From spreaders to sprayers, AGCO application equipment allows farmers to accurately and efficiently apply nutrients and protectants for improved crop yield and reduced costs with environmentally controlled applications.


The new B Series RoGators were developed using advanced engineering and unique technology that make these sprayers more efficient and reliable than ever before.

Our AGCO Power Tier 4F 8.4-liter engines are matched with our tandem hydrostat cross-drive transmission to provide more consistent field and transport speed for accurate spraying and spreading along with most economical use of fuel. Moreover, this unique transmission provides consistent traction without wheel spin, for much less ground disturbance. You get the most precise application, regardless of terrain or conditions. And your customers get the most consistently bountiful yields.

Pioneered by RoGator in 1993, the Parallel C-Channel Flex Frame is a state-of-the-art frame that keeps all four wheels on the ground and driving, even on rough, uneven surfaces. It’s so stable that one wheel can lift as high as 40 inches and the machine still maintains four solid contact points with the ground. This means less stress on the equipment, always-precise application of product and a smoother ride, regardless of field conditions.

RG700B16580′ – 120′
RG900B28080′ – 120′
RG1100B31580′ – 120′
RG1300B33980′ – 120′


The TerraGator B Series boasts more than just a Tier 4 Final engine; it redefines the standards for how efficiently an applicator can work. AGCO manufactures its own engine and transmission; they are designed to work perfectly together for more power to the ground, more torque and better fuel efficiency. The comfort-enhanced cab is the only one in the industry built specifically for application. And the TerraGator B Series offers more liquid and dry systems than anybody, because we understand that every farm, field, climate and growing trend is different. So if you’re truly serious about precision application, there’s no better machine with which to trust your business.

Some manufacturers use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to meet emissions standards. Others use cooled exhaust gas recirculation (cEGR) technology. We use both. Our unique combination of both technologies provides the most direct approach to meeting Tier 4 Final standards, while also increasing power density and total fluid economy with an efficient after-treatment of exhaust gases. You get uncompromised horsepower and torque to the ground, improved fuel economy and a quieter, more efficient, easy-to-start engine.

TG7300B33080′ – 120′3-Wheel
TG8300B36580′ – 120′3-Wheel
TG9300B42580′ – 120′3-Wheel
TG8400B36580′ – 120′4-Wheel