFD control system, which drives the motive traction and hydraulic systems and provides the operator with machine management information. The HiPAC 10 is a DC-to-AC variable frequency inverter control that drives high-performance AC electric motors, which have superior speed-torque characteristics.

It is up to 14% more efficient than traditional DC motors. This means higher loaded tram speeds, more responsive hydraulic functions and more material hauled per battery charge. The HiPAC 10 machine management system speeds fault diagnosis, allowing rapid repairs and maximizing uptime. The new user interface can display information such as drive unit temperatures and distance traveled per battery charge. The optional Cat control stick gives the operator intuitive control over steering and other functions. It also gives quick access to monitoring and self-diagnosis of the vehicle’s functions.

RAS - Rapid Attachment System

The Rapid Attachment System available for the CL10 and CL15 makes an accessory change a one-man operation, allowing a broad range of accessories to be fitted in moments without removing the backing plate. Utilizing the LHD with RAS attachments during longwall relocations can greatly reduce lost production time.

Each attachment is tested and performance rated.

  • Ejector plate bucket
  • Side shift forks
  • AFC chain reeler
  • Belt reeler
  • Cable reeler
  • Jib crane [static and slewing]
  • Work baskets
  • Fuel and lubrication module
  • Materials pod system
  • Concrete hopper



• Lift and Carry Capacity*: 19.9 tonnes (22 tons) at 914.4 mm (36 in). *Capacities based on 1117.6 mm (44 in) tires.

Drive Train

  • Tram Motor: - Two proprietary design, mine traction, direct current, gear motors rated at 37.28 kW (50 hp) (74.56 kW [100 hp] total) at 1,540 rpm and 110V; MSHA totally enclosed explosion proof; non-ventilated cooling; foot mounted. (Motor curves are furnished on request.)
  • Drive Lines: - Heavy duty off-highway type drive shafts and slip joints.
  • Axles: - Front/rear rigid mounted outboard planetary axles with wet disc spring applied, hydraulically released brakes.
  • Motor Overspeed Protection: - Motor system is designed to prevent tram motor from overspeeding.


• Service and Emergency/Park: - Spring applied hydraulic release SAHR - Four wheel wet disc - Left pedal activated - Controlled by reverse modulating valve


  • Pump Motor: - Mine duty, laminated frame, direct current motor rated at 11.93 kW (16 hp) for one hour; 110V DC; MSHA totally enclosed explosion proof; non-ventilated cooling.
  • Pump: - The pump is a fixed displacement gear pump that is splined shaft fitted to the pump motor.
  • Filtration: - Standard: one 10 micron pressure filter and one 10 micron return filter.
  • Reservoir: - A 189.3 L (50 gal) capacity, integral reservoir.
  • Reservoir Fill System: - Fill cap assembly in top of reservoir tank.
  • Valve Bank: - Six section, parallel type with internal relief and a dash mounted glycerin filed pressure gauge.
  • Hydraulic PTO: - Two (2) quick coupler connections, 8273 kPa (1,200 psi) maximum recommended operating pressure.
  • Tilt/Lift Cylinders: - Two (2) 152.4 mm (6 in) bore, double acting cylinders with forged rods and self-aligning lift cylinders. - Two (2) 177.9 mm (7 in) bore, double acting cylinders with forged rods and self-aligning tilt cylinders.
  • Steering Cylinder: - Two (2) 127 mm (5 in) bore, double acting cylinders with forged rods and self-aligning bearings.

Standard Load Lift

  • A combination bell crank arm and bell crank lifting cylinder, for vertical lifting and tilting cylinders for tilt lifting of a universal load lift frame that is provided as standard equipment. Heavy duty, pin on, forged alloy steel forks 114.3 mm × 203.2 mm × 2082.8 mm (4.5 in × 8 in × 82 in), are standard for 19.9 tonne (22 ton) lift capability.
  • Winch: - 15.9 kg/f (35,000 lbf), 2 speed, hydraulic driven, worm-style winch attached to lifting frame with three quick detach pins in a zero line stretch configuration.
  • Winch Cable Assembly (Options): - 19 mm (3⁄4 in) diameter cable equipped with a swaged-on thimble, connecting link and swivel hook and a swaged stud quick attachment. - Optional twelve strand braided synthetic rope with swivel hook.


  • Tri-Section Frame: - The tri-section frame design featuring multiple plate, modular construction for maximum strength and structural integrity and the design produces a maximum of stability while maneuvering with a heavy load. All high stressed areas are manufactured with T1 steel.
  • Center Section: - Center section is designed with hardened 76.2 mm (3 in) diameter pivot pins and spherical bearings to provide maximum load transfer and long component life. All high stressed areas are manufactured with T1 steel.
  • Oscillation Section: - A 666.75 mm (26.25 in) diameter bearing with 33.34 mm (15⁄16 in) diameter rolling elements provides 20 degrees of oscillation.
  • Battery Change System: - Ground level battery change system (GLBC) with self-leveling gathering arms and two (2) 127 mm (5 in) bore, double acting cylinders.

Operator’s Compartment

  • Equipped with control handle on the left hand steering lever. The functions on the control handle are: - Direction control - Pump start - Light direction selection - Park brake release - Traction assist - Stop
  • Right Foot Accelerator Pedal
  • Left Foot Brake Pedal
  • Panic Strip Switch: de-energizes the electrical system and applies the automatic park brake
  • Warning Gong
  • Manual Disconnect Switch
  • Manual Breaker Lever Re-Set Handle
  • Valve Bank Hydraulic Functions: - Steering - Bucket - Bucket eject - Winch/power take off - Battery changer - Optional hydraulic cab
  • System Pressure Gauge
  • Accumulator Pressure Gauge
  • Park Brake Release Pressure Gauge


  • Two Parts Manuals
  • Two Operation and Preventive Maintenance Manuals
  • Two Electrical Troubleshooting Guides
  • Two Battery Maintenance Manuals
  • Two Battery Maintenance Charts
  • One LinkOne CD includes all above manuals in electronic format

Hydraulic Installation (Standard)

• JIC fittings with 373.8 kPa (5,000 psi) hosing; MSHA 2G flame resistant approved

Electrical Controller (Options)

  • Model BUC2000, microprocessor controlled, IGBT, contactorless, 128V DC, 1,200 amp traction motor controller (one per electric motor), with infinitely variable, step less, machine speed control, equipped with on-board dashboard display for machine information of battery capacity, battery voltage, motor currents, elapsed time hour meter, and troubleshooting diagnostics information.
  • Microprocessor controlled, IGBT, contactorless, 128V DC, 350 amp, pump motor controller, limits starting current, and provides LED based diagnostics.
  • Mine duty, 600 amp frame circuit breaker, with UVR (under voltage release) trip unit.

Circuit Breaker Options

  • Magnetic, UVR Trip: controller enclosure equipped with UVR trip circuit breaker rated mine duty 800 amp frame, 600V.
  • Standard Cab mounted breaker reset using a single high capacity, swivel end style push/pull cable.
  • Optional Cab mounted hydraulic breaker reset with single push breaker trip function. System equipped with a hand pump and reservoir for resetting the tripped breaker.

Cab Options

  • Manual Adjustable Cab Assembly: MSHA certified cab
  • Hydraulically Adjustable Cab Assembly: MSHA certified cab

Tire/Wheel Options

  • 38 × 16-15 Filled Tires: 36 ply, maximum filled tires and wheels
  • 44 × 18-20 Filled Tires: 36 ply, maximum filled tires and wheels

Lift Attachments

• Quick Attach Lift Plate, (fork assembly required): designed to lift and carry 19.9 tonnes (22 tons) at 914.4 mm (36 in) from the face of the load lift frame. The plate mounts directly to the forks through two parallel pockets and is held in place with two drop pins chained to the lift plate.

Lighting System Options

  • MCI 12V (Blue Lamp) Halogen 50 watt
  • Ocenco, Halogen, 12V DC, 50 watt
  • Standard two front headlights with protective guard, and two rear headlights with protective guard

Fire Suppression

• Automatic or Manual with NPT Fittings, Four Point (two on the front frame and two on the rear)

Machine Accessories (Optional)

  • Schroeder Testmate
  • PA Approval Plate
  • Park Brake Pressure Sensitive Switch: prevents operator from driving through park brake
  • Automatic Fire Suppression: automatically activated by heat sensors and including one manual
  • Venturi Jet Fill
  • BUC2000 Hand Held Calibrator
  • RPM Monitoring: protection tram motor over-speed
  • Extra Parts Manual
  • Extra Operations and Maintenance Manual
  • Bucket: 3.7 m3 (130 ft3)

Machine Battery

  • Battery Tray
  • Battery with Plastisol Coated Tray (Single Connector)
  • Battery Receptacle Kit
  • Battery Filling System

Battery Charger Options

  • Single Output for One Battery
  • Dual Output for Two Batteries


Model View
Model View - Small

Model View - Small

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