No matter what your tillage needs, Sunflower has the right product for you. All are built with the quality and service that today’s farmers expect from their equipment. It’s what Sunflower continues to provide.

Sunflower primary tillage tools, for example, shatter what’s hiding below your soil surface. Or, look to Sunflower land finishers to size material, condition, incorporate, cultivate and finish, all in one trip. Likewise, Sunflower disc harrows have a well-earned reputation for being tough, heavy and capable of performing both primary and finish discing operations. Whatever your tillage needs, Sunflower has an answer.

Disc Harrow10′ – 45′
Chisel Plows13′ – 47′
Fallow Tools21′ – 49′
Blade Plow30′ – 56′
Coulter Chisel8′ – 29′
Field Cultivators18′ – 63′
Land Finisher17′ – 42′
Soil Conditioner15′ – 56′
Disc Ripper14′ – 26′
Vertical Tillage21′ – 32′